Reaper of the Martial World
636 Pervert 3
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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636 Pervert 3

Clara's shy moans filled the large room. She was a mere foundation stage expert being ravaged by a man with the body of a saint, it was no wonder she felt like she was just along for the ride. However, there were no barriers left in her mind to what was happening, she was happy to cling to Dyon's neck, running her hands through his hair as she enjoyed his lips.

A part of her couldn't believe that there could be any feeling in the world better than this, but the other part was eager for Dyon's cultivation technique to run its course.

However, that was when Clara began being filled with another feeling entirely.

The first time Dyon and Clara had sex, it wasn't dual cultivating in the strictest sense. Without the active participation of both parties, such a thing was impossible. But now? Everything was different…

Clara felt her soul surging to ridiculous heights. She couldn't believe what she was feeling. It had taken her two entire years to climb from the peak of the second stage to the peak of the third, and yet she had just broken through the fourth stage without any difficulty. She had always wondered why Ri and Madeleine's souls were so powerful despite their not having much talent in that area, but now the answer was clear. It was all Dyon!

Clara, though, wasn't the only one to benefit as their two bodies intertwined.

Before these events, Clara's primordial yin had been simple and fairly weak… But, this all changed the moment she absorbed half of the kernel. Clara had essentially been given an entirely new body, a new body capable of giving its own virginity as well.

The individual constitutions had washed away into something completely new… A primordial yin of absolute balance and perfection, without blemish or fault… It could only be given the very same name as Dyon's flames: Origin primordial yin. A constitution transcending a God level one…

This was, of course, the same for Dyon. By the design of his new body, he too was a virgin. Before, Dyon had never had a primordial yang. Not a true one, anyway. How could he without a bodily constitution? Much like Clara's, his was exceedingly weak and frail. However, now? His could only be named after his flames as well: Origin primordial yang.

Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately given the current situation, the very reason why Dyon had never been able to make true use of Ri and Madeleine's primordial yin is because his own primordial yang wasn't complete.

Unlike primordial yin, a primordial yang never leaves the body of its owner. Instead, it grows as its own source of power, capable of supplementing either one of the three cultivation disciplines. This meant that Dyon could now continue to improve through dual cultivating instead of being stuck at a singular boost after taking the virginity of a power woman.

In addition, as long as a woman continued to cultivate with the same man that held her primordial yin, they too would continue to receive massive benefits, improving by accepting energy from his primordial yang. It was because of this oddity of the universe that the culture of the martial world was as such. The physical reality of things had begun to effect the cultural reality of it.

'I guess this means I can teach you a real dual cultivation technique now.'

Dyon frowned, hearing the ancient voice of the Dragon King entering his mind. 'Sh. You've been pretending to be asleep for weeks now so that I wouldn't send you on that suicide mission again. This is literally THE worst time for you to speak. Go away and close your eyes.'

Clara looked up at Dyon confused, obviously unable to hear the Dragon King. Her hips wiggled in agitation, wanting him to continue. Dyon obliged, ignoring the snort of the Dragon King.

Dyon smirked, slowly stroking as he watched Clara try her best to maintain eye contact without letting her moans escape from her lips.

"You know, unless you want little kids running around, you're going to have to get good enough to use arrays in this situation."

"You're ruining my vibe, I was almost there." Clara harrumphed adorably but given the convulsion of her walls and how she bit her lip after she spoke, Dyon could tell that 'almost there' was an understatement.

Hearing this response, Dyon was sure that Clara likely placed some sort of protection on herself before hand.

Dyon didn't bother too much with her words, instead pulling her up to sit on his lap. He lifted her up and down slowly by her ass, feeling himself about to lose control.

Noticing this, Clara smirked to herself, lowering her head to lightly kiss on Dyon's ear before purposefully thrusting her hips downward and tightening.

"Ah, shit." Dyon's wrapped his arms around Clara's waist tightly, holding onto her as his breathing slowed.

The room grew silent. Clara was unwilling to let go of Dyon's neck… And Dyon was unwilling to let go of her waist…

Two lovers in each other's arms.

It was only when the rumbling of a stomach filled the once quiet room that Clara giggled lightly. "Go and eat, pervert. I'm too tired to move."

Dyon smiled, slowly lifting Clara off of him before tucking her into bed.

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"Before you sleep, make me a pair of sweat pants and shirt."

Clara waved her hand nonchalantly, causing a purple gold formation to bloom around Dyon. This wasn't surprising to Dyon in the least. With her soul talent and his added boost, it only made sense for her to burst through to the lower fifth soul stage so quickly. In fact, had her energy cultivation not been sealed, she may have improved drastically in that aspect as well.

"For the record," Dyon lowered his head and kissed Clara on the forehead, "The bet is off. If you keep attacking me like this, it's only a matter of time before you reach the 8th soul stage."

"Ha." Clara smiled, closing her eyes and rolling away and into the covers. "No thank you, slave. And you had better not neglect me either just to win a bet."

Dyon could only chuckle bitterly. But, he responded seriously. "Never."

Although Dyon couldn't see Clara's face anymore, when she heard those words, she couldn't help but smile from the depths of heart because she knew with her soul connection to Dyon, that he meant that word with every fiber of his being.

Dyon quietly left the room, finding a nearby bathroom to clean himself before taking the clothes Clara gave him to put on.

After putting on the sleek black sweat pants, he finally felt comfortable. But, when he looked at the white shirt, he couldn't help but shake his head.

At the front, in big letters, it said: "Pervert."


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