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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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645 Age 2

'In the future, if I'm not around, it's best that you pretend you don't understand how the two play off of each other,' Dyon explained the history of the chaos path to Clara and a bit about his speculations for why Guild Headquarters police such a thing.

'Oh.' Clara seemed lost in thought. But, after a few moments, she focused on the task, flowing her progress along with Dyon's thoughts.

Hours passed by before two black pills bathed in white flames appeared. One was for Zabia, and the other, for Dyon.

The truth was that it was unlikely this pill would fix Dyon's problem entirely. The simple fact was that Zabia's soul was far weaker than his, so the requirements for healing it were also much lower. After all, Dyon's soul was a breath away from breaking into celestial realms. How could a mere lower master level soul birth a pill capable of healing him?

However, this pill would be enough to stave off the effects of his soul eating away his body's energy by a bit.

Dyon realized that at the moment, his stamina was woefully inadequate. After his thrashing of Trot, he felt a wave of fatigue hit him. He was able to push that feeling off by dual cultivating with his wives, but it was obvious that he couldn't eat and have sex 24/7, as much as he'd love to.

So, his solution was to partially heal his soul before also stashing plenty of high energy and easy to eat spiritual fruits in his spatial ring. As for where he'd get those, he'd have to thank his 'father-in-law' for that.

The best spiritual fruits available in this universe, as provided by Heaven's Wine, were celestial fruits. Dyon would have preferred enigmatic fruits, but that was asking for too much given the resources.

Normally such foods would cause Dyon to implode. But, he realized that because of his soul, his body was in a special state of energy consumption wherein it could handle that mass of energy.

It should be noted that celestial fruits and celestial energy were two very different concepts. The reason Dyon couldn't have a celestial digest his food for him is because celestial energy couldn't be processed by his body without causing severe and irreparable damage. But, remember that spiritual fruits are special because they occur in a natural state of already processed and gentle energy.

Couple this with the fact that Dyon's soul was already a mere moment from breaking into the celestial level, and he was already sure that he could handle it.

Of course, the reason he wasn't fed these fruits before was because he was too weak to digest them. So, everything came full circle.

Clara breathed heavily, essentially collapsing in Dyon's arms. She had already been pushed to the brink making a single pill after so many failures, it was a miracle she was able to make a second.

Luckily, although she couldn't siphon energy from Dyon's soul, she could from Ri and Madeleine.

Dyon didn't hesitate to swallow the pill. Under his guidance, there was no need to speak of its purity of 100%. Such a thing was shocking for others who would likely be happy with 30 or 40%, but Dyon felt that array alchemy was like a secondary limb to him… As easy as breathing.
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Also, Clara was a perfectionist. Technically, all of her "failures", were just less than 100% pure pills that she didn't bother to take to completion.

An instant later, Dyon felt a warm white flame invading his meridians, teasing apart the seal they formed to lock away his soul and caressing it as gently as Clara had with her aurora flames. The method of communication was different, but the result was the same.

Dyon could feel his soul again for the first time in a long time. Although he couldn't use it because it was sealed, he was happy to be able to sense it.

By now, it was late into the night, and although they didn't necessarily need to sleep to replenish their energy, the four of them decided to anyway, sleeping with smiles on their faces.


The next morning, large amounts of food greeted Dyon the moment he woke up. It seemed a maid had delivered it under King Belmont's orders. But, when she saw the scene of Dyon sprawled out naked, somehow managing to fondle three pairs of breasts at once, she had run away with tears and a bashful red tint on her delicate features.

Maybe seeing Ri, Clara and Madeleine naked wasn't so bad, but seeing the monstrosity between Dyon's legs was much too much for her innocent soul to handle. Dyon had only just managed to hand her a box sealed with Zabia's pill before she ran off.

Luckily, King Belmont had foreseen something like this and sent a woman, or else Dyon would likely raze the whole palace to the ground.

After a few laughs and a massive meal, Dyon finally decided that he should probably get a better understanding of what happened while he was unconscious.

"The moment you fell asleep, there was a lot of confusion," Madeleine explained. "It took a lot before everyone calmed down enough to listen to our explanations. But, luckily Amell and Nora could attest to the strength of the Daiyu ancestor.

"Some weren't convinced, mostly the citizens the Planet Nix were angry because their queen was forced to kneel, but Ulu was able to quiet that down fairly quickly.

"At the time, we thought you were just tired so we laid you down to rest in the Belmont Palace. King Belmont refused to let us go anywhere else, and considering we didn't really have an official home, we accepted. This was the best place to avoid the annoyance of the Sapientia and my family."

Dyon frowned, "Have they been bothering you?"

Madeleine shook her head. "Not so much recently. But, in the beginning Connery continued to make a huge fuss about the Sapientia name and reputation. Speaking of which, there's actually an interesting bit of information about my former master."


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