Reaper of the Martial World
593 Loin Cloth 3
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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593 Loin Cloth 3

In the air above the shambles that was once a glorious arena, Amell, Nora and King Belmont stood with Patriarch Pakal and their other allies not too far behind them. Although they were bloodied, they had survived, thankful that Amell and Nora were able to dispel their situations so easily.

Unfortunately, it seemed that the couple was unwilling to be too hands-on with this universe's affairs, and only forced their enemies to retreat. It was clear to all of them by this point that Amell and Nora didn't originate from this universe… If this universe had managed to raise such experts, not a single person wouldn't know their name!

However, right now, they were all worried about the same thing: the artificial blood sucking will that was running rampant below.

"So this is it…" Amell said under his breath. With all of the information he and his wife had, how could he not know that the Ragnors had been developing such a weapon all this time? It seemed that they had even managed to find methods of protecting themselves as well.

Nora's eyes flashed with a golden like as her aurora flames burned, her gaze seemed to be able to pierce through and analyze everything. "If it continues like this, even the Ragnors won't be able to protect themselves soon. What a stupid clan."

Although Nora said this, she knew the truth of the matter. It wasn't that the Ragnors were stupid, it was that they didn't care about sacrificing their own if it meant advancing. They would simply learn from the experience and move on. This was how Loki treated his experimental subjects, and the rest of the Ragnors were no different.

However, she was very right about the fact the Ragnors' protection would soon be inadequate. With every purification method their allies used, the surviving red crystals would get stronger, modifying themselves and adapting. This artificial will was truly horrible!

Down below, Patia-Neva wall of ice was continually being bombarded with red crystals, some of it even began to use its sharp nature to climb, seeking to get over its obstacle. Coupled with the endless attacks of the Ragnors, and the situation was seemingly getting worse.

That said, Patia-Neva had fulfilled his goal. The elves and Pakals had long since retreated, in fact, for some odd reason, more elves had gathered to form a defensive line. What Patia-Neva hadn't been able to divert his attention to notice was that many of the enemy had retreated. In fact, all of Planet Naiad and Planet Deimos were gone, having been ushered away at the fastest possible speed by their leaders. Only the Clyte family had lagged behind because of the death of King Clyte, but after they noticed the Kami fleeing, they made the smart choice in leaving as well.

This didn't go unnoticed by the Ragnors and Cavositas, however. But, because of their fear of Loki, they didn't dare to leave, even if it meant their deaths.

"We can't let this continue, I'll have to wipe it out in one go…" Nora said softly, her golden eyes shining brightly.

"Remember," Amell said softly, "No more than 10%, or else they'll be able to sense us."

Nora nodded, "5% is more than enough for this."

A brilliant array appeared in the skies. It was a white so pure that a the heavens began playing a soft melody to accompany it. This was no normal array, it looked like its central formations were really celestial bodies manifesting in the sky, and it didn't match the color an array should have. By all rights, as an innate aurora wielder, Nora should draw golden arrays.

That was why this wasn't an array at all, but rather… a dao!

The Ipsums could only watch in horror as their red array shattered in its presence. It was as though it felt much too inferior to exist in the same plane as Nora's might, and it acted as such.

A comfortable feeling washed over the battle field. The allied forces even began to feel even their heaviest of injuries being healed simply by being washed over by the light!

"Be cleansed." Nora's melodic voice rang out. "Celestial scripture, Act 1. Vibrant Light."


Hours later, Dyon rolled in his sleep, trying to stretch out his limbs. But, when he suddenly felt his weight give way to nothingness, his eyes snapped open and he instinctively grabbed forward.

Confusion filled Dyon's senses as he dangled from the end of an endless abyss with only his grip as his savior.

"I really can't catch a break…" Dyon could only shake his head. Did life ending events really have to be what startled him awake? Why could he just have his normal mortal world alarm clock?

Black flames flickered in Dyon's eyes as that last thought barely finished itself. The events of the past two days flooded into his mind, and he was suddenly strikingly aware that he had done nothing but fight for the past two days.

Lifting himself up, Dyon leaped from the edge of the abyss, looking over to see if he could see the bottom. He tried to stretch out his senses, but he immediately felt a feeling of loss. His soul was sealed…

Dyon sighed, looking down at his naked body. He didn't carry around clothes because he always had the ability to form them whenever he wanted. But now that his soul was sealed, did he really have to walk around naked?

"And why am I so tall now…" Dyon could tell that he was at least 6'6 now, it was an odd feeling. He had always supressed his height. As a martial artist, one had pristine control over their body and its changes. It was only in very rare God constitution level cases that one's body height was out of their control. That and beasts, of course.

However, since his current height was still well within normal human world limits, Dyon didn't mind too much. As long as he didn't shoot up to 5 meters tall, he'd be okay with it.

Dyon turned his gaze toward the exit. Luckily for him, he had already taken the body and energy kernels, or else he would have had no choice but to leave them here. After all, how could he use The Seal without his soul? Unfortunately, that also meant that until Dyon's soul was unsealed, he wouldn't be able to use the kernels either.

'It would be a shame to not be able to use the body cultivation kernels when all I can do for the next ten plus years is body cultivate…' If that really was the case, Dyon could only shake his head. There was nothing he could do. Maybe his grand teacher would be able to use The Seal in his stead.

On his way to the exit, Dyon stopped by his puppet, sighing as he saw its disfigured state. He picked up a decently sized piece and held it over his crotch before putting the rest in his spatial ring.

Dyon couldn't help but sigh in relief when he noticed the treasures bound to his soul still worked for him. If not, he would have to carry the puppet himself.

After that, Dyon walked toward the exit with a 1000kg piece of material acting as his loin cloth, oblivious to the fact that he hadn't yet faced his last celestial being…


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