Reaper of the Martial World
597 Miss Me? 1
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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597 Miss Me? 1

Dyon's eyes seemed to freeze over. Despite everything he had been through, he didn't feel the slightest bit of despair facing this new obstacle.

Facing Dyon's fierce expression, the Belmont ancestor couldn't help but feel displeased. He was a celestial level expert, and although he had less than 50% of his peak battle power, there was no doubt that he was still within that realm.

For a mere child to look upon him as though he was a lowly and insignificant existence made his blood boil.

If Dyon knew the ancestor's thoughts, although he would hardly care, he'd have to acknowledge his grand teacher's words. There was something about him that made his presence easy to hate. Whether that be his unbridled arrogance, or something else, it was there.

Lionel, though, didn't know how to feel about Dyon's expression. Unlike his ancestor, he was well aware of what Dyon would have had to do to somehow escape to be here right now. And, although he looked perfectly healthy, the fact he was practically naked aside from the obsidian plate covering his lower regions meant that he had gone through something… And that something, he had somehow survived.

He didn't want to believe it. How could a teenage boy escape two celestial experts? It didn't make sense.

'He had to have used some sort of trick. Considering how many treasures he has, that's more than likely. But, such a ground-breaking treasure can't be used more than once, or else why would he have allowed himself to reach this point at all?' Lionel tried to comfort himself, using logic as his platform.

However, in the back of his mind, he couldn't help but think of the possibility of him being wrong. It was because he underestimated Dyon's treasures that he had ended up in this situation to begin with. Had Ri not had a treasure capable of holding 3000 living beings, Madeleine's faith seed would be his by now!

"Do we have an issue here?" Dyon suddenly spoke. Although his voice usually imperceptibly leaked a domineering music will in situations like this, he had to now remember he didn't have access to it anymore. However, that didn't stop his momentum from being stifling. The air around Dyon had shifted in such a way that it was completely unnecessary for him to have music will to assert his dominance.

Seeing that his words were clearly ignored, Lionel frowned. But, Evelyn's reaction was even more severe.

"For what you did to my master, you deserve nothing more than a dog's death. Get on your knees!" Evelyn shrieked, having lost all rationality. The more she stared at Dyon's unperturbed attitude, the more she remembered how he looked down on her at the Earth Tower, how he had completely humiliated her.

Those feelings of anger bubbled up, unleashing themselves before combining with the sorrow and pain she felt with the death of Matriarch Niveus.

Considering the Belmont ancestor had yet to untie the two of them, she looked quite pitiful. Almost like a rabid dog trying to escape its chains.

Hearing Evelyn's words and the audacity she had in playing the victim, Dyon's gaze threatened to pierce through everything. Was this woman really asking him to repent to the woman who destroyed his home?

Before this, Dyon had no intention of doing anything to Evelyn. Although she had stolen a pill that rightfully belonged to Delia for her own selfish desires, that wasn't a crime that was worth a person's life and it wasn't something that Dyon would have bloodied his hands with. However, something had snapped within Dyon during the past two days. His master had done her best to cleanse it, but that nature was slowly prowling and growing within Dyon. His bestial desire to viciously protect his loved ones while slaughtering all those that even remotely encroached on his wellbeing was growing, and without his soul or wills to rein it in, it was unlikely that it would be dealt with any time soon.

Evelyn's words caught in her throat. In that instant, she forgot that her husband was right beside her. She forgot that there was a celestial there to protect them. All she felt was terror, a deep seeded fear for the young man in front of her.

A formless pressure laced with celestial energy covered the cave walls, snapping Evelyn out of her condition, causing her to grasp at her chest, breathing heavily along with her heaving snow-white breasts and hair.

"It seems the young have grown in arrogance since I've been away." The Belmont ancestor's jaw set. For Evelyn to forget about his presence, taken over by an overwhelming 'flight' extinct, was yet another slap to his face. How could she be scared of a child with no cultivation while he was right here?! He hadn't even used any wills yet!

"I assume you're an awakened Belmont ancestor?" Dyon's gaze left Evelyn, focusing back on the approaching man in white.

"Do you acknowledge your mistakes?" Was the ancestor's only response.

"Are you an idiot?"

The atmosphere froze over, solidifying in an instant. The three of them couldn't believe what they had just heard. Even in this situation, Dyon had the audacity to call their ancestor such a name? Was he truly not afraid of the Belmont ancestor?

"I'll give you one last chance." Dyon's muscles rippled, flooding with endless vitality as his veins of gold pulsed. "Kneel."

There was no question who Dyon was talking to. He wasn't speaking to Evelyn. He wasn't speaking to Lionel. He was speaking to the Belmont family ancestor!


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