Reaper of the Martial World
588 Amell and Nora 1
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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588 Amell and Nora 1

An unsightly expression overtook King Aumen's arrogance. He could feel a pressure coming from these two that couldn't be matched up to anything he had felt before. They even surpassed the pressure Loki placed on him!

If King Aumen knew that this entire time, Loki was nothing but a peak saint, he might have shed real tears at this moment. That said, he didn't need to feel too aggrieved about the matter. Because of Loki's magic specialty, his illusions were nearly unmatched to the point where he may be able to fool even weak dao formation experts who weren't alert to his abilities. Since this was the case, how could King Aumen be any different?

"Little Belmont, I'm disappointed. Losing to inferior flames isn't like you at all." Nora lightly chastised, stroking the fur of the white fox in her arms.

"This…" King Belmont could only smile bitterly. He had to fight three celestials single handedly before fighting King Aumen, anyone else would have considered that he did his best. However ….

"Secluded meditation for 10 years. I can tell you haven't made any strides forward in your rudimentary domain. It's been 17 years since we last met, wouldn't this make me a laughing stock?" Nora continued to reprimand King Belmont as though he was a child, unwilling to let him be.

During this entire time, the cold sweat on King Aumen's back only continued to grow. Who in this universe had the right to reprimand King Belmont? Much less call him Little Belmont?! Who were these people?!

What King Aumen didn't know was that King Belmont's next words would send off millions of tiny explosions in his mind, causing him to stare blankly and listlessly…

"Yes, master. Disciple is ashamed." King Belmont did his best kneel and kowtow despite his injuries. Now that his master was here, it didn't matter if his injuries were ten times worse.

"And don't think I didn't notice you calling me by my first name. Consider that an added 5 years of seclusion." Nora harrumphed, before turning back to her injured disciple.

King Belmont could only withhold his grievances, putting on his best 'you're always right' facial expression.

It had been his very master that told him to pretend as though they were friends to hide their true relationship. He hadn't understood the command when it was first issued, but he had always obeyed his Master no matter what. So, him calling her by her first name, Nora, was something she had personally asked for! And yet he was being punished for it.

This might be the first time in history that a King of a royal god clan was treated as such so near to his prime.

However, despite her words, Nora lovingly kneeled before King Belmont and place her small and delicate palms over his bloodied wound without a care for her own cleanliness. In an instant, King Belmont was washed over with a feeling so pure that he nearly fell asleep in the skies.

"Congratulations master!" King Belmont couldn't help but say. Although Nora's array alchemy was far too advanced for him to put an accurate estimation on, he could tell that his master had vastly improved. But, what was more was the fact she had been gone for less than two decades!

To some, a master expecting improvement in 17 years would seem reasonable. But, one has to remember that the higher your comprehension and cultivation rise, the more even a single step becomes as difficult as climbing a mountain. So, the fact Nora could improve so drastically in just 17 years, despite having already been a monster before, was a testament to the fact she was an even more monstrous talent!

Nora smiled lightly, causing the world to seem as though it had frozen in time. She was such an otherworldly beauty that her even her slight movements could cause such a thing. However, King Belmont didn't dare to have such thoughts about his master. Not only would she see through such lewd thoughts in an instant with her intuition, her husband was an even scarier character…

In what seemed like an instant, the flames that had be rampaging through King Belmont were snuffed out by a gentle will and golden flames. If Dyon had been there, he would have been surprised to notice that it was celestial will! But, it was on a level of intent that he couldn't imagine… In fact, if Dyon was knowledgeable enough, he would have known that it wasn't on the level of an intent at all…

Nora's husband, Amell, scanned the situation calmly. His golden eyes seemed to pierce through everything and the feeling he gave King Aumen caused him to fall to a knee, unwilling to look up.

By now, how could he not understand what was happening? What he didn't understand was just how such powerful experts could ever be a part of this universe. What were they doing here? And the fact that such experts would take a disciple from here? Nothing was making any sense.

Everyone was aware that King Belmont was fairly young, to the point where he had yet to name a true crown prince. Many thought it was because of this that he never showed any ambition to become a King God Clan. With so much time ahead of him, he was just biding it well, ensuring that he had the largest chance for success.

That said, King Belmont wasn't so young that he was worthy of being a disciple for such otherworldly beings… Right? He was only young for his cultivation by the standards set in this universe. After seeing what other universes had to offer, King Aumen had long since started to see his own as pathetic.

However, it was in that instant that Amell said something that completely shattered their otherworldly auras.

Taking out an array plate, he looked down as his handsome face became distraught. "Some little bastard's been stealing from me!"


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