Reaper of the Martial World
605 Dukes and Duchesses 3
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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605 Dukes and Duchesses 3

Well, as much as Dyon would like that to be true, the reality of the situation was that he was stuck here. Not only that, he was stuck here with many of the talents that were meant to be tasked with defending Earth's gate.

Lionel was here. Evelyn was here. He was here. Madeleine was here. Ri was here. His demon generals were here. Even worse, it was unlikely that Thor and Vidar would be participating in such a thing either considering the Ragnors would now be war criminals of the Belmont family.

Dyon couldn't save Zabia now and had to leave him in a coma-like state because he couldn't make the pill necessary to recover his talent without his soul. Ulu would be 3-4 months pregnant when the gates next opened, not to mention dead with 9 months.

Dyon didn't know it now, but the Shruti had left the universe, unwilling to deal with the fallout of the war the Ragnors started.

The Aumens and their planet would have to be punished, and the Clyte and theirs had been severely crippled with the death of their king.

This was not to mention up and coming talents like Delia and Zaire were trapped here with Dyon as well.

The truth of the matter was that the Uidah had been placing more and more pressure on this universe recently because they were only one universe away from a watershed. However, because of the influence of the Shruti and Jafari, who came from other universes and quadrants, this universe had gotten a boost in strength they hadn't noticed until this world tournament.

However, now, all of those things were gone! To say the power of this universe had halved would be an understatement. If Dyon didn't lock down the gates, they might fall within one campaign.

This wouldn't be a perfect solution. After all, travel without the gates was possible. However, because of how expensive it was, and the numbers the Uidah would need to succeed, this method would likely buy them a lot of time, and as such, was worth using.

Even with all of these worries though, all Dyon could do was watch the Daiyu be massacred by the Belmont Ancestor. He felt handicapped beyond belief with his soul strength, but there was nothing he could do about it. That was the price he had to pay to keep him life.


In a distance universe stood a prosperous kingdom few could match. Whether it be the grandeur of the towering structures, the density of the energy, or the quality of its people, this was truly an Emperor God Clan.

This was the Ragnor Clan's empire. It looked very much like a silver wonderland, with an interesting power structure that ran solely on lightning will sources. The inlay of crystals would astonish anyone seeing them. The display of wealth was unprecedented as those very crystals that embedded themselves into the exquisite pavements were without a doubt essence stones!

That value of such a thing was astronomical. But, no less was expected of the Universe known as Asgard.

Within the largest building of the Ragnor Capital, Rainbow Bridge City, a meeting of the elite and the elites was taking place.

At the helm, sat a man relatively short in stature. He had a full and round beard as clear as white snow that matched his long and flowing hair. His sharp and deep blue made few dare to comment on his height. In fact, doing so was nothing short of a death sentence considering this man had long since eliminated those who ridiculed him in his childhood.

This man was none other than Odin Ragnor. A man feared by billions and revered as the leader of their Emperor God Clan.

However, right now, he only sat and quietly listened. It was very rare that he would appear in public like this, so there was much he needed to catch up on.

"It's been too long. With our karmic manipulation, Thor and Vidar's faith seeds should have already appeared within the general population. The hundred-year mark has long since passed, we've never had a mistake like this occur."

"This was never an exact science. Messing with fate has always been the bane of our Ragnor Clan. It's about been about two decades since the hundred-year mark passed, we should have a bit more patience instead of seeking out more trouble for ourselves."

What the Ragnors had learned, that few other clans dared to do because of the sheer inhumanity, was manipulating karma to force faith seeds to manifest much quicker.

Karma was capable of being manipulating should one accumulate enough blank karmic slates to be sacrificed. In this case, the only way to do such a thing was to use newborns…

The Ragnors not only used this sacrificial technique to bind faith seeds to the clan to forever control them, it also sped up the reincarnation of faith seeds so that the Ragnors would never have to deal with a drought of them.

Normal clans would never go to this length. However, the Ragnors felt they had no choice. Because of the increased anger of the heavens during their break throughs, the number of Ragnors who could produce faith seeds to leave in the cycle of reincarnation were much too few. In fact, aside from Odin, Loki, Thor and Vidar, the Ragnors only had a single more! Even the Uidah King God Clan had more than 5 faith seeds. And, as a comparison between two Emperor God Clans, the Kitsune had 13!

This was of course not accounting for faith seeds lost in the stream of time after having been shattered by enemies during conflicts. These faith seeds would manifest eventually, but it would take so long that often records of them would be lost. As a result, the reality was that the Kitsune likely have more than 20 to 30 faith seeds in their history, waiting to reassemble themselves. Whereas the Ragnor clan have no such hope.

Those 5 faith seeds they have are vigorously protected by karma, making them impossible for any normal warrior to destroy before they dissipate.

5 vs 30… The difference was clear.


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