Reaper of the Martial World
604 Dukes and Duchesses 2
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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604 Dukes and Duchesses 2

Dyon's worries weren't without reason. He was apprehensive about two things in particular.

The first was, of course, the repercussions of defeating the Ragnors.

There was a 0% chance that the main Ragnor branch hadn't already learned of Loki's death. If Dyon knew that Loki's faith seed was ranked second among the Ragnor's collection, he would have been even more firm in this belief.

As a result, the reaction of the clan would be unpredictable. The Ragnors didn't seem like the kind of clan that acted out of familial love. However, they were the type of clan that did not like to be slighted.

Although Loki's strength was acknowledged, to the Ragnors, they would know that he was a mere peak saint. In fact, to them, Loki might even be weaker than that considering they wouldn't have exact tabs on his cultivation after being apart for so many years.

This meant that Loki dying, although he was an important piece, wouldn't be enough to make the Ragnors fear what enemies they'd provoked. In fact, it was more likely that they'd send a scout or two, to ascertain the situation.

When they realized that Loki's death was a fluke, they may send someone less important, sure, but also much more powerful than Loki to handle the mess he created.

Remember, Loki was only chosen as the leader for this mission because of his cunning. The Ragnors believed in his survivability as well as his capacity for manipulation and planning. They had hoped that by using Loki, they could remain lowkey, not overextending themselves.

This was why Loki hid his identity. He couldn't afford the Pakal main branch learning of their actions, or else it would sprout curiosity. Something the entity did not want.

So, instead, the Ragnors were portrayed as an unwanted branch clan. And because they were sent to the worst universe in a quadrant, it was believable. It was only a shocking turn of events that resulted in this 'unwanted' branch in fostering not one, but three faith seeds.

In addition, since the Pakal branch of this universe wasn't in contact with its main branch, because they had been forced to flee from it, they were never a real worry to begin with.

All in all, this meant that within the 20 or so years it would take Dyon's soul to unseal itself, the Ragnors could have already re-established themselves in this universe. Even worse, their target would without a doubt be this very Belmont Holy Land considering that was Loki's target as well!

This place would be constantly monitored, looking for changes. If Dyon took his wives and subordinates to leave then, none of them would be strong enough to deal with the situation. In fact, Dyon might be forced to give himself up again as the one who dealt the final blow to Loki.

As for the second reason, it was one that maybe only Dyon would have the awareness to be worried about at this current stage. While everyone was worried about the immediate problem at hand, Dyon was fully calculative of the ripple effects of what had transpired over the past half year.

Just what was Dyon worried about?... The Uidah King God Clan.

Before the last campaign, the Uidah had treated this universe as a joke. Their Sons and Daughters would only come here on a whim, and most often, they would only be the Sons and Daughters of the meridian formation level. The only reason those of the Essence gathering level appeared this time was because of Alidor's odd movements, in addition to Amethyst's temple. Usually, even they wouldn't bother.

However, many things they couldn't ignore had happened this time… And the most glaring? Was the death of their 5th Son. Even worse? Because of Alidor, the murder was attached to Dyon!

To a certain extent, that could be ignored. Sons and Daughters were often in tough competition, so why would they care so much about a 5th Son? Let alone one of the meridian formation level.

For one, that thinking is faulty. Although the Sons and Daughters wouldn't care, the elders would. This would be nothing less than a slap in the face to them.

To put things into perspective. There were millions of meridian formation experts within a clan so close to becoming an Emperor God Clan. And yet, this person was ranked 5th out of all of them! Regardless on if he was looked down by his siblings, within the clan, his worth was only outmatched by higher ranked Sons and Daughters.

Secondly, even if the Sons and Daughters didn't care about 5th Son's death, per se, that didn't mean that they didn't also take it as an insult. Not for the sake of 5th Son, but themselves.

All of this pointed toward the Uidah placing much more of a focus this universe. Something they had never done before…

It was too late to blame Alidor at this point. In reality, Dyon didn't even care too much. If Alidor hadn't been there, Dyon would have had to fight for the tower anyway. After controlling the Epistemic Tower, it was only a matter of time before everyone noticed the differences in that gate, then the Uidah would have set their sights here anyway.

When all of these issues are coupled with the information Dyon found in 5th Son's spatial ring, it all pointed toward a bad future for this universe.

Why? Because the Uidah King God Clan, as 3rd Son stated himself, was only a single universe away from becoming an Emperor God Clan, solidifying themselves as the third in this quadrant. After all, only controlling 25 universes was needed for such a rank.

With this being the case, it was only a matter of time before the Uidah focused their forces here. And now, they had even more ample reason to.

Dyon had little doubt that come the time when the gates opened next, his main opponents would be the Sons and Daughters of the Uidah King God Clan.


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