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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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647 Ally 1

Dyon's wives were intrigued by this new information about Eli enough that they seemed lost in their own thoughts for a moment.

Because of things like 'girl talk', it could be said that they probably knew as much about Eli and Delia's relationship as the two of them, themselves knew. So, they understand that it had already been more than a year since Delia had willingly given herself to Eli. And yet, his cultivation hadn't improved.

For context, even if Eli knew no dual cultivation methods to improve efficiency, the mere fact that Delia had a god level constitution within the top three meant that he should, at a bare minimum, have broken into the meridian formation stage. If not, he should have at the very least become a peak foundation stage expert. And yet, he was still at the 1st foundation stage… It made no sense. This was the very same foundation stage he had been the day met Dyon!

"There's definitely something weird about it. Delia hasn't brought this up to Eli, but it's clear that he's become apprehensive about their… relations. He can't keep up." Ri said solemnly.

A dark expression colored Dyon's features. There was nothing more humiliating for a man than when his woman wanted more, and yet he had the inability to provide. He silently vowed to help his friend with this.

"I'll find a way to help him. I'm sure my grand teacher knows something.

"What else have I missed? What happened to the Ragnors and Cavositas?"

"The Cavositas were shown mercy. Unfortunately, they're a major part of Earth's economy and completely uprooting them when they were clearly nothing but a puppet would be a massive mistake." Madeleine explained.

Dyon nodded. This was true. Arena City, and the Chaos Arenas across the planet were massive sources of income. And, that didn't even mention the fact that in a post-war period, entertainment to calm the population was important. The contentment of the public was highly important to a stable rule.

"The Ragnors, however, were almost all executed. With the exception of children, even the Ipsum and Saeclum clans died. The only remaining members that are of age are Thor and Vidar, but they are heavily guarded in the palace dungeon."

Dyon frowned, "Were the Ipsum and Saeclum clans not victims as well?"

A complex look appeared on Ri's features. The actions of those clans affected her the most, after all. So, she chose to explain.

"No." Ri shook her head. "Those clans are tied by the same karmic strings as the Ragnor adults. In addition, they spread the red crystal will that poisoned you for so long. But, unlike you, those afflicted didn't have access to The Soul Tome, neither did they have your level of purity wills… So they stood no chance…

"Hundreds of elves died…"

Dyon's expression softened as he lightly grasped Ri's hand. He had spoken too rashly. With how few the elves were in number, and how difficult it was for them to reproduce, losing so many younger generation members was a huge blow.

As their princess, how could Ri not care? Couple this with the emotional turmoil she had to deal with when it came to her mother's seemingly permanent beast form, and Dyon couldn't help but feel a deep seeded guilt for not being present.

"We'll find a solution." Dyon said resolutely.

Ri smiled, understanding what Dyon meant.

"Speaking of, of age Ragnors, I forgot to include Tammy." Madeleine corrected herself. "I'm not entirely sure what she's up to, but from our talks with Ava, it doesn't seem like her relationship with Arios has progressed at all. But, it seems that's more so Arios' choice than hers."

Dyon nodded. He knew that Arios had likely fostered some fondness for Tammy. If he hadn't, why would he allow her to "kill" him?

However, how could an elder brother forgive such a slight against his little sister so easily? Dyon had no idea if their relationship would ever be repaired.

Dyon sighed. "How's Alidor and his little sister?"

Speaking of his 'rival', Dyon inadvertently smiled. Although that man caused him a whole host of trouble with the Uidah by impersonating him, considering Dyon's personality, he would have provoked them one way or another anyway.
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Clara couldn't help but pout at this question, "Dealing with Keara, Lyla and Zaire at the same time is too much for any one human being. They're little devils."

Dyon laughed, knowing well that Clara just wasn't good with dealing with children.

"As for Alidor, he's just as arrogant as you, but he traded in his perversion for speaking in half sentences and expecting you to understand. I have to say that it's partially because of him that I figured out how to cure you.

"You should thank him. If it wasn't for the fact I knew he wasn't a pervert, I would have agreed to his line of thinking."

"Hey, hey. Don't make me attack you again."

Clara's legs inadvertently clamped together. But, she immediately regretted it when a familiar soreness flared up again.

Her actions caused a light laughter to fill the room that only increased with her adorably cold glare.

"Wait," Dyon said through short breaths, "You guys said that Delia was given the Niveus God Sect. So, what happened to Evelyn?"

"About that…" Madeleine sighed, "It was odd when we found out as well, but Evelyn followed Lionel, forcefully cutting ties with her little sister."

"Left?" Dyon asked questioningly.

Silence pervaded the room for a bit. It was clear that whatever the truth of this matter was, wasn't something they were willing to speak lightly of.

"King Belmont…

"After the war, he was furious. He wanted to directly execute Lionel before everyone, to show that no one was above the punishment.

"But, under the pleading of his wife and Elwing, he instead crippled Lionel's meridians, washing his cultivation away." Clara said softly. She didn't have any love lost to Lionel, but the next part was so cruel that she couldn't watch when it happened. If she closed her eyes, she could still hear the screams of agony that continued for what seemed like an endless week.

"Then… King Belmont forcibly ripped the Belmont phoenix bloodline from Lionel and banished him from their holy land."


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