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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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629 Stop 2

There was no need to talk about saints, themselves, doing it. Dyon had plenty of talented demon generals willing to help, but Dyon was at the point where saint energy would be of little help!

Dyon's situation was truly unfortunate…
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He couldn't digest food himself because he would need more energy to do so than he would gain.

He couldn't have others digest it for him either… Saints wouldn't be able to convert enough energy for him, and higher level experts would be too slow in accumulating the necessary energy because if they used higher level energy, Dyon would die…

Dyon was at a point where he needed high levels of quality energy… But at the same time… That energy would kill him!

Having already understood all of this, Dyon had thrown out both the ideas of eating and having others digest for him. As such, he had focused his attention on the kernels. But, the problem was that the kernels were stuck in The Seal.

It was clear that this Nora person was incapable of being recognized by The Seal, and she was seemingly the most qualified. However, The Seal had completely rejected her, not allowing her to use it at all.

This meant that Dyon's next option would have been to rely on the Dragon King. Because of the Dragon King's soul connection with Dyon, it was recognized by other objects bound to Dyon. This was how he was able to use the Soul Tome to grasp Loki's faith seed, something Dyon still wasn't aware of, likely because he had been too fatigued to notice when he placed the Daiyu ancestor within.

However, Dyon understood that the Dragon King was a mere remnant soul. While placing things inside The Seal and Soul Tome was easy, taking them out was exceedingly difficult. This was why Dyon had completely passed out when he pushed the death qi within the Soul Tome out.

Despite this, the Dragon King had tried to help Dyon by manifesting The Seal for him, but half way through, his soul was damaged, causing him to go into a coma-like state as well. Dyon understood this because he had tried to ask the Dragon King how long he had slept for after he realized he couldn't use technology anymore. But, he had gotten no response… now he knew why…

The seemingly only remaining option was to take Dyon to his grand teacher at the Epistemic Tower, the old man would likely be able to do something. But, that was where the problems just continued to add up…

"The Uidah…"

Once again, everyone nodded.

Dyon had missed not one, but two campaigns in their entirety.

If Dyon was awake when the gates were open, that would be one thing. All he would have to do is appear in the gates before locking them down and forcing everyone out. This was very much possible as an Epistemic Tower key wielder as long as you were in the universe housing your Epistemic Tower. Another reason why the old man would be shocked if one of his chosen died.

"Tell me what's happened…" Dyon said in a weak voice.

"It's not so bad at Earth Gate," Clara chimed in, grasping Dyon's hand lightly to allow her golden aurora flames to comfort him.

"You…" Dyon could see right through what Clara was doing. She had immediately tried to calm his emotions as he spoke.

"What? Did you expect me to just sit here? Without your innate aurora, the efficiency of the army takes a huge plunge."

Dyon frowned as well as his features would allow. "That's just an excuse you're peddling, there's still Alidor. He's more than capable. In fact, by now, his soul should have surpassed me when last I campaigned."

If Dyon remembered correctly, he was only around the 5th soul stage then. Alidor, with his talent and two years, should have definitely caught up. That meant his efficiency shouldn't have been much less than Dyon's from back then.

"Hmph. Although my soul only just reached the peak of the 3rd stage, I had a peak 2nd stage innate soul. I can't just do nothing. With Ri and Madeleine, nothing will happen to me."

Dyon sighed. Aside from him who was born with a peak 4th stage innate soul, the very best of the best could boast about having a peak 2nd stage soul.

If this was known to any universe across the cosmos, soul experts every would clamber to have Clara as their disciple. In fact, even Nora had tried to coax Clara while Dyon was in his coma, but she had vehemently refused.

It was just important to keep in perspective that although Dyon far overshadowed everyone in terms of soul talent, he could only be measured on his own scale, while it was best to measure others on another.

"Don't be mad." Madeleine said softly, "Learn to trust Clara the same way you've trusted me and Little Sister Ri in the past. Do you understand?"

Dyon struggled to look at Madeleine, but he truly couldn't see clearly. Everything was much too blurry. He felt pained that he could enjoy the beauty of his wives.

In the end, he could only nod.

"Like Clara said, Earth Gate isn't so bad… But that's only in comparison to what it could be," Ri continued.

The entire banquet hall was quiet as they watched these four interact. It was as though everyone had a tacit understanding to not interrupt. Even Little Lyla and Zaire, who had both grown up quite a bit, had matured enough to stay quiet. They knew that this wasn't the time to see their big brother.

"The Uidah, for both of these past campaigns have been completely focused on us. In fact, they've entirely ignored the other gates."

"All ten sons and daughters?" Dyon asked weakly.

They all solemnly nodded.

"All five meridian, and all five essence sons and daughters have gathered."

"So I guess they replaced the dead one…"

"They don't seem highly intent on ending this quickly. In fact, the first move they made was to secure the perimeter around the Epistemic Tower. We've tried twice now for all four months the gates are open to get you in… But we've failed both times…

"Even worse, because our forces were so focused, the only tower we have left in our possession is Earth Tower… The other 7… Are theirs…"


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