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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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619 Sleep 1

The loud booms of the attacks distorting the formation grew louder, as though it was slowly working its way through space, inching closer and closer to them.

Dyon could do nothing. He stood in front of the ancestor's floating coffin, ignoring the blazing white that emitted from it as he stared into the skies. His air of confidence and nonchalance had not cracked, because he couldn't afford to allow it to. Nor did he back away, for the same reason.

It was obvious that whoever was attacking the barrier currently was highly likely to be an ally of Dyon, but it was for that very reason that this was bad.

Anyone who treated Dyon like an ally would be seen with suspicion by the ancestor. The difference between his wives and the demon generals, and whoever was outside, was that Ri, Madeleine and the Demon Generals grasped the situation and were pretending to be completely servile. Whoever was outside wouldn't understand this.

In the same instant, the large coffin cover slid away, revealing the menacing form of the ancestor. He immediately noticed Dyon standing particularly close, but Dyon continued to pretend as though he noticed nothing.

"If these are enemies of yours, I should kill them." The ancestor stood. Although he was in pain, he had never been more powerful in his life. At the moment, even lower dao formation experts would die almost instantly should he wish. Such was the power of burning one's soul.

His logic was simple. Although the Dragon King had leverage on him, that didn't mean he had leverage on everyone else. In fact, those residents of this planet likely would not know the legend of the Dragon King, as such they wouldn't even know to be fearful.

If this was all true, and they decided to attack, the Daiyu would be caught in the cross fires.

The truth was that to the ancestor, anyone who saw the Dragon King as an enemy now, was likely allies of his Daiyu clan. But, he wanted to show that the Daiyu had switched sides.

Dyon shook his head. "Idiot."

The ancestor's head snapped toward Dyon, anger threatening to erupt within him again.

He could clearly feel 'The Dragon King's' cultivation in this form, and it seemed like his soul and even his energy cultivation were sealed despite his body being powerful. This likely meant that the Dragon King was injured. It would be child's play to kill him.

But… He endured.

"Do you not recognize the formation surrounding this place? I'm not going to waste my time explaining this to a fool." Dyon continued to look up into the sky, ignoring the gaze of the ancestor.

A sudden realization came over the ancestor, immediately causing him to gain a newfound respect for the Dragon King.

As primarily body cultivators – as evidenced by their reverse scales – their senses weren't exceptional in terms of non-battle related things. Despite his cultivation, it wasn't until the booms began to sound out that the ancestor realized there was a formation to begin with.

Even now he couldn't name the formation that surrounded him, which he was quite embarrassed about. But, he didn't need to. Although his senses were poor, the one thing he would never mistake was the scent of another Dragon.

He immediately recognized the Dragon King. He immediately realized that the 'Dragon King' was the one to kill Elder Daiyu. And now he realized that the formation that surrounded them permeated with Elder Daiyu's aura. Even an idiot could tell at this point that this was a formation boosted by the death of its wielder.

This all meant one thing: Anyone trying to break in now wasn't an ally of the Daiyu, but rather an ally of the Dragon King, likely trying to save him.

Understanding this point was enough for the ancestor to lower his alertness.

However, Dyon's nerves were still tight. Because in the next instant, the barrier disappeared completely revealing variables that even he couldn't have thought of.

In the air, tens of figures appeared.

Not only was there King Belmont, King Acacia and Patriarch Pakal and his son, there were also tens of Planet Nix warriors. And judging by their fatigue, it was clearly a group effort to break them free.

However, although this was a problem, it wasn't the most glaring issue. There were three people in the air that Dyon didn't immediately recognize, and that was massive problem. More accurately, it was two people and a beast who gave off the aura of a celestial. Even worse, those two humans had a cultivation that Dyon couldn't fathom!

When those familiar with Dyon noticed him, they all looked like they were seeing a ghost. Never in their wildest dream did they believe that Dyon would survive, let alone in one peace! They had come here prepared to fight to the death and also find their daughters who had so foolishly entered to save their husband.

Amell and Nora scanned the situation, but when their eyes landed on a girl with purple hair and eyes, they involuntarily trembled. But, Amell immediately held out his hand to stop his wife. They had long since vowed to each other to say nothing on the topic.

However, in the next instant, they felt a gaze that caused them to shiver land on them.

Their eyes widened in shock. How could such a gaze come from a sixteen-year-old boy?

A thick killing intent radiated outward from Dyon. His eyes bore into those in the skies, unwilling to let even a single one of them off.

None of them understood what was going on, but the ancestor did very well. How could the arrogant Dragon King allow so many of his subjects to fly above him like this?


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