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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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618 Doomed 3

However, Dyon couldn't help but ask. "Is that the highest level?"

Dyon knew that, objectively speaking, the Dragon King was among the top ten talents to ever be born to the Drago-Qilin lands. In all likelihood, King was in fact the highest level. However, the true answer shocked Dyon.

"No. Although I was a sliver away from reaching the next level, I never did. But, even if I had, that wouldn't be the final one."

There was a reason the Dragon King named himself as such. If it was truly just about arrogance, why wouldn't he call himself Dragon Emperor, or Dragon Sovereign, or Dragon God?

The truth of the matter was that there were already Dragons by those titles. Dragons with stronger reverse scales than the Dragon King.

It wasn't the Dragon King's fault, though. To reach the next level of Dragon Soul, one could only devour King level reverse scales. By the time it was the Dragon King's era, there were simply too few and even Gold reverse scales did nothing for him.

The only option would be to enter the tombs of those three entities who had long since transcended, but whereas acquiring the Dragon King's weapon was made easy on purpose. Entering those tombs was nothing short of suicide. Even for the Dragon King.

For a tomb in the mortal plane to make a half transcendent fear death… One could only imagine the sheer scale.

The next things to fly out of the tombs were weapons. Although Dragons often fought in their beast forms, that didn't mean they weren't adept with weapons. Or else why would the Dragon King make himself one to lure them?

Dyon was once again shocked, there were thousands of transcendent level weapons. Although the celestial deer sect had left hundreds for Dyon, that was only the few that survived being in the hidden room. They were the best the celestial deer sect had to offer, so there was no surprise that many of them were moon level.

Much of these Daiyu weapons were only comet level, but there were tens of thousands of them! Dyon could give each of his demon generals a weapon of that level and raise their strength by another level.

In addition, just what would happen if Dyon distributed the reverse scales instead of using them for himself? What would it be like if an entire army unleashed a collective Dragon Soul domain? That was something he'd love to see.

Dyon's keen eyesight caught on to a few dozen moon level weapons. But, in the entire pile, there was not a single supreme level weapon. It could be understood by this point the leap that single barrier in level needed.

However, the Daiyu didn't disappoint Dyon too much, because in the next instant, three resplendent treasures flew out of the tombs, but there was one in particular that took Dyon's attention. Even the real Dragon King awoke from his brooding to look at it.

Although Dyon didn't know what it did, it gave off a very familiar aura… An aura of a weapon of the 33 heavens. What he didn't know was that it wasn't of the soul kind. No. It was among the 11 of the body cultivation category.

Dyon could see the pained expression of the ancestor, but, he said nothing. He knew that the ancestor didn't dare to leave anything behind. Even if he did, what would be the point? Dyon would just torture Chenglei until he told him where the tombs were located, then he could just take anything hidden. In addition, because the ancestor broke his word then, why would the Dragon King keep his? He couldn't afford to take the risk.

In the end, the Daiyu Holy Land became a barren place where starch white skeletons lay side by side. Once might warriors… now even the clothes on their backs gone in death…

Just as the ancestor was about to fuse with his body for the final time and leave these affairs, Dyon spoke out again.

"Burn your soul and convert it to bodily strength, if you would. Would be a waste for your soul to simply dissipate."

This was a large part of the reason why Dyon was only interested in this ancestor's corpse. He was the last the Daiyu had, which mean the others had long since decomposed and no longer had the energy Dyon needed. So, why take them? Although Dragon bones were good and useful too, Dyon had no need for the marrow they provided. The Daiyu bloodline wasn't good enough for his veins.

Surprisingly, the ancestor agreed without so much as a word. It was as though he had resigned to his fate. Whether he died sooner, or later, what did it matter?

The ancestor became illusory before slowly fusing into his coffin. There was nothing for a moment, but then a blazing white flame could be seen from its edges. Minutes passed in silence as Dyon leisurely took up everything into his spatial ring, leaving behind only the coffin as ancestor fulfilled his final task for the Daiyu. In truth, his sacrifice would bring him much good karma. But, that didn't make his pride feel any better.

Dyon had a mind to take the coffin into his ring too, just to prevent problems. But, spatial rings didn't accept living things, and the one ring of his that did, had too many people he cared about within. He couldn't allow even the slightest chance of the Daiyu ancestor's presence hurting them. Plus, he needed the Daiyu elder's consent to send him into the ring, and it would seem like an oddly panicky move. Doing too much at these final stages would only be a detriment.

As long as everything could stay quiet and the ancestor could silently commit suicide, they would finally be safe for the first time in forever.

And yet, it was at this moment, that the worst possible thing that could happen, did. In any other context, Dyon would have been elated. But now?... His facial features could only darken…

Massive booms rang out from the formation that covered the Belmont Holy Land. Dyon didn't know who it was, but someone was breaking down the formation, and they were mere moments from succeeding.

Was this good?... Dyon didn't know… How would the ancestor react? With how powerful his soul was in life, he still had a minute of life left. That was enough to wipe them all out – he was a dao formation expert who burned his soul for more power! It would be as easy as breathing for him to do so!

If anyone who entered made the wrong move while misunderstanding the situation, they could reveal Dyon's identity. And that was true for whether these were friends, or foes…

In a case like that… They were all doomed…


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