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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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639 Vinum 3

Confusion reigned the banquet hall. Everyone here could understand Dyon's actions. In fact, it was almost righteous.

However, wasn't this meant to be a story about his selflessness? What did this prove?

"After that happened, I spent two months with only thoughts of revenge. I hardly though about what I had done wrong and only sought to one-up those who had wronged me. What I didn't know all of that time, until my mother in law told me, was that I had been pregnant. And as a result, Dyon's seal not only ruined my life, but likely the life of my child as well.

"Because of my actions, my husband fought Dyon with his life on the line. What should have been a simple spar between geniuses turned into a battle of life and death."

Flashbacks of the bloody battle between Dyon and Zabia played through the minds of those in attendance. Many had wondered just why Zabia hated Dyon so much… But now, the reason was very clear.

"In the end, my husband burned his soul and nearly killed Dyon. But, even in the brief moment we thought he was dead, I realized that there was no satisfaction in my heart because I had lost someone dear to me…

"Dyon had every right to hate me to my core. He had every right to look down on my husband for defending a woman that didn't deserve such a thing."

Silence… No one had anything to say.

"Yet, he didn't kill my husband when he had the chance to. The only reason he is still alive is by the grace of Dyon…

"But, that alone isn't the reason I won't tolerate anyone speaking ill of Dyon's motives.

"That very day. In a midst of a battle that put his life on the line. Directly after he lost the world he had come to know. After watching his own mother in law drawn within an inch of her life. After knowing he was entering a den of experts he had no business or chance in beating… He still came to me and removed the seal, saving my baby.

"At the time, he told me I would die. He said the moment I gave birth, I would be exchanging my life for that of my child."

The Jafari gasped. This was clearly an aspect of the story even they had never heard.

"So, I prepared myself for death. I diligently prepared for my baby's arrival. Writing letters for him to remember me by. Reading him stories late into the night. Feeding him what he seemingly craved." Ulu rubbed the head of the little boy on her lap lovingly, a small smile on her features.

"And yet, when the day came, I didn't die… In fact, our elders found an array within my that greatly boosted the nutrition and healthy growth of my child."

Those who had spoke out against Dyon couldn't find a place to hide their faces. How could these actions be anything other than the peak of selflessness… A person who truly wanted to do good in the world…

"There is no leader of people better than Dyon Sacharro. There is no man I will ever love other than my husband, but Dyon is a man that will always have my undying support and respect. If he needs me, I will be of use.

"Planet Nix stands with Dyon." Ulu finished firmly, quelling any rebellious voices within her subjects.

The Elves smiled before Zaltarish too threw in his thoughts. "The Elves stand with Dyon."

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Eli lightly gripped on Delia's delicate hand as they nodded to each other. "The Viridi and the Niveus God Sect stand with Dyon." Venus and the rest of the Viridi, of course, had no objections.

Caedlum never thought of joining another side at all. "The Pakals stand with Dyon."

Thadius' uproarious laughter filled the banquet hall. "The demon generals will always stand with the successor."

Elwing had an ugly expression on his face, but there was nothing he could do. Not only did their allies side with Dyon, most of his own people did as well. That wasn't even to mention the fact the demon generals were highly important to all moves they made. How could he have forgotten that they only responded to orders from Dyon or his wives?

A chorus of voices rang outward, mostly from girls of miscellaneous clans that had fallen for Dyon's heroic stature, but they were supportive nonetheless.

Suddenly a light laughter sounded at the sliced banquet hall door, causing everyone to focus their gaze on a handsome young man wearing baggy black sweat pants. He held a shirt in his hand, but he was clearly unwilling to wear it for some odd reason, but considering everything, no one was very focused on that.

Ri and Madeleine's eyes glistened when they saw Dyon looking so healthy. It was clear to them that Clara and them had been right.

Little Lyla and Zaire clapped their hands, excited beyond belief to see their brother looking like himself again.

Dyon smiled lightly, scanning the room before his eyes landed on Ulu. With a flash of his steps, he appeared before her and kneeled down to get a good look at her son.

"Thank you." Dyon said, sincerely thanking Ulu for standing up for him.

Ulu shook her head, tears streaming down her cheeks. She wanted to say that she should be the one thanking him, but she couldn't make out the words.

Dyon stretched out his hand and ruffled the hair of the little silver eyed boy, "What's his name?"

"S – Sarid." Ulu managed to choke out.

The little boy happily clapped his little hands, recognizing the sound of his own name.

"Would you allow me to be his God Father?" Dyon didn't know why, but he wanted a connection with this little boy.

"Mhm." Ulu nodded, still barely able to speak.

Dyon smiled. His ring flashed, coming with it something he hadn't used in a very long time. It looked like a skateboard, but it didn't have any wheels and had a sleek silver metal finish.

The eyes of the little boy widened with happiness, seeing a toy he very much liked.

Dyon didn't hesitate to give it to him. The board shrunk, turning into a ring that slipped on Sarid's little fingers. With all the safety features he had built into that hover board, not even the smallest bruise would appear on the little boy.

"Grow strong. I'll bring your dad to see you soon."


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