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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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620 Sleep 2

Dyon immediately understood this. With how close he was to the ancestor, as long as the ancestor dared to investigate Dyon closely, he would realize that Dyon's aura was merely shrouded in the Dragon King's scent.

Before this, the ancestor hadn't been suspicious enough or bold enough to do such a thing. After all, how could he risk offending the Dragon King? Using your senses to scan an expert was a major taboo, everyone knew this, even Dyon. He learned this the moment he became the celestial deer sect successor.

"Dy –" King Belmont attempted to step forward to understand exactly what was happening. But, Dyon cut him off.

"You all have a lot of nerve."

The brows in the sky furrowed in confusion while the ancestor watched this silently, the last whispers of his life still going strong.

It was clear to Dyon at this point that taking the approach of someone who was always the Dragon King wouldn't work. He had to pretend like he had changed fundamentally. And, more importantly, he needed to stall.

King Belmont's words were stifled by Dyon's presence. At this moment, Dyon's momentum, despite his lack of cultivation was something only dao formation experts could match. Such was the effect of Heaven's Blessing. Although such a thing only had an effect on his talent and intangible aura, not effecting his strength at all, it was very useful in this situation.

Hearing Dyon's words, King Belmont felt a wave of guilt. He didn't understand the situation, but when he noticed Lionel bound and kneeling, he thought that Dyon might think he was involved somehow.

However, those who weren't being gnawed at by the same guilt could tell that Dyon was referring to them all, not a single person. How could they possibly take this lying down.

"Yo –" Ire Pakal was a hot headed youth. He didn't know anything about what was going on, and his cultivation was much too low to understand just the kind of presence that was currently sitting up in the coffin before Dyon. But, in his estimation, since Dyon wasn't afraid of it, why should he?

If he was a bit more intelligent, he would have noticed the still kneeling Daiyu and realized that this situation wasn't so simple.

"Kneel." Dyon's gaze swept across them all, making his attitude clear. If they didn't follow what he said, he would kill them all.

Ire's eyes were threatening to bulge out of his head. He barely had an impression of this Dyon kid other than what he knew from the world tournament, but if that was any indication, he was wildly arrogant. They had made all of this effort to save him, and this was how they were treated?!

"Haha." Dyon laughed, but his voice was filled with a dense killing intent. "It seems in the small time I've been gone, my name has been forgotten." Looking toward Ri, Dyon made a gesture. "Come here."

There was no love in his eyes. In fact, he looked at Ri as though she was nothing more than a piece of meat.

At this point, the hearts of King Acacia and the snow-white fox in Nora's arms seized. There was only one thought on their mind: The Dragon King!

They couldn't understand the situation. No matter how intelligent a person was, without enough information, making leaps in logic to reach the right conclusion was nearly impossible in this case. But, what they did know was that Dyon had a weapon that no one should be able to control.

And, even though he had somehow done it for a short time, he had just been in a life or death situation. Did Dyon have no choice but to hand his body to the Dragon King to survive?

Reaching this point, the rest became clear to them. Ri was listening to every word the Dragon King spoke not because she thought it was still Dyon, but because the Dragon King was holding the body of her love hostage! How could Ri dare to defy the Dragon King knowing her husband's life was in the balance?

Ri stepped forward without hesitation while Madeleine along with the demon generals didn't hesitate to kneel, following Dyon's orders without hesitation as though they were scared to meet his wrath.

The ancestor watched as Dyon lustfully scanned Ri's body, tracing her jaw line with his finger.

He had slipped into the role of tyrant with ease, not hesitating lift Ri's soft lips to his own before taking the ring off of her hand.

King Acacia and Kawa trembled in the air but didn't dare to make a move. They could only watch their daughter lightly blush while gritting her teeth. Ri then took a step back before respectfully kneeling as well.

Dyon's hand flashed, in it appearing Caedlum Pakal.

Ire's eyes widened, watching his brother struggle to breathe as his neck was squeezed tighter and tighter by Dyon.

Caedlum had little idea what was going on. Just before, he was within the demon sage's tower, quietly meditating. And now the person who was the closest thing to a friend to him was trying to kill him?

He thrashed about, but Dyon's power was on another level now. Having broken into the saint realm, and now using the peak of the first act of Demon Emperor's Will, Caedlum stood no chance.

Whereas putting someone into a ring required consent. As the owner of the ring, how could Dyon not kick out anyone he wanted at any time?!

"Do I need to repeat myself? Or do I need to kill someone first?"


RMW will be up some time late tonight. I've been uploading in chapter clumps, so make sure to pay attention to chapter names instead of numbers, because the numbers will be different


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