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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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The glistening spear was a meagre 3 feet away from Chenglei's forehead, prepared to pierce forward in the next instant. However… Dyon had underestimated the willingness of the Daiyu to die for their prince.

Centuries had passed since the Daiyu were at their peak, but many here had been fed stories since their birth. Although their bloodline was no longer among the purest, they still had the arrogance of Dragons seeded deep within their bones.

They had been disrespected, and effectively castrated by the celestial deer sect, even to their point where their very beast forms were locked away. And now, their bloodlines were so diluted that their young had lost all ability to manifest their most prized form, settling instead for pitiful soul manifestations from techniques stolen from the Elves.

How could they continue to live like this? No matter how far removed from the supreme dragon race they were now, they were still a beast clan! A clan meant to represent the sovereign path! Even if it meant death, they would fight for the right of their clan to once again prosper!

The man who moved was none other than Chenglei's father. Standing in front of his son, he burned his soul without hesitation. Due to his lack of talent, diluted bloodline, and the overall inadequate resources, he was still a mere high level essence gatherer. He was nothing like his father, Elder Daiyu, nor did he have the potential his son had. But, he had an unyielding will to see the Daiyu once again prosper.

Elder Daiyu had once had many sons. But, due to the war with the celestial deer sect, many were directly killed, while the remaining few committed suicide after having their beast forms sealed. With the deep seeded pride of the Dragon race running through their veins, how could they withstand such humiliation?

However, Elder Daiyu didn't have such a 'luxury'. The remaining hope of their clan rested with him and him alone. So he hid, slowly fostering allies and building up the Daiyu with their limited remaining resources.

He hadn't married again, but understanding his bloodline needed to continue, he took a random woman with decent constitution and birthed Chenglei's father. Although he wasn't proud of this son's talent, he loved him nonetheless. And when Chenglei was born, it all became worth it.

Chenglei's father remembered the first day he heard of Dyon. His son had come to him, explaining that the celestial deer sect had found themselves a successor. Chenglei had told him that Dyon killed an essence gathering expert like it was nothing and directly suggested awakening the ancestors to deal with him and the possible life saving treasures he may have.

However, much like the prideful man that he was, he shut down the idea immediately. He even remembered his exact words as his life flashed before his eyes.

'What kind of laughing stock would we be using those experts against a child.'

Those were his very words… And now that child would be the death of him.

There was no medicine for regret, so he could only bitterly laugh as the spear tore through his chest, shredding his heart to pieces in an instant.

But, he stood tall, using the strength he gained burning his soul to grasp the shaft, stopping it from continuing forward.

Blood split from his mouth. But the smile on his face never faded. In his life, he had never made any large contributions. But this moment, it would be his legacy.

"Ancestor, we humbly plead for your mighty presence."

Dyon watched this scene with a deep frown on his expression. However, unfortunately for Chenglei's father, Dyon had already calculated for such a variable and Ancestor Belmont had long since acted.

Just as the Daiyu were about to sigh in relief, another spear appeared, breaking out of its spatial concealment.

Almost as though it was perfectly choreographed, Chengeli's father's body fell, perfectly concealing the spear from Chenglei's view until the final moment.

In that instant, Dyon almost relaxed. He almost let his guard down… He almost felt like after days of fighting, he wouldn't have anything to worry about anymore…

But he was wrong…

Just when the spear was inches from Chenglei's forehead, a formless energy erupted as a door opened from the skies. Everything seemed to freeze in space, unwilling to move and agitate this figure.

The only person remaining who could seemingly move freely was Dyon. But, even he could do nothing as a man standing ten meters tall stepped out of the foggy door…

Despite his height, his long jet-black hair reached down his back, only ending at his ankles. He wore a tight fitting Changpao with silver embroidery, nearly bursting at its seams with the robustness of his solid build. His eyes were cold and yellow slits, flickering like a wild animal despite the contradictory calm nature of his chiselled features. This was without a doubt, the Daiyu Ancestor.

Lionel was able to summon his ancestor directly from their tombs. However, Chenglei hadn't had this luxury. Unless the Daiyu Ancestor was willing to use his own power to connect to this space through Chenglei's bloodline, all of Chenglei's chanting would have been for naught…

But not only did this ancestor come… He didn't wait for Chenglei to finish praising him… Something that had never happened in the history of the Daiyu.

The truth was that Chenglei had long since finished the writs to the universe. The only remaining part of the ceremony was praise for the ancestor he wanted to call, a tradition added by none other than the arrogant Dragons themselves. After all, if normal dragons were already sovereigns, how could those powerful enough to be ancestors not be even more so?

And yet, this ancestor had ignored all of that and if who his gaze landed on was any indication… The was seemingly related to Dyon…


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