Reaper of the Martial World
635 Pervert 2
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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635 Pervert 2

Clara looked up, stunned. Still awkwardly holding onto her panties and bra, but all she could see was the pair of eyes above her. And despite the domineering nature of Dyon's voice and actions, all she could see was love and… pleading…

But, she didn't want to be a burden for Dyon. She didn't want to be yet another person he thought he owed… yet another person he thought he had to make something up to…

"Don't be ridiculous." Clara said, looking up at Dyon to show how serious she was. "Sex means nothing. Especially not self pleasing sex. I didn't do this to become your charity case. I did this to pay you back for everything you've done for me. You owe me nothing."

Clara shifted out from underneath Dyon, flashing to the side of the bed before walking toward the door.

However, just as she was reaching for the door handle, she heard something that made a tear inadvertently fall down her delicate cheeks.

"I love you too."

The words were simple. But, there impact were so profound that Clara's hand couldn't seem to grip the door knob properly.

She hadn't thought Dyon had heard her. After all, he was unconscious and his hearing was impaired to begin with. However, it was clear to her now that he had to have.

A moment later, Clara didn't have to turn around to feel a warm and comfortable presence standing directly behind her. All she saw was a palm on the door… A hand so steady and strong that she almost couldn't stop herself from leaning backward.

"Jeez. I go to sleep for a few years and you become such a crybaby. What the hell happened?" Dyon snorted.

"Fuck you." Clara wiped her eyes with her forearm, still not looking back.

"Tsk, tsk, tsk. Is that any way to speak to your husband?"

"Pft. You think I'd let you call me your wife? I'm not as nice as Ri and Madeleine. I see no ring and I definitely see no ceremony. You think you can just use our bodies and give us nothing in return? Pervert." Clara harrumphed, still unwilling to look back.

Dyon grabbed Clara's hips, spinning her around to face him before tilting her chin up.

"You want to talk to me about perversion? Who just used whose body again?"

Clara glared at Dyon but found herself unable to keep her anger while looking up at him. "Used you? I barely felt a thing. If anything, it was a chore."

Dyon smiled, looking down at Clara. She could tell that there was something new hidden behind the teasing in his eyes.

"Let me have it." Dyon said softly.

"Have what?" Clara's voice came out weaker than she wanted, causing a blush to spread along her cheeks.

"Your first kiss of course."

"Tha –" Clara's words were caught in her throat. She really hadn't kissed Dyon, or anyone for that matter.

"Until I get access to my soul back, you'll have to settle for subpar sex. But, as a Sacharro, I'm sure you'll soldier through."

"Hm?" Clara didn't seem to understand Dyon's words immediately, but when she did, she went through a cycle of blushing and rolling her eyes. "Can't you be serious?"

However, despite her words, she inwardly had a sudden realization. This really wasn't as good as it got…

Clara didn't get her answer, instead, her senses were overwhelmed by Dyon's scent as his lips touched down to hers.

This was the very first time Clara and Dyon had interacted in such a way… This was the first time they truly and seriously crossed the barrier of friendship… And as Clara fell into Dyon's arms, almost incapable of controlling her trembling legs, she felt nothing but happiness.

Dyon slowly pulled back to find Clara's grey eyes staring back at him. She stood on the very tips of her toes, clutching her panties and bra against Dyon's chest, much to his amusement.

"One time." She said softly, lowering her head to avoid his gaze. "You get one time, then you have to go and eat. Or else this would have all been for nothing!"
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Clara squealed as Dyon lifted her up by her thighs, a sound she never thought she'd make. But, under Dyon's powerful hands, she felt like a feather in the wind.

Dyon gently laid Clara down, letting her soft thighs wrap around his waist as he slowly pulled her dress off. Even expecting a scene of unmatched beauty, Dyon's breath couldn't help but quicken.

Clara was perfect. Her caramel skin was glistening with a sweet layer of sweat that reflected the red of her adorable blush. Her figure was nothing short of golden proportion. Ample, soft breasts, wide hips, and an ass so plump and round that Dyon's hand nearly got lost in their fullness.

Reaching down, Dyon delicately cupped Clara's face as she shyly looked away. But, she was unwilling to show weakness, so she allowed Dyon to scan her in her entirety, not blocking his view with her hands.

Their eyes met as Dyon lowered his forehead to hers.

"Clara Gallagher… Are you willing to be mine?"

There was only a brief silence before Clara's soft lips met Dyon's, allowing her small tongue to release a pleasant fragrance into Dyon's mouth.

"Clara Sacharro." Clara corrected softly.


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