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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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The Belmont Ancestor moved to step forward, but Dyon blocked him.

To the Belmont Ancestor, a suicide attack was just fine by him. In fact, it might garner him more good karma. But, such a thing was useless to Dyon. If he lost his most valuable piece in such a useless move, he might as well be cosigning them all to death. In the coming decades, with his strength so severely handicapped, he had to use his intelligence to his advantage. And letting the Belmont Ancestor fight, wasn't intelligent. Anyone could tell that this Daiyu ancestor was more powerful.

The Daiyu suddenly simultaneously kneeled, ignoring even the most glaring of injuries to pay respects. Arrogant sovereigns or not, every clan had protocols and etiquette to follow.

Dyon could tell that this ancestor was a dao formation expert, maybe even beyond, at his peak. However, his strength had been eroded by two things.

For one, it seemed like Chenglei was reluctant to use him because this was his very last summoning. And two, the ancestor diverted much of his remaining strength to connecting to Chenglei's location from the Daiyu tombs.

This observation didn't seem to mean much, though. He was still much more powerful than the Belmont Ancestor, even in this state.

There was no surprise in the Daiyu Ancestor's gaze when he noticed a mere 16 year old not cowering under his oppressive might. In fact, he almost seemed as though he expected it… Inwardly this confused Dyon, until the ancestor spoke, that is.

"Dragon King. Are you really unwilling to let my Daiyu family go?" Despite the words said, there was no hint of pleading in the ancestor's voice. In fact, he held an unyielding momentum in his tone.

As soon as these words were spoken, Dyon understood immediately.

The Daiyu ancestor came out like this because he had sensed the end of the Daiyu was near. With his senses, how could he not understand that only Chenglei had a bloodline powerful enough to call upon him? That only meant one thing. If Chenglei died, the Daiyu were all but extinguished.

But that was only part of the reason. The second reason was because of the Dragon King. Dyon didn't have access to his soul, so although he now knew the sensitivity of Dragon King related matters, there was nothing he could do to conceal it unless he wanted to forever keep it within his spatial ring. However, he didn't feel safe doing so.

Although there was confusion deep within the hearts of Dyon's allies, they didn't dare to say a word. They awaited to see if their leader could give them yet another miracle.

"And why should I do such a thing?" Dyon responded calmly. All he could do now was act as the Dragon King would.

The Dragon King wouldn't fear death, nor would he put the Daiyu bloodline in his eyes. However, doing such a thing wasn't too difficult for Dyon, he already had arrogance seeped deep within his bones.

"You fight for humans while eradicating your own kind?" The ancestor retorted.

"I fight for myself, and your family has happened to annoy me one too many times."

"I can smell the blood of one of our best on you. Is that not enough?" The ancestor seemed to be taking a step back.

The kneeling Daiyu couldn't believe what they were hearing. Especially Chenglei who had just lost his father and had now been confirmed to lose his grandfather. A deeply sour feeling spread through his heart, but he still didn't dare to look up.

However, while these words were deeply painful to the Daiyu, it was yet another piece of the puzzle to Dyon.

The aura of the Dragon King wasn't enough to make this ancestor take this approach. No. He also sensed the death of Elder Daiyu was related to Dyon.

Elder Daiyu was no regular character. Even in the Daiyu's prime, he was their Patriarch, or rather, their Emperor as his formal title dictated. He was in line to become an ancestor after his death as well, it was just unfortunate that there would have been no one capable of presiding over the necessary ceremonies.

The fact that his death was related to Dyon, and the fact Dyon had the Dragon King's aura on him, told the ancestor all he needed to know.

As such, despite his arrogance, his first move was to negotiate.

But, this wasn't so simple. To become a dao formation expert as he had in his life time, he would have had to be exceedingly intelligent.

He understood that even if the Dragon King took over a person's body, he should still be limited by that body despite his knowledge. So, the real question was, what price did the Dragon King pay to kill Elder Daiyu then? And more importantly, could he do it again?

The answer was, of course, no. But, Dyon just had to make it seem like the answer was yes.

"He offended me, he died. His grandson offended me, he should die too." Dyon answer offhandedly.

"Don't push this too far!" The ancestor roared in agitation.

Dyon's eyes narrowed. "Or what? You'll destroy this meat sack of mine? Do you have the power to do so? And even if you did, so what? I've lived millions of years, and I'll continue to live millions more. I'll make it my second life's mission to wipe the Daiyu from existence if that's what you truly want."

The ancestor clenched his teeth trying to calm his anger. Even if he used everything he had, it would be impossible to destroy the Dragon King's weapon. Added to the fact that he had limited time left as an ancestor, even if he wanted to hide it away, he wouldn't be able to protect it forever.

If that was the case, as soon as the Dragon King found another poor soul to devour, the Daiyu he saved now would be finished and all of this would have meant nothing.

The ancestor was suddenly at a loss of what to do. The Dragon King was truly too overbearing!

"I'm willing," The ancestor breathed heavily, trying to calm himself, "I'm willing to do you any favor as long as it spares this boy and is within my power."

Dyon calmly looked at the ancestor, taking his time. Minutes went by without anyone saying a word.

Just when the ancestor was beginning to think that maybe he was wrong and this 'Dragon King' was just stalling for time, Dyon spoke.

"I want your corpse, it will greatly help me improve this meat puppet of mine. I want whatever treasures are holed up in your Daiyu tombs, I know that even you lesser bloodlines have the same habits as true dragons. And, he becomes my slave." Dyon finished, pointing to Chenglei.

With every passing word Dyon spoke, the face of the ancestor became redder and redder.

Just the first request was more than overstepping a boundary of decency. He was essentially asking this ancestor to never allow his own body to rest in peace.

The second was even more glaringly disgusting. It disrespected not just him, but also every Daiyu to ever earn a place in their tombs. What kind of tomb didn't have treasures? Kings, Pharaohs, Emperors, even their esteemed servants were all buried with ridiculous amounts of wealth.

Even when the Daiyu were lacking resources, never did they dare to take them from their own tombs. And yet the 'Dragon King' wanted them now?

And lastly, making Chenglei a slave? Making the last viable Daiyu a slave? This was no less than slapping the face of the entire Daiyu lineage.

"Is there a problem?" Dyon continued as though there was no issue with what he said.

The ancestor grit his teeth, no longer suspecting Dyon in the least. No one else could be so arrogant. Never would he think that there was someone else so bold in this world. Even the Dragon King was sounding out in a deep and shaking laughter in Dyon's mind right now. Dyon could tell he approved.

The truth was, if even one of those request was missing, the ancestor would have chosen to attack. In his mind, the Dragon King would be disrespectful, true, but he also had to be greedy. And, most importantly, the real Dragon King would never let Chenglei off in the face of benefits. No matter what he received, Chenglei would have to suffer for his annoying him.

As for how Dyon's subordinates and wives felt? They still didn't dare to speak, but the admiration in their eyes only grew fiercer with each passing moment.

This was their husband.

This was their leader.

His place in their hearts was unshakeable.


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