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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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640 Vinum 4

Dyon walked to where Ri and Madeleine sat. They looked like a pair of goddess-like queens, and the smiles on their faces were so radiant that Dyon's heart couldn't help but quickening.

The male youths in the banquet hall could only imagine just what had revitalized Dyon like this, but with the absence of the third beauty, the jealousy ran rampant in their imaginations.

Before, Dyon had been sure that the most beautiful woman he had ever seen was Nora. But, somehow, in these two years, Clara, Ri and Madeleine had matured into women that could look down on anyone. It was only now that everyone realized that the six beauties of three years ago were all women in their 20s while the only still in their teens had been Ri and Madeleine.

Dyon took a single knee and gently took both of their hands, seemingly not noticing the eyes aimed toward them in the room.

"You seem to be doing much better." Ri said with a knowing look in her eyes.

Madeleine giggled, smiling sweetly as she tried to cover Dyon's large hands with her own.

Dyon cleared his throat, "I have no idea what you mean. I only innocently picked you two up a third sister. Is this not noble of me?"

Ri nodded. "We approve."

Little Lyla and Zaire couldn't wait anymore, the sprinted down from chairs much too tall for them and ran into Dyon's sides, almost tackling him to the ground.

"Big brother, you're so mean!" Little Lyla pouted, her large pink diamond eyes glistening with tears.

She had grown into a delicate little flower in the last two years. She was now about 8 years old, while Zaire was 9, and from the looks of things, quickly approaching the peak of the essence gathering realm.

Dyon held them tightly, repeatedly saying sorry until he appeased the little beasts.

Madeleine got up, allowing Dyon her seat. He was going to refuse, but that was when her purple eyes glistened with a double meaning. When Dyon saw what she meant, he was more than happy to allow such a beauty to sit in his lap.

"They really have gotten bigger." Dyon breathed in Madeleine's delicate scent, enjoying the view of the plump roundness that was now eye level with him.

Madeleine smiled. Despite how selfless she was, she couldn't help but feel resentful at how long it had been since her husband touched her. So, she was the happiest she had been in a long time right now.

"You should eat," Ri said, pointing toward the food her and Madeleine had set aside for him.

Dyon grinned, finally biting into the Earth level meat he had been eyeing before. But, before it reached his stomach, he could feel that it had dissipated into practically nothing.

Dyon could only laugh bitterly, "It seems like this amount of food isn't going to be enough…"

At first, those in the banquet hall couldn't understand his words. There was so much food here than even a year wouldn't be enough for a single person to finish it all.

But, as the minutes passed, the shock only grew.

Dyon's stomach was like black hole, endlessly absorbing energy. It was to the point where Dyon didn't even feel food settle into his stomach, it disappeared into nothingness, digested to 100%, in an instant.

King Belmont finally looked up from his depressed state, feeling a bit better to see that Dyon was okay. "Bring the Heaven beast meat."

The surrounding servants didn't dare to delay and immediately went to prepare.

In this universe, Heaven level beasts were rare. This ranking was, of course, not based on cultivation, but rather bloodline. Earth level beasts were usually just modified ordinary creatures. However, heaven level beasts qualified to be true beasts with a connection to the universe.

Unfortunately, there was only one such beast still native to Earth. It was a deer that grazed the grass of the crescent island that once surrounded Focus Academy. Because that had once been celestial deer territory, this was the first case of an ordinary animal evolving to a heaven level beast. But, that was just a product of how good the celestial deer land had been.

There were only a few thousand of these creatures, but the Belmonts had a few hundred that they bred for this purpose.

When the servants brought the deer out, those around were stunned by its sheer size. It was easily 40 meters long and just as high if the antlers were accounted for.

And yet… Dyon didn't stop until it was all gone… The bones was so clean that it shone a bright white that illuminated the room.

It was only then that Dyon stopped. It wasn't that he was full, but if he had to pace himself in what he ate everyday. Otherwise, they'd run out.
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Suddenly, a voice rang out from a clearly agitated, but seemingly still handsome man with golden eyes.


Dyon, who had his arm wrapped around Madeleine's waist lightly enjoying the feel of her thigh while speaking to Ri, was a bit startled by this outburst.

"Do I know you?" Dyon raised an eyebrow.

Iaachus, who was right by his master, pretended not to know anything. But, how sharp were Dyon's senses? Even without his soul, the moment he recognized Iaachus in a group of what looked like geniuses he had never seen before, he put two and two together.

Nora tried to calm her husband down, but could only sigh in the end. After all, Amell had been a money grubber from birth. He hated to lose out on profits.

But, his anger was likely even placed to a higher level with not only Dyon's response, but also the fact Madeleine was sitting on his lap like some sort of play thing.

Dyon, however, who figured out who this man was, wasn't inclined to apologize. After all, it had been his own disciple that lost the bet, so how was this his fault? Couple that with what the identity of this man likely was in relation to his Madeleine, and he didn't have much of a favourable impression of him to begin with.

"Ah, you must be esteemed owner of Heaven's Wine. I must say, your food is quite good." Dyon smiled with a bit of provocation in his eyes.


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