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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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617 Doomed 2

Many couldn't believe what they were seeing. In fact, maybe on Dyon continued to maintain a deadpan expression, as though this was how things should be.

Chenglei's mouth opened and closed. But in the end, he didn't dare to say a word. Even if he had the thought to, the pressure the ancestor was weighing down on everything right now would have tore his words into nothingness.

Minutes passed by as the flow of treasures just seemed without end.

The ancestor even brought out hundreds of other coffins, opening them up one by one and taking out their valuables. In fact, under Dyon's gaze, he grit his teeth and left the coffins themselves as well. How could the materials used to bury such experts be mediocre?

However, the ancestor did feel a bit better about this. In his eyes, if he had to sacrifice for the good of the clan, they had to sacrifice too.

Dyon thought he was rich before, but clearly not. He might have been for this pitiful universe, but the Ragnors quite literally used essence gathering stones as their cement. As for the Daiyu? Their wealth wasn't exaggerated.

Dyon saw endless piles of energy stones, each one transcendent! In fact, there were even a few thousand Enigmatic stones as well!

At the peak of energy stones, all three of dao, transcendent and enigmatic energy stones were filled with enigmatic energy. The difference between them was in quality. And there was no doubt that true enigmatic stones were a cut above the rest.

But, it didn't end with energy stones. Countless blood red stones began to pile atop the energy stones. Dyon had no idea what they were, but he couldn't allow confusion to color his features. Not now.

Luckily, the Dragon King sensed his confusion.

"Those are stones capable of holding essence of reverse scales. Normal beasts and humanoid creatures have blood essence to represent your body cultivation. However, Dragons have a secondary ability atop of this. This is where our Dragon Soul ability comes from and why I said I couldn't teach it to you. The stronger the bloodline of the dragon, the stronger their reverse scale, and the more overbearing their sovereign path and Dragon Soul domain become."

This left Dyon with more questions, though. Why would something like this be in a tomb?

"It is the tradition of Dragons to fight amongst each other. Whether that be our own clans, or against other clans.

"When a dragon is defeated, the winner is allowed to take the reverse scale of his or her opponent. Being buried with it is a direct representation of the prestige of a Dragon in life."

'Wouldn't it be more beneficial to absorb it to make your own Dragon Soul stronger? With this many, I'd imagine even you might benefit.'

The Dragon King scoffed, the disdain in his voice clear. "Even if my original body absorbed all of those with 100% efficiency, my Dragon Soul would hardly move even a percent of a percent of a percent forward."

Dyon was stunned, although he didn't show it outwardly. There were millions of reverse scales here. In fact, considering these were all collected by Daiyu ancestors, how could they be weak?

"You cannot fathom the amount of reverse scales needed to improve your Dragon Soul. You're essentially trying to defy the heavens by forcing it to give you more talent and more destiny. That's what a Dragon Soul represents.

"Those crystals are the lowest of the low. They just barely qualify to be called Dragons instead of Lizards. They're ranked as bronze level Dragon Souls. Even a billion of them might not be worth the next rank: silver.

"This is why they didn't bother to absorb them. It would do nothing for them. They'd rather display it as a badge for themselves.

"The only reason he's presenting them to you, or I guess me, is because he knows I wouldn't have my reverse scale in this form."

Dyon's brow furrowed. 'Then why can you use Dragon Soul?'

"That was hardly my true Dragon Soul. That was only a sliver left behind in my faith seed. Didn't you notice that that so-called Elder Daiyu formed a bigger and stronger domain? That wasn't only because of the limitations of your soul. It's also the limitation of this form of mine."

'So all this means that I can absorb these scales?'

"If you don't mind becoming the enemy of the entire Drago-Qilin quadrant. If even a single dragon senses you, there may be problems."

'I'll just pretend to be you again.'

The Dragon King remained silent. That was indeed a good solution. But, it wasn't as though the Dragon King was devoid of enemies… And considering his status, those willing to be enemies with him were much stronger than the Daiyu.

Dyon seemed to understand this, but he hardly cared. If no one provoked him, he would leave it be. But, if anyone did, if it meant having to burn an entire quadrant to ashes, he would do it.

Dyon would never forget that his little brother had a name to make for himself in the Drago-Qilin lands. What kind of elder brother would he be if he didn't help put the Demon Qilins in their place for disrespecting his martial uncle?

Thinking that thought, Dyon realized that although Little Black was half celestial deer, he would likely have a reverse scale given by his qilin lineage. Dyon couldn't help but wonder what level Dragon Soul his little brother was given.

'Then Dragon King, what rank is your Dragon Soul?' Dyon asked curiously, still watching the endless treasures pile up.

A proud harrumph resounded in Dyon's mind. "King level of course."

Although Dyon didn't understand just what that meant now, the truth was that in the history of Dragons, less than a few hundred had reached this level.

In addition, it wasn't a rank given by luck. Through birth, the highest possible Dragon Soul ranking was Gold. To reach King, the very next level, there was only one way: Kill. Kill. Kill.


sorry for the lack of action in these chapters guys. They're actually meant to set up something pretty important later on

But, mass release on moonquill is coming in just a few days. RMW will be up in full by late sunday to early monday morning (those chapters will also include the end of this arc and the start of the next :) )


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