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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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616 Doomed 1

During this entire process, Lionel could hardly control his shaking. However, oddly, this gave him a sense of relief.

Unlike Ri, Madeleine and Dyon's Demon Generals, all of whom were certain that Dyon was in control of his own body, Lionel did not have that kind of understanding. To him, Chenglei and Evelyn, they all pieced together what they thought was the truth.

The reason Dyon survived. The reason he was such a genius. The reason he thwarted their plans again and again. Was all because he was never truly Dyon to begin with. All of this time he was some ancient entity.

This was why none of them dared to breathe out a single word… Just like the Daiyu Ancestor, they were fooled…

Dyon's presence and his talent, were simply too overwhelming for them to accept any other explanation.

There was no evidence more conclusive to them than the fact Dyon could withstand this pressure.

What they didn't know was that Dyon had been dealing with such pressure all his life. From his father, to General Mace, to his Uncle. None of them had martial talent, but they cultivated in other ways. They sharpened their senses, refined their discipline, molded their spirits. No matter how much Dyon hated General Mace to his core, there was no doubting that all three of those men would stand at the top of the martial world had it not been for the entity.

But, now Dyon had surpassed them.

As a child, he was already capable of ignoring their presence. But now? With his Heaven's Blessing multiplied hundreds of folds? This ten-meter tall man meant nothing to him.

The ancestor seemed to be having trouble holding in his anger. In fact, if Dyon didn't know he was a dragon, that shade of red would have likely been unhealthy.

"How could the last viable successor of our clan become a slave? That's no different than our family ending right now."

Dyon shrugged. "For a prideful dragon, that would indeed be the case. But, you have to earn the right to have pride in this world. Who are the Daiyu in front of me?" Those last words came out in a low growl. It contained such a deep arrogance that the ancestor was stunned.

The tattoos on Dyon's back glowed, causing a tingling sensation to catch his attention – almost as though wings were threatening to burst from his back.

Although Dyon ignored it for now, he had a faint understanding of why this happened. His humanoid manifestation was arrogant to its core to the point where it disdained the Soul Tome naming it. In this situation, even though Dyon's soul was sealed, his manifestation had already caused a physical change to him. If that wasn't the case, these tattoos would never have carved out a place for themselves in his skin.

"It should be your Daiyu clan's pride to serve me in this life. When this body has run its course, maybe you'll be lucky enough for me to never bother with you again."

The ancestor could only bury his feelings. A martial expert on the level of the Dragon King was guaranteed to step into the peak transcendent realm. Even if the "meat sack" he chose was of poor talent, with the Dragon King's knowledge, how could he not know of hundreds of ways to improve such a thing? Plus, with his faith seed attached, there was an innate advantage. Couple this with the fact he wouldn't be handicapped by his own faith seed, and as long as he wasn't killed, it was assured…

Normally, faith seeded geniuses might fall into the habit of relying too much on their faith seed and stall their growth. However, how could the Dragon King have this problem if he was using his own? It was simply not a hurdle he needed to worry about.

This made every time the Dragon King pseudo-reincarnated like this, even easier than the last.

Someone who's completed the foundation stage can already live hundreds of years. Because of the purification of their organs, it wouldn't be surprising to live to 500 years old.

Someone who's stepped into the essence gathering stage can already live to be 2000 years old, without issue. Depending on their progression, should they be stuck at this level, they could even live to be 3000.

A saint could live to be 5000 years old.

A celestial? 10 000 years old.

However, dao formation is where martial experts begin to break into astounding levels. Even a first stage dao formation expert can live to be 100 000 years old. And for each additional stage? Another 100 000 years is added to the total.

This not only showed the sheer difference between the quality of celestial vs enigmatic energy, it also showed just how difficult reaching new levels became as you progressed. Because even with this much time, those who reached transcendence could be considered a drop in a bucket the size of the cosmos. Even worse, those reaching even the peak of dao formation, although not as rare, was an anomaly in its own right.

Unfortunately, there was no known age limit increase for half transcendence. Some said at this point you would already be immortal. While others said there was no benefit at all except for taking a step closer to true transcendence.

All this was to say that it would be more than a million years until the Daiyu might have a chance at freedom. And who knows if Chenglei might piss off the Dragon King one day and die without any descendants at all?

And yet, when those spectating thought the ancestor might finally fold, his large hand reached for the foggy door behind his back. In the next instant, treasures the likes of which Dyon had never seen flooded out with a coffin so large that it covered the sun in the skies.


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