Reaper of the Martial World
599 Miss Me? 3
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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599 Miss Me? 3

"Please forgive me!" The ancestor trembled, unable to look up to meet Dyon's gaze as his head repeatedly slammed against the ground.

He couldn't believe what he had almost done. Of course the person before him should make him feel inferior! What had he been thinking?!

The bound Lionel and Evelyn could only watch listlessly. There was no way such an expert could be bluffed to this extent, right?

"Get up." Dyon finally said, not displaying even a hint of surprise. "Take these two and let's go. Lead me to the exit."

"Yes, yes." The ancestor didn't hesitate to stand, not bothering to remove the dirt that accumulated onto his white robes, almost as a reminder to his foolishness.

Lionel and Evelyn could only dumbly stand, forcefully stood up by the now docile and servile ancestor.

"Ancesto –"

"Silence! Don't speak unless spoken to." The Belmont Ancestor immediately spoke, cutting off Lionel entirely. "If it wasn't for the young lord's orders, I would have already killed you for trying to have my name tainted by attacking him."

The Belmont Ancestor carefully chose his words. Although he was well aware that if he chose to attack Dyon, Dyon would be the one to die, he didn't speak in absolutes, instead giving Dyon every bit of face possible.

'Could it be…' Lionel's lip twitched as he glanced at Dyon who was following behind them. But, he couldn't find the courage to look him in the eye.

It was simple really. How could a Belmont meant to spent their life in servitude to Amethyst, not follow the orders of her husband?!

Dyon's master had long told him that he had not two, but four primordial yins within him… Elvin Queen's Reign, Goddess' Disposition, Kukan's, and… Amethyst's!

It seemed that Lionel had miscalculated. How could he have known that a being that lived for thousands of years had remained a virgin?!

From the moment the Belmont Ancestor appeared, Dyon had already calculated the perfect path to escaping the situation. Where others would see despair, he only saw victory.


The Daiyu seemed to be steadily losing momentum. The rain of javelins from the sky, the pincer attack from both sides, all coupled with the facts the Niveus God Sect members weren't very strong to begin with all culminated in a battle that seemed they were fated to lose.

Under the berating of the demon generals behind them, Ronica and River finally gave up their places as vanguard. How they had fought for more than a day without rest was beyond be the Daiyu, and they almost sighed in relief when they finally switched out… Only to find that the two warriors who replaced them were not only large and sweaty men instead of the vicious beauties they had to deal with, they were also just as strong!

This plummeted the morale of the Daiyu. All this time they had thought that the reason Ronica and River didn't take a break was because they couldn't afford to. They thought that as long as they got these two beauties to quit, the war would be won. They'd be able to storm into the cave and capture Ri and Madeleine, forcing the rest of the demon generals to surrender.

However, that didn't happen! The personal guard Dyon had chosen for his wives were much too strong. Even Kaeda, who was on the weaker side, was the best healer the demon generals had!

The only demon general that had made a single mistake during those days was Thatch, but even that mistake couldn't be considered to be his fault. How was he meant to deal with a celestial by himself? It was simply impossible.

Although he was trembling, he had done his best to hold his ground, and even now, he faced the dark tunnels, protecting their backs in case that celestial came back, even while knowing he was no match.

Chenglei, seeing that the Daiyu were slowly, but steadily being pushed back, began to grit his teeth in agitation.

'Do I really have to do this for such a small matter? Weren't the Ragnors supposed to have won by now? What's going on?! And why isn't grandfather back yet?!'

Everything seemed to be falling apart, but Chenglei still didn't want to pull out what he had. If he did so, there would be no going back and the Daiyu would be forever crippled in the future.

Suddenly, Thatch froze. His ears twitched as he picked up the faint sounds of footsteps, and if he was correct, there were four pairs. But, that was one more than the amount that had left. Had they gone to get someone? Was that Celestial really coming back?

"Enemy!" Thatch shouted in a low but resounding voice. He knew he couldn't handle this alone, so he had no choice but to ask for help. The problem was fighting on one front as a small group was hard enough, how could they possibly fight on two?

Thatch's words immediately caught the attention of the demon generals and Ri and Madeleine.

Ronica and River immediately flashed forward. Unfortunately, because of the size of the tunnels, it didn't make sense for all three of them to fight side by side, so Ronica stood by Thatch while River began to emit a dense ice intent that coated the walls and snaked toward the enemy.

The brows of Ri and Madeleine furrowed. They had too much to worry about, and were fatigued beyond belief after pushing their souls so far. In the end, they had done all of this to ignore the fact they could no longer sense Dyon's soul, hoping to bury that feeling by pursuing something else, unwilling to believe he was dead even while all the evidence pointed in that direction.

However, the sight they saw in the next instant, threw them all into a pit of despair. The celestial had come back! He was the first to appear out of the darkness, his white robes providing a striking dichotomy that was easy to spot.

The atmosphere around the demon generals tensed. The two who manned the entrance, one of which was Thadius, had no choice but to focus on their task, unable to look back. In fact, because Ri and Madeleine had stopped using their weapon's hell formations, the pressure on the two of them had increased manifold.

But, that was when three more figures appeared behind him. Two were faces they had just seen, their escaped prisoners that had come back.

That said, the third face was one that managed shocked them even more than the fact Lionel and Evelyn were still bound.

"Go and kill the Daiyu with your remaining time. They've attacked your Holy Land, I think it's time a real Belmont do something about it." Dyon said simply, a small smile on his face.

Without delay, the celestial flashed out of the cave, appearing in the air like a god ready to smite its non-believers.

Thatch didn't know how to feel. The very same celestial that had shaken him to his core was being ordered on a whim by Dyon… He couldn't help but raise Dyon's place in his heart. This man was truly one worthy of being followed. And right now? He held the air of not just a king, but of a supreme Emperor, unmatched by the heavens. One could almost forget the fact he had an obsidian plate covering his crotch.

Ri and Madeleine stared with their eyes glistening. They couldn't understand why they couldn't sense Dyon's soul even though he was right in front of them, but none of that mattered. He was here… He was safe.

They rushed forward, forcing Dyon to have no choice but to drop that plate he had been using to wrap his arms around both of their waists, causing Ronica and River to turn their heads and blush furiously. But, Ri and Madeleine didn't care… Not right now.

Dyon smiled genuinely for what seemed like the first time in forever. The darkness that was threatening to take over his heart was beat back just a bit, cowering in a corner.

"Miss me?"


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