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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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628 Stop 1

Dyon sat with a dazed look, but because of the weakness of his muscles, he looked as though he hadn't reacted to the answer to his question at all.

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However, his next sentence was different that what a normal person would ask. In fact, all 8 times he had asked his first question, he always immediately followed it up with this one.

"How long can I stay awake?"

"Three days is your maximum. But, it's clear you've overexerted yourself today so it's impossible to tell if that time will be shortened or not."

Without anyone needing to tell him, Dyon had already concluded two things. He had likely already been awake and had thus asked these questions before, and despite all of this time, he hadn't come up with a solution, which also unfortunately meant that he was having memory loss issues.

"What have I said out loud already that hasn't worked?" Dyon asked this question to save time and be more efficient. He knew himself well. There was no doubt in his mind that he would have begun to speak out loud so that his wives could note what he wanted to try.

The problem was clear to Dyon now. Despite his soul being sealed away, it was still dissipating, although at a much slower rate than usual.

This meant many things that only made Dyon angrier the more he thought about it.

For one, the boost in speed [Inner World: Sanctuary] would have gotten was gone. It was impossible for his inner world to have made any process in the past two years with the mess his soul was in, and it was equally impossible for the Dragon King to compensate for such a thing.

Before Dyon began using the Dragon King to boost his energy and body cultivation talent, even with his soul talent having accumulated billions of souls, it was estimated by his grand teacher that it would still take him more than a century to build his inner world. And that was WITH his overwhelming soul talent.

It was only after grasping the true use of the Dragon King's weapon that Dyon became capable of reducing that time to a fraction of its original form, shortening it to about 5 to 10 years.

This may not make sense to those unfamiliar with the technique, however, there is no mistake in this calculation. The inner world's construction requires a balance of all talents excluding body cultivation. No matter how overwhelming Dyon's soul talent was, after a certain point, it would be impossible to compensate for his poor energy cultivation talent.

But now, the reverse situation was occurring. The talent Dyon had gained from the Dragon King was trying to compensate for his dwindling soul, and clearly it was losing.

That said, there was one possible explanation that just might salvage this situation.

If Dyon's soul was sapping energy from his body in order to sustain and repair itself in its sealed form, then that would explain pretty much everything.

By the time Dyon reached this conclusion, only a split second had passed, and his wives hadn't even begun to speak yet. It seemed they knew he would reach this conclusion as well. It was like they were replaying the same events again and again. Each time they were in awe of how fundamentally sound Dyon's logic was, to the point where he would capable of reaching the same correct conclusion no matter how many times his memories were wiped.

"So I'm right…" They didn't need any more communication between them. From their silence, Dyon understood that they had lived all of this already.

"So I already mentioned The Seal and what's in it?"

They nodded.

"And I already asked that woman over there to try and use it?"

They nodded again, sending a complicated gaze toward Nora.

"And I assume the Dragon King is in a coma right now, too?"

Once again, they nodded.

Dyon sighed. He already understood what happened.

The Seal had his last hope within it. If he absorbed the talent, it might give him enough of a boost in immediate energy so that he'd be able to eat, plus it would increase his body's ability to feed his soul.

One might wonder why Dyon couldn't just swallow a piece of food with very dense energy. And the answer to that was: digestive efficiency.

The reason Dyon could eat so much when he was healthy was ironically because he was so full of energy. As a cultivator, those who could eat more were often seen as much stronger because they actually had the ability to digest what they were eating.

Right now, not only did Dyon not have enough energy to eat, even if he mustered the courage to chew, he would convert a very small percentage of that food into true energy. In the end, he'd likely spend more energy biting and chewing than what he gained.

The only way to compensate for this would be to inject Dyon's bodily with readily available energy he wouldn't have to digest, but such things were ridiculously rare.

There was a second way to compensate, and that was by having someone 'digest' the energy for him, but the amount of energy Dyon's body needed was astronomical. It wasn't that there weren't any here powerful enough to do it, it was just that the efficiency would be poor, which would bring them right back to square one.

A celestial would have to use celestial energy, something Dyon's body couldn't withstand. This was even more of a glaring issue for dao formation experts. If Dyon so much as touched enigmatic energy with thoughts of absorbing it, he would implode. This meant that these experts would be forced to lower their quality of energy to saint energy, but because their meridians weren't filled with it, the process of doing so would be only marginally faster than if they were back in their saint hood days and cultivating. Needless to say… It would be too slow and too inefficient!


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