Reaper of the Martial World
587 Arrival 2
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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587 Arrival 2

King Patia-Neva, having reclaimed his title and much of his power, stormed through the skies, careening through Earth's atmosphere with rings of fire blazing around him.

Although he didn't have King Acacia's True Empathy, he didn't need it to be able to tell something ominous was going on. The amount of blood lust he felt chilled him to his very bones, and he couldn't help but worry. His love and his daughter were in the arena now as far as he knew, and yet all he saw was a bloody massacre.

Patia-Neva's eyes widened as he appeared above the skies of the arena. Below, the war was still raging, but this was no normal war he had ever seen…

Red crystal humans that looked oddly beautiful as the reflected the heavily falling rain were actually death sentences for anyone who even thought of admiring them! A simple touch to a weak warrior would mean their blood essence being forcefully sapped. Patia-Neva watched in horror as countless allies fell, turning into skeletons as they were devoured from the inside out.

The screams of elves and Pakals alike filled the stadium. The red crystals may have looked beautiful, but they were drenched in the scent of death and blood so thick that even a celestial would feel their stomach upturn.

'Just what is this…' Patia-Neva didn't know what to do or how to approach this. Would purifying it with his will work? He had no idea…

The gazes of the ten Ipsum clan elders snapped up into the sky when they sensed a powerful aura sweeping over the stadium. They were much too fatigued to do much of anything else, but they had no choice but to alert Saeclums. At this point, they no longer needed the formation to sustain this damage, this plague would spread without their support anymore – it had absorbed enough blood essence to sustain itself for a long while. However, they still couldn't afford to lose the formation either. Because if they did, they would have no way of harnessing the power the red crystals absorbed at the end of all of this.

If Loki didn't get what he wanted… The Ipsum elders paled when they thought of the consequences.

Warriors were still trying to run away, but the army of red crystals skeletons was seemingly being and ocean of red that none of them could avoid.

Patia-Neva finally acted. He knew he couldn't risk attempting to cleanse whatever this was, because that would likely lead to more deaths. He could sense that he wouldn't be the first to attempt this cleanse, and although he would be the most powerful, he wasn't so conceited as to believe he could match the power output of thousands of combined elves. Although their cleansing ability was inferior to his, they made up for it with numbers.

That didn't mean that Patia-Neva had no chance at cleansing the red crystals, but rather it would take time he couldn't afford to give at the moment.

In a flash, Patia-Neva appeared on the front line of the battle, drawing a line of ice that blasted away the enemy. The appearance of a celestial had drastically turned the tides, causing the Ragnors who had been shamelessly chasing their retreating allies to pause with fear in their eyes. Without a celestial on their side, how could they match up to Patia-Neva? It was a fool's errand!

The wall of ice grew explosively, stopping the barrage of red crystals.

"Run!" Patia-Neva roared. He could sense that even with his purity path, the red crystals were leeching the power that sustained his ice will. Even worse, he could feel an endless vitality coursing through the bombardment of crystals on the other side of his wall. He didn't have to think much to understand… He had seen this very technique used once before… When he had watched his clan be wiped out!

A cold light flashed through Patia-Neva's eyes. He refused to allow this evil to deal his allies a fatal blow again. Not while he was here.


In the skies, King Belmont was continuously assaulted with blinding golden flames. Describing his state as sorry was an understatement, and the fact he was still alive only attested to his will to fulfill his duty as a King. He felt he had let everyone down… he should have been prepared for this, but he wasn't! And to think his own son…

"To have lived through this… I have to say, you're worthy of the title of King. I'm sure with the capabilities of your son, the Belmont name will be just fine, mm?"

King Belmont looked to the elves and Patriarch Pakal who were still fighting in the far distance. A pang of guilt assaulted his heart, but he knew he wouldn't be able to help them… This was likely where he would die… A fitting end for a useless king….

"No last words?" Seeing that King Belmont said nothing, King Aumen's fingers began to shine much more brilliantly than before. "I guess that's enough for now. I hope you raise a more filial son in your next life."

King Belmont could only watch as an overbearing heat swarm toward him. He could only sigh. Although he wanted to punish Lionel, he was his son after all. Could King Belmont really kill his own son as a traitor to his city?

A sinister glow flashed in King Aumen's eyes just as his attack was about to land. Now in this universe, there would only be one family of flames!

However, the massive impact King Aumen expected never happened. In fact, the massive power of his attack seemed to have hit something soft and cushioned, making it completely unable to display its full power.

Just as King Aumen was going to act, a formless pressure descended onto the surroundings along with the clearing of his vision. When he saw what lay before him, his eyes couldn't help but widen.

There stood a couple, a match made in heaven. The woman was a beauty beyond reams who held a small white fox in her arms, but the man had an aura so stifling and domineering that King Aumen involuntarily took a step back.

King Belmont's sighed in relief, a massive weight falling from his shoulders. "Amell… Nora…"


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