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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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621 Sleep 3

Ire and Patriarch Pakal froze. A bitterness rose in their hearts. Was this really the young man they had hoped would help them revive their Pakal Clan to its former glory?...

Ulu, however, was more intelligent. She had an innately scheming personality, the very same personality that led her to almost losing everything to Dyon. She could tell that something was wrong here. There was no way she'd believe that the man willing to spare her child and save her husband was the same one who couldn't stand anyone standing above him.

However, she also understood that it should be impossible for Dyon to have survived being taken away by a celestial expert. And considering Planet Nix was once approached to ally with the Daiyu, she knew they had a celestial who hadn't shown up as well. So, how could a teenage boy survive, seemingly completely unscathed, after dealing with two celestials?

The only answer seemed to be that he hadn't… But someone else had… Someone who clearly had a completely different personality.

Without any hesitation, she followed the Pakals in falling down from the sky, secretly motioning for her clan to the same. After all, how could she not understand that her husband was in danger if she didn't comply?

King Belmont and King Acacia, in addition to the allies and family didn't hesitate as well.

Dragon King or not, the most important thing was their daughter's life, not their pride. As for King Belmont, he simply felt guilty.

The sound of kneeling resounded through the Belmont Holy Land.

Caedlum continuously struggled in Dyon's hand, but by now, he knew it was futile. However, rage burned in his eyes, unwilling to watch his father and brother kneel for his sake.

Dyon didn't seem to mind, completely unperturbed. In fact, he was well prepared for this.

He silently applied pressure to a specific vein in Caedlum's neck, in mere moments, the struggling teenage boy struggled no more, hanging unconscious from Dyon's hand. Then, Dyon placed him down, ignoring him.

"He's alive for now. But disrespect me again, and there won't be a second chance."

Patriarch Pakal and Ire grit their teeth, but in the end, kept their heads lowered, not daring to say a thing with their only hope's life in Dyon's hands.

However, in the air, two people remained. The very same two variables that Dyon had locked onto from the very beginning.

"Would you like me to kill them?" There was an odd light in the ancestor's eyes now. There was something suspicious about all of this, but he couldn't put his finger on just what it was. He decided to subtly probe the Dragon King, seeing what kind of answer he would receive.

Hearing those words, it was now that everyone finally realized they were focused on the wrong entity. The sheer power the wafted off of the ancestor erupted. He no longer reeled in back for the sake of showing respect to the Dragon King, instead using fighting as an excuse to not hold back.

Only Dyon was aware of just how precarious this situation was. If the ancestor decided he wasn't who he was pretending to be, it was take seconds for him to kill everyone here, and this outcome would be worth it to him. Why? Because only the Daiyu would be left AND they'd have a successor and all the treasures he had brought out to bring themselves up. He would likely be known as the Daiyu who contributed the most to their prosperous future and he would be rewarded in kind in his next life.

However, he had to be careful. If he provoked the Dragon King, and it led to the end of the Daiyu sometime in the future, it would negatively effect his karma, and thus his effort would have the opposite effect on his next life.

It was his dream to be reborn as a Dragon with a gold Dragon Soul. How could he not give it his all? But if he allowed himself to be tricked by a fake, he'd never reach his goal!

Dyon's brain was racing, trying to balance between stalling and dealing with the situation.

He thought of the Belmont ancestor who still remained, but he was clearly too weak.

He was almost at the point where he was silently pleading that they would just give in an kneel. He didn't know who they were, so how could he have a clever scheme of dealing with them?

For everyone else who came, he had plenty of leverage. Big Red's daughter Ava was with him. King Belmont's son and guilt. King Acacia and Kawa's daughter. Ulu's husband and the child in her belly. The Pakal's successor, Caedlum. But these two people? He had nothing!

Dyon silently stared into the skies. With his senses being cut to fractions of what it once was, he couldn't tell just how much longer it would be until the ancestor died from burning his soul. It was almost like there was a ticking bomb, but he didn't know just how much time was left!

In all this time, with so many things racing through his mind, Dyon had completely forgotten to think of a proper answer to the ancestor's question. After all, he didn't know who these people were! But, they were clearly allies. If he said yes, they would be as good as dead. How could he live knowing he had killed someone who had come to save him?

The eyes of the ancestor narrowed. He had finally realized just what was wrong with this picture.

Just as he was about to test his theory, Madeleine suddenly spoke.

"Sovereign Lord, Dragon King. If I may speak."

Inexplicably, a sense of relief came over within Dyon despite his lack of expression change. His killing intent continued to overflow, staring daggers at the couple in the sky.

'Dragon King?' The eyes of Nora and Amell narrowed, but it wasn't in a good way. How could they not know the story? In fact, they were there!


Sorry guys, I got caught up in something unexpected yesterday and it's spilt over to today, and likely tomorrow as well. I've been using a few spare moments to upload to moonquill, so I'm slowly catching up. I skipped over the third volume and went directly to the fourth to save some time, but unfortunately, volume four (our current volume) is nearly half the total word count of RMW, so there's a lot left either way. I'll try my best, sorry again >.<


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