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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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601 Clara 2

The law of the martial world was known to all. It was a cruel place, but often times those who were willing to sacrifice more, were rewarded with more.

In this case, the death of Elder Daiyu catalyzed the bewilderment formation used around the Belmont Holy Land to all new heights.

Elder Daiyu knew from the beginning that if he somehow died, his clan would be doomed. Because of this, he set contingencies. The first thing he did was hand much of his belongings to his grandson, Chenglei. This was why Meiying was able to 'steal' the box in the first place.

However, the second thing he did was probably the most important. Elder Daiyu invested heavily into preserving this formation for this specific plan. It was a formation that was tied to the life and death of its layer, and was able to use Elder Daiyu's death as a catalyst to become stronger.

His plan was simple. By locking his clan within the barrier, although they wouldn't be able to leave, they wouldn't be able to be harmed either. He hoped that by the time the formation ran out of energy, which wouldn't be for thousands of years considering it was catalyzed by the death of a dao formation expert, the Daiyu clan would be once again capable of standing tall against the world.

The location was nothing short of perfection. Not only was the Belmont Holy Land the best location for cultivation in this universe, it also gave access to a ridiculous amount of legacy worlds that had been attracted by the dense flow of Gama energy. With Chenglei's talent, giving him a few thousand years to grow and mature would allow him to reign supreme over this universe, without a doubt.

Before, Elder Daiyu had thought this might have been overkill. After all, who could possibly be enough to break through a rank 6 comet formation in this universe? Even the best, Connery Sapientia, or so he thought at the time since he hadn't accounted for Dyon, was a mere lower grandmaster. However, his prudence had been rewarded. Because of his sacrifice, even Nora was stumped.

Elder Daiyu had died knowing that as long as the Daiyu survived this impending crisis, they would flourish. And maybe in the future, the Black Jade Dragon would careen through the skies again.


Dyon walked through the grasses of the inner spatial world, entering a small residential area made of elaborate tents that could almost be passed off as homes.

He first stopped by Alidor and his little sister's tent to ask him to make a pair of sweatpants for him. Luckily, Alidor didn't want Dyon tainting his little sister's eyes, so he fulfilled the request as quickly as possible before shooing Dyon away.

The two of them had no idea what was going on in the outside world, and Alidor hadn't bothered to ask. They seemed content on living peacefully and quietly cultivating.

Dyon avoided meeting anyone else, somehow knowing where he could find Clara.

Soon, he had made his way to the center of the camp and was now standing in front of his own tent. He knew that Clara would want to be alone, and he also knew that she would likely come to the one place she could be closest to the last thing she could cling to.

Dyon couldn't hear any sounds coming from the tent, in fact the world itself was eerily quiet without the 3000 demon generals here. The others that had come were likely still in the tower in the distance, not having wanted to bother Clara.

Taking a deep breath, Dyon opened the flap, stepping into the dimly lit tent. It was still lavishly furnished, bathed in somber and dark reds with soft cushions and carpets. But now that color scheme just seemed to add a layer of darkness to everything.

"I'm sorry, I still don't want to be bothered. I'll come out when I'm ready."

A familiar voice rang out, and although the word choice itself tried to remain as polite as possible, the piercing cold and deadpan delivery made even Dyon want to shiver.

Not hearing a response, Clara didn't know what to say. So, instead, under the stunned gaze of Dyon, she waved her hand, causing golden lights to fill the room before she disappeared from view entirely.

'That's… A concealment array! But…'

A sudden realization hit Dyon… He was older than Clara!

This one simple realization hit him like a ton of bricks. How had he not thought of this before?!

Dyon birth shattered the soul seal placed on human kind. This meant that everyone born after him in the human mortal realm, had their souls intact, just like any other person would!

This meant that there was hope. Even though Dyon would never see his parents again, there were hundreds of millions of people that were birthed in the 16 years since he was. If he could improve in the martial way enough, he would be able to revive the mortal human race of this universe using the very same method the entity noted so nonchalantly.

However, this realization was shocking for an entirely other reason. Dyon's master had been right! The talent of this universe had to far surpass that of others, or else Clara would never have been able to learn such an array so quickly. In fact, considering the speed she drew it with, it was shocking that this was truly within her capabilities.

But even more…. She had an innate aurora! What were the odds that the only two mortals to awaken their auroras would both have it innately?!

Dyon walked forward, flicking his finger and shattering the array.

Clara brows furrowed in agitation. "Leave me alone!"

A formless soul pressure gushed outward. Dyon made no attempt to defend. If he did so, he would hurt Clara and that wasn't something he was willing to do.

Instead, he caught her hand as it swung outward before pulling her into a tight embrace.

At first, she struggled, screaming in anger as her fists pounded against Dyon's bare chest. But, Dyon held on tightly, refusing to let go.

"I'm sorry…" Dyon's voice caused Clara to freeze. Her shoulders trembled as she buried her head in his chest, unwilling to look up. "I won't leave you again."


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