Reaper of the Martial World
612 Ancestor 3
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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612 Ancestor 3

King Acacia waited patiently for the son and father to finish their moment together. Patriarch Pakal hadn't bothered to hide their conversation from him, likely because he recognized King Acacia and Dyon's father in law, and thus trusted him as a result. Either way, this was just yet another tragic story of the martial world… A place never short of endless cruelty..

"King Acacia, I'm glad you've made it back. A friend of yours wanted me to tell you that your wife is safe and sound." Patriarch Pakal turned to King Acacia, smiling amiably.

King Acacia couldn't help but bitterly smile. All this time, he had done next to nothing.

While King Belmont felt horrible for not doing enough, the truth was that he at least defeated enemies. King Acacia had done none of that.

However, when he heard Kawa was safe, he breathed a sigh of relief. And also hearing that it was a friend, the figures of Amell and Nora couldn't help but surface in his mind.

"If it's them, then there's little to worry about." King Acacia said with a smile. It seemed like all his worries were for nought. But, Patriarch Pakal's complicated gaze told a different story.

"Is there something wrong?" King Acacia probed.

"The situation might be more complex than we give it credit for. It's already been a few hours since Nora began attempting to decipher the formation shrouding the Belmont Holy Land, but it doesn't seem like she's made any progress."

"A formation Nora is struggling with?..." King Acacia couldn't fathom just how complex such a formation would be.

"Yes. From my understanding, its been catalyzed by the death of its layer, making it many times stronger."

"Death…" King Acacia had mixed feelings about this piece of information. But, at the very least, one of their stronger enemies was dead. That was good.

Patriarch Pakal nodded, "It may be best if you head over personally. Nora said your True Empath abilities may help greatly."

King Acacia agreed. He may be able to find some weak points that could help. However, just as he was about to leave, an unexpected group of people blocked his path although there was no hostility in their actions.

"King Acacia, Patriarch Pakal." The group bowed, following the lead of an otherworldly beauty who couldn't have been more than 25 years old. This, of course, was Ulu.

"Is there something the matter?" The two of them nearly spoke at the same time, both being used to be the leaders of their clans.

The truth was that they were still apprehensive about this clan. With their intelligence networks, they had long since understood that the new holders of Planet Nix weren't so simple. Somehow, they had overthrown the previous clans entirely, before establishing their own... Within 20 year!

"We've heard of your problem, and would like to help." Ulu responded simply.

"Really? How can you do that?"

Despite being questioned, Ulu didn't seem to mind too much. "We're in debt to Dyon, we owe him our aid. If not for him, our young lord would have died by now.

"As for how, we have many sealing experts here. Although we can't claim to be unmatched, if given a few minutes to prepare, our elders can lay down a formation suppressing seal. This suppression seal should work on even moon level formations depending on the situation.

"If we couple our expertise with yours, King Acacia, undoing the formation can be done by force. No?"

King Acacia nodded. This plan could work. If they weakened the barrier, then used him to find its weak point before they all attacked it together… This plan really could work.

However, it all hinged on the Planet Nix members. King Acacia knew they were looking for something in this universe. Only time would tell just what their motivations are…


In the Belmont Holy Land, Dyon now stood before Chenglei, and although they were separated by a wall of Daiyu ready to die for, Dyon could feel his fear and apprehension as he leisurely walked out of the cave.

Dyon wouldn't forget the humiliation Chenglei tried to make him suffer at his hands. He had burned the image of his fists careening through the air to connected with his face.

The Belmont Ancestor had stopped attacking and now stood half a step behind Ri and Madeleine. He had long since sensed the source of Amethyst within Madeleine, and seeing how she deferred to Dyon, he could after as such too.

"Don't think I'll beg for my life." Chenglei spoke words directly to Dyon after the battle quietened.

Dyon stared at Chenglei as though he was looking at a bug, an insignificant existence that he could snap out of existence in an instant. How could he care abut such words now?

Lionel and Evelyn were still awkwardly tied, only capable of the faintest of movements. But, they were put within eye view for Chenglei, helping him to understand that even his hidden allies had been captured.

Seeing Dyon's attitude, Chenglei's veins bulged as he clenched his jaw, unwilling to accept this turn. It seemed that now… he had no choice.

"Kill them." Dyon spoke commandingly, leaving the Belmont Ancestor with no choice but to follow orders. However… That was when something unexpected happened…

Chenglei's eyes sharpened.

"Warrior of the Daiyu. Beast of the skies. Ancestor of mine and blood of mine."

Dyon's eyes widened as the Dragon King immediately understood what was going on. Beasts could have Ancestors too, although their process required reading a writ due to the connection beasts had with the universe, it was still relatively simple.

Chenglei was summoning an Ancestor of the Daiyu!


Now that both RR and WN are caught up with each other, we'll be going back to the reward system. Arc is coming to an end soon! :)


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