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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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622 Sleep 4

This wasn't a good thing for Dyon at all. Before Nora and Amell were waiting to see just what would happen, completely unwilling to kneel as dao formation experts. They were smart and they understood that if they did so, they would be giving away just how much they cared about the people here. If they gave this person that understanding, this would be over. Only by maintaining nonchalance could they have a chance.

But, hearing that the virus that was the Dragon King was what was controlling this young man, they resolved themselves to attack.

That, of course, wasn't the only reason. There was someone here they cared about more deeply than anyone or anything in the cosmos, and they weren't willing to see them serve under this person like this.

Seeing that Dyon had no objections, Madeleine continued. "We are the basis of your new empire. Relying on outsiders to deal with disrespect to our sovereign ruler would be nothing short of a slap to our faces. Although you have every right to do so, I believe your kingdom would be better served if you ordered us to deal with these disrespectful individuals for you."
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Madeleine's plan was simple. Use the pride of the Dragon King to justify not having the ancestor attack.

Suddenly Dyon thought of something. Madeleine's words were perfect for the situation, he realized that doing this alone was impossible. But, this wasn't enough.

There was a way out, he just had to take a chance on it. And all of this stemmed from one thing: King Acacia called Madeleine his god daughter! At the time, King Acacia would have had no way of knowing Dyon heard him. After all, he wasn't healed at the time and his senses were dull. This was clearly a secret they wanted to keep, but right now, that secret was Dyon's last hope.

"Come here." Dyon said, still not looking away from the skies.

The ancestor watched this scene, an amused light in his eyes.

Madeleine stood, nervously walking to Dyon.

Without so much as looking at Madeleine, entirely because he couldn't bare to, Dyon spoke his next work coldly.


Before Madeleine could even respond to Dyon's words, the thunderous booms of imploding energy raged through the skies.

But, instead of showing fear, Dyon smirked.

"How dare you?!" The husband and wife couple spoke in unison, not caring about whatever secrets they wanted to hold to themselves having completely lost their rationality to anger.

"Oh? Is it just now that you've figured out your petty tricks mean nothing to me? Kneel." Dyon's voice cut through their oppressive aura. He had no music will, but he had the air of an Emperor to him that could not be denied.

Madeleine, in keeping with her character ignored the couple in the sky. Although she didn't know why they were so angry, it was her duty to follow the words of the 'Dragon King' as law.

The buttons of white sleek white qipao slowly loosened one at a time as her elegant figure, once tightly wrapped, began to over flow. There was no question that she was a beauty few could match…

Dyon couldn't bare to watch, so he kept his eyes trained on the skies, as though he couldn't bother to care about the sight.

Amell and Nora grit their teeth, but immediately fell from the skies, slamming their foreheads to the ground in unison.

"We apologize for our rudeness, great Dragon King." Without much being revealed, many had guessed just the connection was between these three, but there was no time mention such a thing. There was a tension in the air that made it impossible for many to breathe.

Dyon waved his hand toward Madeleine, signaling for her to stop.

Suddenly, a clapping noise and a happy laughter came from behind Dyon. The voice was so deep that it could have only been from the ancestor.

Dyon turned, facing him. "Is something funny?"

"It's nothing," The ancestor laughed. "Just a senile old man enjoying the last seconds of his life. I have to say, I was looking forward to seeing a beauty dance in my last moments, it's unfortunate you made her stop."

"Is that supposed to be a joke? If anyone laid eyes on a woman I claimed, I would kill her. If you'd like to enjoy a corpse in your last moments, I'm more than happy to oblige."

"No no no, I wouldn't dare mighty Dragon King. I do have a question though, if you would be so kind. How does one use their soul to control a body if that soul is sealed?"

Dyon froze.

In the end, despite all of his effort, the Daiyu ancestor had figured out the major flaw in all of his plans. They were so close!

The Dragon King's method of control was obvious. Erase a soul by forcing it to use more energy than it had, before replacing it. But currently, Dyon's soul was sealed completely, and yet he still gave off the aura of the Dragon King. That was absolutely impossible.

If the Dragon King took over a body, the only part of that body that would be his would be the soul. If that soul was sealed, what then was emitting the aura of the Dragon King?

The only remaining explanation then was that the Dragon King had never taken over this body! And what was emitting the aura of the Dragon King wasn't Dyon's body, but rather the black band on his wrist!

The ancestor slowly got up from his coffin, stretching his neck, understanding that by Dyon's lack of an answer, he was correct.

Dyon's eyes narrowed, "Do you really think we can't resist you until you die? It's obvious to everyone you only have a few seconds remaining."

The ancestor laughed again, "What a funny joke. How long does it take you to crush an ant? Is that something even worth calculating?

"I have to say, I'm impressed. You were very close to winning. I can't tell if you truly are just this arrogant, or if you're just a great performer."

Dyon sneered, "You don't seem angry about me forcing you to burn your soul."

"Pft," The ancestor laughed, "Of course not. I'm dying anyway and I have more than enough time to accomplish my goals. The only reason I'm talking to you now is out of respect for a youngster. To kill a dao formation expert as a sixteen-year-old without help… You are truly a genius among geniuses. Even that might not be enough to describe you."

Those who remained kneeling were stunned. What did this man just say? Dyon did what?

"It's unfortunate for you that whatever method you used is lost you now, likely gone away with the lock on your soul…" The ancestor shrugged, reaching out his hand toward Dyon as a formless pressure spread out and sealed Dyon's movements. "There's nothing us Dragons value more than strength, and you have not only that, but the air and arrogance only a sovereign should have. You've earned my respect, truly. But for the sake of my clan, you must die."


This volume finally comes to an end in two chapters :) I'm still dealing with some stuff today, but my goal is to finish uploading volume 4 and the mass release today on moonquill. If that doesn't work out, RMW will be up in full tomorrow through hell or high waters


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