Reaper of the Martial World
598 Miss Me? 2
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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598 Miss Me? 2

A stunned silence filled the cave, allowing Dyon's words to echo throughout, reverberating in their ears. No matter how arrogant a person was, there should be a limit, no? This was beginning to border on nonsensical.

However, Dyon's eyes didn't say that they were joking. As much as the three of them wanted to jump out and mock him, a dry and uncomfortable laugh was the only thing that managed to be squeezed out.

There was indeed a change between Dyon now, and two days ago. Maybe two days ago, uproarious laughter would have filled the catacombs of the Belmont Holy Land, but right now, there was a different air to Dyon.

When every martial artist was birthed, they were gifted a certain amount of blessings. This blessing was tied to all three forms of cultivation, culminating in the amount of good karma a warrior would have in their life time. This can affect everything from cultivation speed to ability to survive life and death situations.

These blessing are what incentivized ancestors to pause their reincarnation to serve their clans even in their death. That opportunity, for many people, was the best way to increase Heaven's Blessings, before carrying a small portion of that onto their next time.

But, there were yet other ways to snatch these blessings. The first was perfection.

Heaven's Chimes and Heaven's Light are both possible outcomes of achieving perfection in the face of hardships and trials placed by the universe. Of these two, Dyon is very familiar with the first, as it very often occurs when he practices array alchemy. These Heaven's blessings grace arrays with a boosted effectiveness, increasing their use even further.

This aside, the second way was in defying fate and snatching blessings from the jaws of death.

Because Dyon's body and energy cultivation were sealed, despite have a culmination of soul talent, his Heaven's Blessings at birth were exceedingly weak. In fact, even if he had a culmination of talent given by body and energy cultivation, his Heaven's Blessings wouldn't be so exaggerated. This was because much of Heaven's Blessings at the beginning of life are converted into talent itself, it is only through life that it truly grows.

This was the universe's way of showing fairness.

So, what did this mean for Dyon?...

He just snatched the Heaven's Blessings of not only a peak saint, but also a dao formation expert! When Dyon killed Matriarch Niveus, it had been through a puppet, and thus it could not be accumulated to him. However, in killing both Elder Daiyu and Loki, both could be said to have died by his hands!

Loki was a man who not only had a faith seed, but was a master at killing those above him in cultivation as a result of this faith seed. His accumulated Heaven's Blessings were staggering!

As for Elder Daiyu, as a former dao formation expert, it could be said that his Heaven's Blessings were an ocean compared to Loki's lake.

This was simply not meant to happen. The idea of a meridian formation expert, now essence gatherer, killing a peak saint and a dao formation expert was unprecedented. The sheer rarity of such an event could hardly be put into words.

In normal circumstances, one would kill those in and around their cultivation level. This would result in marginal increases in Heaven's Blessings that would slowly progress along with your age and cultivation bracket. Essentially, in continuing like this, everyone of a set cultivation would usually have Heaven's Blessings of about the same amount.

However, this was where geniuses would make their names known. Killing those above your cultivation level would result in a much faster accumulation of blessings, putting you in a different category entirely.

As for what Dyon did? He was astronomically ahead of everyone else, even if he did nothing for the next hundred years!

No matter how domineeringly talented the Dragon King was in his life, one can hardly understand the sheer weight of filling 9 meridians when stepping into a new level of cultivation. The Dragon King was much too prideful to tell Dyon this, but even he, as an undisputedly top ten talent of Dragons to ever exist, had only filled 8!

With this perspective, one can fully understand just how heaven defying Dyon's blessings were at this point. Even the universe itself lamented not being able to help him more.

And now, he exuded the air of an expert far above not only what he truly was, but also far above the celestial ancestor before him now.

It caused his enemies to pause, unsure of what to do. And, whenever Dyon gained his access to wills again, not only would his one with heart become incomparably strong as compared to those of his cultivation level, with sovereign path would gain an edge of dominance capable of effecting even those above him in cultivation.

However, none of this could change just how embarrassed the Belmont Ancestor was of his actions. He had allowed a child to affect his mentality not once, but twice! How could he allow such a thing? It was a stain on himself as a martial artist!

"You…" The Belmont Ancestor dryly laughed, unable to muster a more mocking laughter. He was simply too restrained by his status as an ancestor to directly combat Dyon's presence with his own. How could a dead person beat a person of the living in such a thing?

"It seems you still don't understand your situation." Dyon's eyes sharpened. "Recognize the error of your ways within ten seconds, or else I'll ensure that your karma is forever tarnished."

Confusion began to color the features of the Belmont Ancestor. He couldn't understand just what was happening.

"Ancestor, he's simply bluffing. He's a mere meridian formation expert who took part in the World Tournament just two da –"

A sudden realization hit the ancestor. A resounding boom violently shook the catacombs as Evelyn and Lionel's eyes widened in shock.

The ancestor… The ancestor that they had placed their lived in the hands of… Had just kowtowed before Dyon!


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