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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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Clara bit her lip, unable to stop the gasp from escaping her lips.

'This is strictly to save his life. Yes. This doesn't feel good at all. Not one bit.'

Clara was a tomboy, as Dyon often teased her for. As such, she played a lot of sports as a kid before she stopped to focus on her cancer research. So, her hymen had long since broken due to those activities, and considering the fact Dyon was the person she would want to do this with the most, she felt no pain whatsoever, exactly like Ri and Madeleine.

Dyon felt the slow grind of a wet vortex steadily lowering toward his base.

Soft moans escaped from Clara as she hoped that Dyon was too weak to hear her. If she couldn't focus, this would all be for nothing.

Soon, she reached the very base, but she felt like all of her energy had been sapped from her.

She fell forward, rest her head and hands on Dyon's broad chest while she slowly grinded her hips. It was almost like she had forgotten the true purpose of her actions.

If Clara knew that this was a mere fraction of Dyon's ability, and that had his celestial will and aurora flames not been locked away, she would feel hundreds of times better, who knew how she would react.

Soon, Clara snapped out of it. Although she couldn't bring herself to stop grinding her hips, her own aurora flames finally flamed into existence, slowly tracing Dyon's body with comfortable golden flames.

Dyon felt his inner energy surge to life as the flames bored into him, making their way to his aurora and slowly caressing it before piercing its way inside.

Clara didn't have much cultivation, nor did she had an overwhelmingly powerful primordial yin, but, Dyon cherished this moment nonetheless.

Under normal circumstances, Clara's cultivation should have skyrocketed, but Dyon's body was completely lacking energy. If it wasn't for the fact that it was the body's innate instinct to protect reproductive abilities, there was a chance that even this might not be possible.

But, that was when everything changed…

Clara's aurora flames melded into Dyon's mind's eye, finding his sealed soul and gently embracing it. Their souls intertwined, forming a connection that Ri and Madeleine immediately felt, causing smiles to spread across their faces.

In the next instant, Clara immediately felt capable of manipulating The Seal.

An intricate array with wildly shifting colors and endlessly shifting gears appeared in Clara's mind as she slowly teased it apart, finding two floating orbs within. She could immediately feel which was which with her connection to Dyon and didn't hesitate to grasp the body cultivation orb, pulling it into reality.

Clara's breathing was heavy and labored. One might think it was because of manifesting something from The Seal, when in reality it was because the moment her soul melded with Dyon's, she felt an overwhelming rush of love and worry coming from him. It was so intense that her lower regions clenched, convulsing involuntarily as she lost control of her body.

The orb was completely forgotten.

Clara held onto Dyon's torso both as firmly and gently as she could, unwilling to hurt him even as she lost herself in the feeling of being connected to him.

She, herself, was embarrassed to even think about how often she had thought of doing this with Dyon… She couldn't help but see him as her man…

Two years ago, Clara would have done this very thing for Dyon, but deep inside, she would know that it was only for the sake of saving his life. Although she loved him back then as well, there was a deep seeded doubt within her that couldn't leap over the barrier that protected martial world culture.

If the mortal realm still existed, Clara would without a doubt be known as a traditionalist. She wanted to have a single husband, all to her own… She wanted to lose her virginity to the one she loved, but she also wanted it to be on her wedding night. She wanted two kids, one boy and one girl, hoping that the boy would be the elder so he could protect his little sister… These were all things Clara wanted… And she wanted them with no one else but Dyon…

But when he came back, the first thing she heard was that he had found not one, but two others to fill a place in his heart she thought she could one day fight to earn…

It had hurt. She knew that her and Dyon had never had that kind of relationship before, and she knew how irrational it was to feel that way, but she couldn't control it…

She had genuinely wished them the best, thinking that she could just avoid Dyon and never see him again, allowing him to continue ignoring her as he had for all those years, but then he swooped in and flashed his handsome smile and caring, warm eyes at her… Then he saved her father like it was as easy as breathing to him… And then he whisked her off to an unknown fantastical land where he didn't hesitate to protect her with his very life…

During those two years of Dyon's constant pain and torment… His amnesia… His unwillingness to hurt her by burdening her with this decision…
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Clara realized that she just didn't care anymore. There would never be another man in her heart….

"I love you…" She said softly.

The orb gently floated above them. With nothing to bind it, it finally had freedom for the first time.

The laws of the universe dictated where talent went, but it also had an inability to take back that talent… This meant only one thing. Since there were only two mortals deserving of this talent left, it could only go to one of them…

Dyon understood this as well. He didn't need to do anything, that talent would simply choose.

But, that was when something highly important happened.

Body cultivation talent was directly linked to body constitutions… Of which, was directly separated into male and female rankings… So…

The bulb of light shook violently, confused with what to do with itself before eventually sheering into two halves, still hovering in the air.


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