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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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623 Sleep 5

Dyon watched as this massive hand careened toward him. There seemed to be no more tricks left. In the face of absolute power, what use was there in a 16-year-old struggling?

However, this was when an unexpected benefit of Heaven's Blessing was noticed by Dyon. His movements were still severely limited by the ancestor, he could still speak.

"Haven't you thought of one other thing?" Dyon said offhandedly, as though he didn't care about his own life or death.

The ancestor frowned. Did he truly miss something?

"And just what is that?" The ancestor asked. He was well aware of how much time he had left and stalling for time was an impossibility. He wouldn't have paused if this was truly his last moments.

"Well, for one, there were two wives kneeling before me, but now there's only one."

The eyes of the ancestor bulged as he looked Dyon.

Madeleine was still there, but Ri was nowhere to be seen! An instant later, the ancestor found her, standing over Chenglei was a sword pointed to the back of his neck while she stared at the ancestor.

"That's it, do you believe that I can't handle this? She's a mere meridian formation expert. Is this a joke?" The ancestor looked at Dyon with disdain. Even if Ri used her fastest speed to pierce downward, it still wouldn't be fast enough. In the face of absolute power, schemes meant nothing.

Although he was surprised that Ri had moved through his spatial lock, that was all. He was a bit surprised. He didn't have time to care that it was because she was wielding a supreme law and thus wasn't effected by such things. Spatial laws weren't the ancestor's forte.

"Of course not, that's just one thing to consider. The second thing to consider is that whether you're stronger than them or not, two of my subordinates happen to be dao formation experts as well. Even if you're stronger, you can't ignore them, now can you? Can you deal with their interference and kill my wife before she kills Chenglei?"

The eyes of the ancestor narrowed. But, Dyon was still too naïve, the difference between even a single meridian filled in the dao formation realm was incomparably large. Of course it was, even the most lauded geniuses spend thousands of years trying to fill even a single one.

Yet, the ancestor was multiple stages above these two so-called experts. Defeating them, especially with his soul burning, would be child's play.

They would delay him for a bit, but not enough to stop him from stopping Ri.

"Then there's of course the last thing." Dyon said with a smile. Even when backed into a corner, he had managed to think of a way out. "In your millennia of existence, and in the countless stories you've heard, how many people have forced the Dragon King to submit?"

The ancestor froze.

Dyon knew this approach wouldn't have worked under normal circumstances. The ancestor would have simply been too overcome with anger in the scenarios Dyon had thought of. But, in this case, it just might work. Why? Because he had gained this ancestor's respect.

"What are you trying to say…" The ancestor spoke slowly, his eyes narrowing.

"I only mean that I give off the aura of the Dragon King for a reason. It can't be faked, and you likely recognized it because you've sensed it before."

"… I was there when he killed two of our most promising geniuses. And now you've killed the third. Of course, I recognize it."

"Then you know that the reason I have this aura on me, while my soul is sealed, is because I've tamed the Dragon King. You could say that that makes him quite fond of me, don't you think?"

The ancestor already understood where this was going. It was nothing but a thinly veiled threat. Dyon was saying that whether or not he was the Dragon King or not didn't matter. In revenge for killing his master, whenever the Dragon King was next used, he would wipe out the Daiyu.

Dyon smiled, watching the ancestor think.

"What a hateful boy…" The ancestor muttered.

Dyon chuckled lightly. In reality, he got that a lot.

"And you still plan to enslave my family?"

Dyon's eyes flashed with anger. "This generation of Daiyu will never be forgiven by me for what they've done. However, I can allow the next generation of Daiyu to live. I plan to help my little brother rule over the Drago-Qilin lands, when the time comes, the next generation of Daiyu will be allowed a place to thrive."

There was no leeway in Dyon's voice. Chenglei was unforgivable. His grandfather? Had already died by Dyon's hands. However, it wasn't in Dyon's nature to punish the innocent. Even without the ancestor, Dyon would have allowed the next generation of Daiyu to live.

"Rule over the Drago-Qilin lands…" The ancestor didn't know how to feel. Dragons and Qilins were both the representations of sovereignty. The amount of power that would be needed to suppress that would have to be otherworldly. "Even the Dragon God nor even the Dragon Sovereign could do such a thing…"

Dyon ring flashed and a little boy appeared by his side. Little Zaire looked around blinking before he noticed his big brother standing beside him.

"Big brother!" Zaire jumped with excitement. Despite his strength, he was still just a 7 year old little boy, how could he not be excited that his elder brother was still alive?

Dyon laughed lightly, taking Zaire into his arms and hugging him tightly.
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The ancestor stared at the back of this little boy, absolutely stunned.

"His reverse scale…" The ancestor nearly choked out his words, unable to believe what he was sensing.

From the first time Dyon met Zaire, there had always been a perfectly shaped white scale at the center of his forehead. This was no normal scale, it was none other than Zaire's reverse scale!

And within it, held an aura that could only be manifested by the most powerful of Drago-Qilin bloodlines. And yet, his was also mutated with a specialty only made possible by a miracle.

"Gold Dragon Soul… On a child…" The ancestor stuttered, incapable of holding in his emotions. He could tell that it wasn't just any Gold Dragon Soul. Zaire was likely only a single push away from the King Dragon Soul. A peak Gold Dragon Soul from birth! And it was a variation domain with incomparable purity attached to it!

Dyon rubbed his little brother's head lovingly before letting him sit atop his shoulder and look at the tall man standing before them.

"Haha…" The ancestor's voice seemed to be fading away. It looked like he had finally run out of time. "It seems that this may be the fortune of my Daiyu family… Take these treasures and raise this boy to surpass the Dragon God. Lead him to be the Dragon that Transcends all. Let the cosmos remember the might of our sovereign race… This was truly a small price to pay…"

And with those final words, the ancestor's consciousness disappeared, leaving behind a body flowing with vitality that Dyon immediately used the help of the Dragon King to place within the Soul Tome.

It was only then that Dyon finally sighed in relief.

He stumbled, falling to his knees causing Zaire to almost fall from his shoulders.

"Big brother!" Zaire rushed down, worriedly holding Dyon's unconscious figure on his small shoulders.

Ri and Madeleine rushed forward, kneeling beside their husband. But, all they found was a young man with otherworldly handsome features, sleeping soundly with a smile on his face.

The whole world was still kneeling to Dyon, but right now all he needed was rest for a battle well fought.


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