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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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644 Age 1

Dyon lay in his large bed with his eyes closed, a smile content on his face. How could he not be happy? Ri lay on his chest panting, while Clara and Madeleine offered a handful of plump softness for each one of his hands. Even one of these beauties would allow a man to die with a life fulfilled, and yet he was lucky enough to have three of them.

Truth be told, Clara would have never been so eager to join into this imperial orgy so quickly, but Dyon in true perverted fashion, had brought Ri and Madeleine into the room while she was sleeping. Before she even realized it, his hands were running all over her and her mind had gone blank with the endless waves of pleasure.

"Hmph." Clara harrumphed, trying to roll away. But, the ache between her thighs caused a half moan, half pained cry escape her lips.

Madeleine giggled. "You need to be more caring of Little Sister Clara's body. She's talented, but she hasn't cultivated for long yet. You'll hurt her!"

Dyon shifted, lightly placing the out of breath Ri on the bed beside Clara before attacking Madeleine.

"Then you have to take responsibility as her big sister, no?"

Madeleine's purple eyes sparkled with desire. Over the past two years, she had integrated with her faith seed more and more, causing her desire for such things to grow as her bestial instincts grew as well.

However, because of her selfless nature, she had allowed Ri to pounce on Dyon first. At first Ri had been so energetic that Madeleine was worried that Dyon would be tired, but it seemed she had worried too much. This man had too much energy for his own good, he had even made Ri yield.

Dyon silently scanned Madeleine's glistening eyes before lightly kissing her neck and running his hand across the soft curves of her body.

It only took a few rounds for Madeleine to figure out that Dyon's stamina was truly endless. She collapsed onto the bed with a content smile on her face, clinging onto Dyon's arm.


Later that day, Dyon sat with his back to the head of bed, Clara sitting in the nude on his lap with Ri and Madeleine watching the scene with interest in their eyes. However, aside from Dyon's constantly roaming hands, there was nothing lewd about their actions. In fact, Clara was trying her best to concentrate on the purple-gold array and flames that were dancing before her even while Dyon gave her pointers.

"I would have succeeded already if you stopped groping me, you know." Clara said in frustration as the array collapsed again.

Dyon smirked, lightly pinching Clara's pink nipples and resting his chin on her shoulder. "If this little bit distracts you, you aren't ready yet young disciple."

Clara bit her lip, choking back her moan before playfully pinching Dyon's thigh.

"Okay, okay. I'll really help you now." A focused expression appeared on Dyon's features. Although he liked to play around with his wives, this pill was about the life and death of a good man. He had left Zabia in that state for too long. Now that Clara had a 5th stage soul, it was enough to form the master level pill they needed, so he wouldn't be asking Amell or Nora for anything.

Also, since his soul was melded with Clara's, and Clara's with Ri and Madeleine's, doing something like guiding in a technique was exceedingly easy.

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Dyon leaned back, covering Clara's belly button with his large hand. At first, Clara thought he was taking advantage of her again, but then a wave of calmness overcame her and she suddenly felt like she was standing in Dyon's mind.

Without even thinking about it, she closed her eyes, embracing the feeling. She was immediately overwhelmed by his speed of thought and maybe this was truly the first time she felt inferior to Dyon in terms of intelligence. However, this feeling made her almost inexplicably happy instead of the bitterness she had expected.

Dyon inwardly smiled. 'As your cultivation increases, so will your own speed of thought. You'll catch up in no time. For now, I'll slow it down.'

Clara nodded, resting her back against Dyon's chest.

Previously, Dyon had been worried about communicating secretly with his wives. Because he didn't have access to his wind will or energy cultivation, that would usually be impossible. However, that was when Ri told him about how her parents communicate. It was a simple technique that was seemingly only possible between those with melded souls. Without even knowing it, Dyon remembered that he had done this with Little Black once before.

He was content knowing that he could at the very least speak with Ri, Madeleine and Clara freely if he was within range of their soul strength. Which, at the moment, was about 10km for Clara, and closer to about 100km for Ri and Madeleine considering their souls had already breached the upper levels of the 6th stage.

If the world knew about this, they would be in an uproar. But, it seemed Dyon's effect on the souls of his wives was better than any soul cultivation technique in existence.

'This may be a master level pill, but it requires grafting about 50 common level plants together. The truth is that the theory behind this pill is maybe higher than grandmaster level, its just that the soul strength requirement is low. It seems like the asks for array alchemy experts was much higher in the past.'

'It's not complex if you fuse your understanding of arrays and alchemy. But, when I spoke to Nora about it, she said that was very taboo and that I shouldn't do it.'

Dyon nodded. Clara knew little of the martial world and had just spent her time diligently studying. Considering the materials Dyon gave her didn't separate the two, she understood that they were disciplines that weren't meant to be separated. Unfortunately, the martial world said different.


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