Reaper of the Martial World
606 Dukes and Duchesses 4
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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606 Dukes and Duchesses 4

"Thor and Vidar have already appeared."

The voice of an old man with wrinkled skin hardly attached to his bones caused everyone to pause before a sigh of relief filled the room.

The old man, quite eerily, had no pupils. Both of his eyes were nothing but an endless milky white. Likely backlash from a karma related cultivation deviation. However, despite this, he was the foremost expert in such matters.

"They awakened their fates just two or three years ago. The most recent was just a few month ago, that being Vidar. They're likely both around 20 years old, so it falls in line with our predictions. There aren't any issues with our methods. However, they aren't in our territory."

"Aren't in our territory?" The brows of many Ragnor ministers furrowed. Where could they be then?

It wasn't rare for Ragnors to be exiled. However, it was more likely that they'd be killed for offending someone with the power to exile. This was why many were confused now.

However, this was when many remembered that many had been sent on missions in the past hundred years because of a calamity that struck the Ragnors during that time. It was a calamity that caused them to lose two faith seeded geniuses in one sweep. This was the reason why, even with their methods, Vidar and Thor both appeared at the same time. It was because their previous owners died at the same time!

"They aren't a part of those missions led by Hela. They are, interestingly, part of a mission I had long since forgotten about." The old man closed his eyes, no longer saying any more. However, what he had said was enough for many to remember.

It had been a few hundred years now, since they had sent Loki off. The reality of the matter was that this was a mission few understood the purpose of because it was kept highly confidential. After all, the displeasure of an entity on that level wasn't something the Ragnors could afford to deal with. Although they were an Emperor God Clan here, that didn't mean they would be elsewhere.

"Since this is the case, no longer speak of this. They will return in due time." Odin spoke for the first time. Although his stature was small, his voice seemed to put an unseen suppression on all of those present. Even the old man, who was respected by many, was no exception to this. His demeanor made everything clear. He was the one above all, the only Ragnor who didn't have to answer to anyone else. And the closest currently alive Ragnor to transcending.

Everyone understood at this point that this wasn't a mission they would find more information about.

In the mortal realm, Odin was the father of Vidar and Thor, as well as the adoptive father of Loki. However, in reality, Loki was Odin's only and most beloved son. That phrase may sound odd. Of course he's the most beloved, since he's the only one. But… The reality of the matter was different. After living for so long, and understanding the failing of the Ragnors, how could Odin truly only have a single child?

No. The truth was the Odin had many children, but only one he truly acknowledged.

To say that Loki had a high position among the Ragnors was… An understatement.

The topic quickly changed.

"What of Hela and her side of things?"

The truth was the Hela was of high standing within the Ragnor Clan. In fact, she was betrothed to Loki, being the female with the highest talent and potential within the clan. If Loki hadn't taken it upon himself to undertake that mission of his, they would have long since been married.

A smile spread across a minister's face. He happened to be Hela's father, and also the minister who was in charge of accumulating the information gathered by these missions.

"First, a bit of good news. That daughter of mine ignored out advice and underwent her celestial break through."

The air seemed to freeze as the hearts of the men in attendance seized.

In other clans, this would be a happy occasion. Geniuses, although they faced more of heaven's wrath, rarely died from tribulation trials. However, it was clear to everyone by this point that the difficulty presented to a Ragnor was hundreds of times that of a normal individual. Especially one with a faith seed like Hela.

"Be at ease, it's good news. She managed to survive, although she spent months in critical condition. In fact, she filled 7- and three-quarter meridians!"

Astonishment filled the room. Even the old man once again opened his eyes, a slight look of surprise on his features before he smiled.

To put things in perspective, even the Dragon King only filled 8 meridians during each of his advancements, and he was among the top ten talents to ever be birthed into the Dragon Clans. For Hela to fill so close to that number as she became a celestial was something that improved her position even in Odin's heart.

"Good news aside," The minister continued, "There are much more pressing matters."

It had taken a few decades of research and planning for Hela's team to find a method of crossing quadrants. So, much of the information received from Hela's team had been superficial until now. But, it seemed like the century long investment had finally paid off.

"Hela classifies this as a top priority. And after reading it, it is without a doubt a quadrant level classification. If not higher." The minister's features lost his smile, becoming supremely focused.

Odin faintly nodded. His one action caused a cascade of events to take place.

Barrier after barrier fell down, accompanied by Moon level formations. Minutes went by before the endless booms ceased, leaving the once light room, completely darkened except for a few torches. In the next instant, tens of ministers died. However, it hardly left a mark on the hundreds of them that there were.

No one blinked an eye to these events. And soon, the minister spoke again.

"After you hear of this, you will not think that I've exaggerated even a bit. We'll call this codename Epistemic Tower."


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