Reaper of the Martial World
608 Dukes and Duchesses 6
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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608 Dukes and Duchesses 6

What the minister said was correct. There was a reason why although there was only a single key wielder, there would still be many tower participants who weren't from the same clan, necessarily, as the wielder.

The Epistemic Tower was literally the best key to transcendents throughout the cosmos. If only an astronomically small percentage of martial warriors became transcendents, the number who did without using the Epistemic Tower was an even more unfathomably small percentage of that already small percentage.

This basically meant that if you wanted to have hopes of becoming a transcendent, something that was already nothing but a dream for the vast majority, doing so without the tower would be even worse than a dream. It would be nothing short of foolish.

Knowing this, how could those clans be willing to give it up without a fight? Even if it meant teaming up to suppress the Ragnors, they would do it.

This is why clans share their Epistemic Tower quotas. Although many prefer to be the key wielder, as it gives certain advantages, as long as the clan who holds the key currently is willing to share, so to speak, conflicts can be held to a minimum.

The minister understood this, and as such, had no choice but to bring it up. They could search for the Epistemic Tower, and hopefully find it first. But, in the case that they do, they had to be prepared.

Seeing that Odin's sharp gaze lessened, the minister sighed a breath of relief before continuing.

"As for where, Hela is not sure, but she did have some ideas. It is almost an impossibility that the previous Emperor God Clans didn't know of this tower. In fact, it's likely because they were wiped out by that unknown force that the information about the Epistemic Tower was lost to us in the first place.

"So, Hela suggested that we explore gates that bordered those olden regions. The Epistemic Tower was likely on the cusp of shared territory because whoever wielded the key, would have had to share as well. However, finding records of such a thing will be exceedingly difficult, especially since if we had records like those, we would have long since known about this tower."

The ministers nodded in agreement. Finding information about those times was exceedingly difficult. There were without a doubt many resources that were lost now because of that warring period.

"AH!" The old man startled awake, causing everyone's eyes to be attracted to him.

This old man was always the calmest of them all. What could possibly make him react like this?

He held his chest, breathing heavily as a bitter look appeared on his features. He knew that this news would not bode well for the Ragnors, but even worse, if he was the one to say this out loud, he had no confidence that Odin wouldn't just directly kill him to vent his anger.

By the time the old man finally calmed himself and steeled his nerves enough to look up, he found a pain of blue eyes so piercingly cold staring at him that they looked like lasers of light even in this dark room.

"Lord Odin…" The old man was unable to look away. Although he had no pupils, it could be said that he saw things far clearer than most people. He could feel death creeping up on him, finally ready to take him away. It was his misfortune that he wouldn't die to old age…

"Loki is dead."

Silence reigned the room. Not a single person dared to speak. All excitement that might have been brought by the information on the Epistemic Tower was completely wiped away by this singular three worded sentence.

A dense tension hung in the air, slowly building even as Odin's facial expression remained the same.

Few understood what Loki's mission was, but Odin did. As much as he wanted to rampage about, and take out his anger and the person who ended Loki's life, if it was who he thought it was, even if all 100 quadrants came together it would mean nothing to this entity.

And now he had given up his. For what?

Not once did Odin even think that Loki could have died another way. The only reason he was restraining his temper was out of fear for the entity. But, if he had known that the person responsible was just a mere child in his eyes, who knew how he would react.

The old man knew very little about this mission of Loki's, but when he saw his short tempered Lord react with restraint, he couldn't help but make some guesses as to just what level of danger Loki must have been in to make Odin respect it.

However, there was one more piece of information he had to muster up the courage to share… This effected the entire Ragnor Clan, and no matter how scared her was, he must say these words.

"There's something else…" The old man said in a weak voice, finally prying his gaze away from Odin to stare at the floor, ready for whatever punishment may come. "I've lost all sense of karmic ties to Loki's faith seed. I can't find it in the stream of reincarnation as a result. I – I don't know what happened…"

Surprisingly, though, this tidbit of information made Odin even more sure of what happened. Who else in this universe could have the power to erase karmic ties if not for that entity?

Right now, he regretted trusting that thing from the very beginning, but he also knew that the entity was much too powerful to be ignored. And although he was imprisoned now, judging by the power of his subordinates, the Ragnors had no choice but to submit…

In the next instant, Odin stood, disappearing from where he stood. None of the Ragnors knew when they'd see him again.


Back in the Belmont Holy Land, a book inside of Dyon's spatial ring was happily glowing, excited to have added a new power house to its pages.

There, on the 6th page, sat the glowing bulb of light that had endless inscriptions floating within it, each of which corresponded to a different legacy or dao.

If Odin had seen this, his anger would have been enough to destroy universes.

In this world, there were very few things that could undo such strong karmic ties. However, to a weapon of the 33 heavens, such a thing was child's play.

Whereas Odin thought the entity was the one who used his power to steal his son's faith seed, the truth was the true culprit was The Soul Tome!

That bulb of light, riddled with endless inscriptions, was none other than Loki's faith seed!


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