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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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638 Vinum 2

Seeing Ri's gaze, the youth looked down, but didn't back off of his words.

"Do remember that we will be the ones fighting. While what your husband has done for this universe is commendable, it cannot be denied that had he not done so, his life would have ended as well. Painting him as a savior and a saint would be nothing more than wishful thinking." Elwing Belmont spoke.

It was hard to tell whether or not he was still hurt by his brother's betrayal, or even if he irrationally blamed Dyon, but at least at this very moment, he stood against Dyon.

It wasn't that he didn't understand what Ri and Madeleine were saying. A Dyon at his peak could very well change the course of the war by himself. But, he just wasn't now. Even if they saved him, there was no telling how long it would take him to recover, let alone how long it would take after that for him to have an impact on the battle field.

Because he understood this, he could only choose to cripple a leg of Ri and Madeleine's argument. This would stop their ability to appeal to emotion and thus make implementing his own plans easier. Without his elder brother here, he was the most qualified to succeed the throne, and he had to make strides to protect his own kingdom.

Without knowing it, the elders had completely dropped out of the conversation, letting it be controlled by the youths. After all, it was these very youngsters that had seen the gates most recently. As such, they were in the best position to speak on the topic.

King Belmont also remained silent. Deep guilt still resided in his heart, but he had lost all of the drive he once had. He was simply a shell of his former self… Even his master had, Nora, had noticed this. But, there were some things men and women needed to work through for themselves.

"Are you sure that's the angle you'd like to take?" Madeleine spoke evenly and gently. The softness of her voice somehow lessened the blow of the opposition, weakening their strikes.

"If we want to speak of selflessness, there is no man in this world more selfless than my husband.

"If it wasn't for his actions, how many more thousands of innocent students would have died at the hands of the Storm family? He was a mere 13-year-old boy without any cultivation to speak of, and yet he angered two God Clans for the sake of saving them.

"If it wasn't for his actions the Elves would have fallen under the control of the Daiyu. Without the support of the Elves, how many more of your people would have died to the red crystal will of the Ragnors? How many more of your families would you have to bury? He was a mere 14-year-old boy when he saved the Elvin Kingdom.

"If it wasn't for his actions, we would have lost our towers long ago. Did you already forget that he single handedly repelled an Uidah army led by their second daughter with ease? He was merely 15-years-old at that time.

"If it wasn't for his actions, who would have killed the dao formation level Elder Daiyu? Who would have killed the wielder of the second strongest faith seed in Ragnor history? Who would have stopped a peak dao formation expert from attacking? He was merely 16-years-old at that time.

"Tell me, were all of these things done for himself? Did you hear them from his own mouth? When he was disrespected by clans in this very room, dragging his name through the mud in your silly World Tournament, did he choose not to save you?"

Madeleine wanted to say more, but she stopped herself. Only her and Ri knew that had Dyon decided to go to the entrance of the Earth Gate, the Epistemic Tower key would have allowed him to enter even during the gate's closure. If he had done that and only taken those he cared about with him, would these people even be here?!

However, what she said had fanned the flames of inferiority in the room. They couldn't help but wonder, what else would he have accomplished had he not been in a coma for the past two years?

Many, though, were stunned by her words.

Amell and Nora had never heard these stories. But, considering many of those they involved were in this very room, they understood that there was not a single hint of falsehood in her words.

Just as Elwing wanted to refute though, another voice rang out.

"No one in this world should ever question the selflessness of Dyon Sacharro. Least of all Planet Nix citizens."
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Everyone's gaze shifted to a beautiful dark-skinned beauty. Her hair was long, and her eyes slightly tired, but she had a smile on her face that read that she was nothing but happy with life.

In her lap sat a wide-eyed toddler who constantly looked around the room with his large silver eyes, giggling happily in his mother's embrace.

This person was none other than Ulu Jafari, genius of the Lebna God Clan.

"Two years ago, I made a mistake."

"Quee –"

Ulu shook her head, stopping those around her from speaking. "I acted out of my own selfish desire to see my clan prosper. I saw it fit to bend anyone to my will for those goals, even if it meant tearing a family apart.

"In the end, in an attempt to control Dyon, I forced a seal on Alexandria that would effectively make her barren."

Shock rang through the hall. Many inadvertently turned their gaze toward Ri to see what her reaction would be.

"However, it was only a moment before I understood that I bit off more than I was capable of handling. It clearly took no effort from Dyon to remove the seal I placed, and he rightfully decided to punish be by giving back what I chose to dole out."


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