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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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641 Vinum 5

The geniuses around Amell who had once been nonchalant about this whole situation suddenly sharpened their attention toward Dyon. It was clear how they somehow thought they were above what was happening here.

They couldn't be blamed for that, honestly. They were five of the most talented youths in this universe, hand picked to be the disciple of dao formation expert, how could they not feel haughty? Couple this with the fact that they were already dissatisfied with Dyon and his relationship with Ri, Madeleine and Clara and it was a combination more than lethal enough to implode with this very clear disrespect of their master.

There was a reason none of them had participated in the World Tournament: their master had told them not to. However, every single one of them knew that there was some sort of special relationship between their master and the girl on Dyon's lap. They all assumed that she was someone their master had an eye on, so they had all begun to see her as a junior sister of theirs.

To them, the reason Amell hadn't already accepted her as a disciple was because judging by her age, the last time Amell was here, she was a newborn.

This was why Iaachus was so acquainted with Madeleine. He had been hoping to be the first of her senior brothers to win her heart.

Although none of them said anything about it, all of their opinions were in sync. Since Dyon had never caught the eye of their master, he was below them.

The veins on Amell's face bulged. He actually had quite a good impression of Dyon and didn't hate him at all. If there was one man who was deserving of Madeleine in the cosmos, he had to admit that it would be Dyon. Although he was a bit dissatisfied that he had more than one wife while even he only had concubines, it was something he could accept. But, his bottom line was his money! This kid had cost him so much!

The moment Amell saw how much Dyon could eat, he understood immediately that it was this very Dyon that put his Heaven's Wine in a deficit they were STILL trying to climb out of.

Hearing that Dyon knew what he had done, and even guessed his identity, how could Amell tolerate the blatant provocation?

Dyon picked up on four pairs of glaring eyes and one that was clearly avoiding his gaze. He chuckled to himself, it seemed Iaachus wasn't going to admit his wrongs on his own.

By now, though, Amell had settled on the fact that Dyon had used his array alchemy to cheat his system. After sensing his soul for himself, although it was sealed, as a dao formation expert, he could easily tell it was very powerful. Couple that with the fact that he had wanted to guide his wife in alchemy, and that sealed his thoughts. Because of this, he threw out the idea of Dyon having used one of his Heaven's Wine badges.

"You owe me two transcendent stones!" Amell roared.

Dyon, who had been drinking some spirit wine to continually replenish himself spit it out in a fit. If it wasn't for Ri's quick array to catch it, it would have sprayed all over the table.
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To Ri and Madeleine, Dyon was dying of laughter. They knew their husband quite well and two transcendent stones was a drop in a bucket to him.

However, to everyone else, he was nervous beyond belief. After all, two transcendent stones was an astronomical amount!

The normal mode of currency for most here were profound stones, only very rarely would they use saint stones. Even calculating the conversion made some faint.

Stones filled with enigmatic energy were split into three categories with a conversion of a million between them. This meant that transcendent stones, which were the second step in this category, were worth 1 000 000 dao stones.

A step down from this were celestial stones. This was also another conversion of a million. This meant 1 transcendent stone was 1 000 000 000 000 celestial stones.

Another step down was saint stones. This was a conversion of a thousand. This meant 1 transcendent stone was 1 000 000 000 000 000 saint stones.

Yet another step down was the final step to reach profound stones. This was a conversion of another thousand. This meant that 1 transcendent stone was 1 000 000 000 000 000 000 profound stones.

Amell was essentially asking Dyon for 2 000 000 000 000 000 000 profound stones! This was an amount those here couldn't even fathom!

It was only after everyone finished sweating over these calculations that everyone realized that Dyon was laughing.

Ri and Madeleine shook their heads, however the small smile on their faces showed that they were happy to be here. If only they had been there to see Dyon scoop up all of the transcendent stones of the Daiyu, they would know how much of a joke it was for him to see a dao formation expert stressing over two of them.

In fact, even before that, didn't Dyon also win 100 000 transcendent stones from bidding on himself in the World Tournament? Even if he used some to fuel the Demon Sage's Tower, there was still plenty left.

Amell wasn't very happy with Dyon's laughter, but Nora seemed to realize that there was quite the scheming eye behind that boy's laughter. If her husband continued, he would definitely end up on the losing end. However, before she could tell him to protect his pride, one of Amell's disciples stepped forward, clearly unable to take the disrespect of his master any longer.

Interestingly enough, he looked nothing like one would expect. Usually the first to step out would be a muscle headed brute, but that archetype of their group had only glared at Dyon for a few moments before going back to his food.

The one who stepped forward was actually quite a scrawny boy who also happened to be quite tall. He had large glasses on his face and he held what looked like a grimoire in his hand, but in reality, it was just a normal book.

Amell was going to stop him, but then he thought twice of it. He decided to let his disciple cut Dyon down a peg before he stepped in to be the magnanimous elder.


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