Reaper of the Martial World
589 Amell and Nora 2
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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589 Amell and Nora 2

King Belmont's face twitched as he heard this. But, Nora, having long since become used to her husband's personality, only giggled lightly, before continuing to heal her disciple.

"I really can't trust those little gremlins to run anything when I'm not around. Do they think money grows on trees? Who can even eat this much food in such a short time?!"

The more Amell scanned over the information, the more irate he became. This supposedly calm and otherworldly expert had completely disappeared, replaced by a business tycoon who felt wronged.

He didn't understand what was happening, the amount of food, even from the very beginning was much too much. Being aware of this universe and the landscape of its experts, there shouldn't be anyone who can eat this much without exploding. It wasn't that he didn't consider the fact the meals were feeding multiple people, it was more so that he had information on how often the meals ordered were eaten in a single sitting! When he corrected with that information, the amount of food that individual ate was off the charts! Even if he had 50 people with him at that time, it would have been too much.

"It seems greed has met glutton." Nora said with a knowing voice, not hiding her sin nickname for her husband. "However, if this person really eats as much as your calculations show, it seems we've overlooked a worthy talent. He or she should be of great help to our plans, no?"

A sudden realization hit the two of them as those words were spoken. They had done a clean sweep of the planet, looking for any and all worthy talent before they left, 17 years ago. And yet, they hadn't found anyone who would be capable of such a thing.

It may sound silly that such experts were putting such importance into a person who they only knew had ridiculous eating ability, however, one has to understand that often times, eating capacity reflected strength! The stronger you were, the more energy you spent, and thus the more you needed to eat.

However, what really shocked them was that since they hadn't met this person 17 years ago… This person was still young! Young beyond belief!

Not only was this person definitely a talent worth nurturing, they had somehow been capable of stealing from Amell! This meant only one of two things, either he had defeated one of Amell's disciples and taken their ownership abilities. Or, this person's array alchemy had reached such an outstanding level that the arrays meant to protect Amell's assets meant completely nothing to them!

The shocking part about all of this was that Amell's youngest disciple was already over 20. And yet this person was without a doubt below the age of 17! To be able to beat a talent chosen by Amell, at an age younger than them… This talent… Amell almost forgot he was angry thinking about the truths of the matter.

"Husband… Do you think this person?..." Nora asked hesitantly.

Amell shook his head, "Even if he was like you and had an innate aurora, even if he trained from the moment he was birthed he wouldn't be able to circumvent Heaven's Wine's arrays. Although it was I, and not you who built the arrays, and I may be far less talented than you in that aspect, I don't think a child would already have the capability of ignoring me."

Even Amell and Nora had to abandon the idea. Even if that person somehow had an innate aurora, less than 17 years to reach such mastery was unheard of. And that was even if they were born the instant Amell and Nora left, and trained from that moment to now.

What was more, the first incident of this stealing occurred more than two years ago, which mean at the time, that person would have been 15 at the most – likely even younger based on simply probability. How could someone that young do such a thing?

Maybe if Dyon was in better condition, he would be sneezing at so many mentions of him. The truth was that Dyon's array alchemy hadn't been good enough to circumvent Amell's fail safes back then. He had been able to reach the top floor, yes. But, that was completely different from 'hacking' into the restaurant's arrays and forcefully making it bring you food.

However, what Amell and Nora didn't know was that the only reason Dyon hadn't been able to at that time was because up to that point, he had only studied array alchemy for less than three months!

In addition, the only reason Dyon didn't forcefully order food for himself now was because he had no reason to. Why would he when he had Iaachus' array plate?

If Amell and Nora knew that doing such a thing now was well within Dyon's power, who knew how they would react…

"If this person truly is an array alchemy expert, he'll be my disciple this time," Nora mused, lovingly ruffling King Belmont's purple hair as she stood.

Amell didn't have any objections. After all, his wife's soul talent far surpassed his own. She was among the very few whose soul was capable of keeping up with her energy cultivation. In fact, if it wasn't because she was so careful, her soul would have even surpassed her cultivation.

Nora rarely took disciples. King Belmont was currently her only one and that was because he showed exceptional talent in control, something Nora had always excelled in. After all, King Belmont did was no other Belmont had ever been able to do in fusing their red and blue flames into violet under his own merit. This was all done under Nora's guidance.

"Let's wrap this up, shall we?" Nora's smile faded as they all finally faced King Aumen.


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