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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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632 Accept 2

"Clara, as much as I'd love to do this, you really have it all wrong! You don't have to do this." Dyon's voice came out firmly, surprising Clara. It was as though all of his weakness was gone.

"Shut up. If you want to be convinced that I understand so much, I'll tell you. Then, I'll never talk to you again since it's apparently such a burden for you to do this with me."

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Before Dyon could refute that, he felt Clara shift again before another pair of fabric was stuffed into his mouth, stopping him from speaking completely. However, what was most glaring to Dyon was the distinct skin to skin contact he felt when Clara sat back down on his lower torso. In fact… He thought that for just a moment, he felt a faint wetness.

Dyon's imagination spun out of control, causing him to grow yet another size. Clara could only ignore the object that was apparently trying to bore a hole into her back as she silently unclipped her bra, allowing two mounds of beautiful flesh to drop into the view of no one but herself. And then, she steadied her breathing.

"At first, I didn't think there was anything odd about Madeleine and Ri being freely able to use your spatial rings. In fact, even Little Zaire can do so. But, when I realized Little Lyla couldn't, and then that I couldn't, I realized that it was more complicated than that.

"To just realize that there was something odd, something that simple, took my more than a year!"

This wasn't Clara's fault, honestly. To observe something that detailed without actively seeking to understand was a miracle in and of itself.

"When I noticed this, I knew there was something more to it. At first, I thought it was simply sex. But even with how much of a fool you can be, I would never think you did something like that to Zaire."

Dyon cringed. 'Why would you even bother saying that? I get it.'

"When I asked Ri and Madeleine about it, they seemed to want to dodge the question. Clearly they knew I was coming close to the answer as well. But, eventually, you woke up for the 4th time. Your condition was so much worse than before that it seemed Ri and Madeleine were finally getting worried that you really wouldn't get better.

"I know why they chose not to tell me. They wanted to respect me, as well as your decision as well. But, all you three did was hurt me more!

"Eventually, I found out that while Madeleine gained the ability to use your spatial rings through having sex with you, Ri was able to even before that. It was clear at that point that what connected Ri and Zaire was the fact they were both beasts and had a special connection with you. While Madeleine was human, meaning there had to be a physical connector to reach that point.

"At first I thought this was great, but then I thought of another problem. If this was all it took to use the seal, why hadn't Madeleine or Ri down it yet? It turned out that they had already tried while you were sleeping, but they couldn't get The Seal to acknowledge them.

"And yet, when I tried, even though I hadn't had a soul connection with you yet, I could at the very least sense its presence, although it didn't acknowledge me either."

Clara grit her teeth. "Who asked you to have so much soul talent. Making everything so complicated."

By this point, Dyon knew that Clara had understood. He knew from the beginning that the bare minimum soul talent needed to be acknowledged by The Seal would be someone with enough talent to earn an innate aurora at birth.

Much like Nora, Clara had sensed The Seal, but in favor of Dyon, it had turned the both of them down.

However, if either Nora or Clara linked their souls with Dyon, the result would be much different.

Dyon could obviously not ask such a thing of Nora. For one, she had a husband, and secondly, even if she didn't, her identity was likely really sensitive. And, if he was right about who she was, there wouldn't be a hot enough place in hell for him if he asked that of her.

On the other hand, Dyon would never ask Clara to do this for him. He would literally rather die.

Clara was the last person he had of their world. She was his best friend. He understood just how important her virginity and her love life meant to her, how could he ask her for something like that?

So, even though he knew it was stupid, he still asked the Dragon King to try and use The Seal through him. Unlike Zaire, Ri and Madeleine, the Dragon King could perceive what Dyon did, making him able to skip the step of sensing The Seal. However, because he was a remnant soul, he ended up injuring himself… In fact, to now, he had been in a coma for more than a year and a half…

"Now, I know what I have to do. Since we can't get you to your grand teacher, you'll have to accept me. You can decide to not acknowledge me after this, I've decided that I'm fine with that. But, for right now, with your life on the line, you have no choice."

Dyon froze as he felt a trembling hand grasp onto his member. He could barely stay awake, let alone fight back against these restraints.

The scent of Clara filled his nose, but when he felt the delicate fabric in his mouth, he almost lost control of what little energy he did have left.

His tip was invaded by a faint wetness as it glided across soft skin that seemed to easily separate… And then… His mind went blank, filled with a sensation he could never forget… The best feeling in the world.


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