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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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600 Clara 1

Dyon silently held Ri and Madeleine in his arms. He knew well that there was an instant of time just a few hours ago that he had fallen into a pit of darkness so deep that he never had any intentions of climbing out. If it wasn't for his master, he didn't know if he'd ever be able to stand here with them again. He had intended to give up everything to exact revenge…

But luckily, he had managed to defy the odds. Something in Dyon was telling him that this was far from over. The day wouldn't be today, but some time in the future, these events would rear their ugly head again. Dyon would never forget the fact his master had said the entity allowed himself to be caught… He could never forget.

In fact, the entity hadn't reacted at all during Dyon's battle. He hadn't even attempted to stop Dyon from taking the body and energy kernels. It was as though he looked down in amusement as everything happened… As though it didn't matter what them as lesser beings did, he would win in the end regardless…

However, Dyon buried this for now. He wouldn't forget, no. In fact, Dyon's only goal now was to kill that entity with his own two hands. But, he wasn't strong enough. It took an entire universe's talent and energy to seal this one person. Even worse, this was no normal universe. It was lauded as the universe with the most potential ever assembled… And yet it took everything it had to imprison this entity. Knowing this, how could Dyon feel foolhardy enough to believe he was enough now?

He had to bury the feelings churning inside him. He had to let them fester in agitation, growing along with him, spurring on his improvement. Until one day he could turn that condescending laugh into cries of pain and mercy.

Ri and Madeleine seemed to have lost themselves in Dyon's embrace. They could tell that something had fundamentally changed about their husband. It was to the point where his presence was intoxicating, as though the universe revolved around him, and them with it.

They blushed slightly, only now realizing they were hugging a naked man in front of so many, but they still couldn't pull themselves away, unwilling to leave the comfort of his arms and his infatuating smell.

Outside, the battle was still raging, but a massive energy barrier had blocked the entrance of the cave. It seemed that ancestor wasn't willing to allow even the slightest chance of Dyon and Madeleine being attacked.

Swaths of red and blue flames colored the skies, killing tens of Daiyu and Niveus God Sect members every moment.

With the cave, Thatch had taken his role in watching Evelyn and Lionel again. There was nothing Dyon wanted to do more than to kill the both of them, but in his giving face to King Belmont, he decided to let things rest for now. However, if King Belmont's chosen punishment was too lenient, Dyon would not hesitate for a single moment to take matters into his own hands, even if it meant offending yet another celestial.

"Hey you two, what are you blushing for? Did I get more handsome?" Dyon lightly teased, allowing the black flames in his eyes to give way to his warm green-hazel pupils.

Ri pouted as Madeleine giggled, "Put some clothes on pervert." They seemed to speak in unison.

Dyon sighed, "I can't. My soul was sealed and I don't usually carry clothes around with me."

Lightly pushing his wives away, Dyon cupped their cheeks lovingly, staring intently as though he wanted to etch every perfect curve of their features into his mind.

"Sealed?" Madeleine asked worriedly.

Dyon shook his head, "I had to enter essence gathering earlier than I wanted because I burned my soul."

Unfortunately, Dyon's explanation had the opposite effect of what he wanted. Madeleine and Ri both paled when they heard Dyon had to burn his soul. Although they knew before hand that it had to be something of that level that caused Dyon to feel as much pain as he did, speculating and actually knowing were two different things.

"Ah, it's not big deal." Dyon hurriedly explained, not wanting them to worry. Even without his soul, he could see how fatigued they were. It was just that he couldn't help heal them anymore…

Ri and Madeleine nodded, trying to hide their worry.

Suddenly, Dyon thought of something that dampened his mood. "How's… How's she doing?"

Ri bit her lip, immediately understanding who Dyon was talking about. Although Madeleine had been forced into a recovery-like state for much of these events, Ri had been awake, and much of her time had been spent with Clara before she started to deal with all of this.

"I'm not sure. I had to leave her with Delia, Little Lula and Zaire because of the chaos out here." Ri rotated the ring that held them within on her slender finger.

Dyon frowned but picked up the obsidian plate to cover himself. "I'll be back."

Ri and Madeleine understood, so they only nodded as Dyon disappeared into the ring.


Outside of the Belmont Holy Land, Nora's brows continuously furrowed more and more. The longer she spent analyzing the formation, the more problems she found.

"Nora, this isn't like you. Even if it's a rank 6 comet formation, it's not too far beyond your capabilities." Amell understood his wife better than anyone. It shouldn't take her this long to undo this formation.

"The situation… Has changed…" Nora said solemnly, a bitter expression on her face. "The center piece of this formation was set by the creator to be themselves. The creator him or herself is the final counter measure."

"You mean?..."

"The person who set this formation died. Normally that would be good news, but in this case, it's horrible. The worst kind of formation has been set now. Even if I was a rank 6 moon formation expert I would have trouble breaking through this now… Not only can we not go in, they can't come out!"


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