Reaper of the Martial World
583 Shattered 1
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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583 Shattered 1

Dyon quietly stood beside Elder Daiyu's hulking corpse, calming himself. He had to focus on making the most efficient use of the Acacia family technique, or else this would all be useless.

Usually, using any of the Ancient Elvin techniques was child's play for Dyon. However, things are only truly put into perspective when observing how those with less abnormal souls handle utilizing the technique. Ri, for example, only uses the Tree of Life and Death in dire situations, not daring to use it as flippantly as Dyon.

Unfortunately, now that Dyon was in a position where his soul talent was whittling away along with his soul strength and stamina, he had no choice but to be as frugal with his soul as others were.

Just as Dyon was about to manifest the technique, his brows suddenly scrunched as his soul picked up the faint touch of something odd.

'What…' Although Dyon looked confused, he recovered to speak.

"Are you going to continue hiding? Or should I just devour your remaining soul now?" Dyon spoke directly to the corpse, using bits of his remaining stamina to hide his voice from Loki with music will. If he was correct in his assumption, he could afford to do such a thing now.

"What use is there in speaking with me, demon. Just hurry how and kill me." Elder Daiyu's voice sounded out, although it was much weaker than ever before.

Although Dyon was a bit confused at first, with a brief explanation from the Dragon King and his own deductions, he began to understand.

Elder Daiyu was a former dao formation expert. As a martial warrior having reached that level, even if his soul lagged behind by an entire large cultivation barrier, he would have still managed to grow a celestial level soul. As a result, that soul would be able to survive even in the case of the death of the body for however long that person's remaining life span was.

However, since Elder Daiyu's soul was heavily damaged, it was likely that his soul wouldn't last that long.

Essentially, Elder Daiyu's soul had gained the necessary characteristics to survive independently of a body, but it no longer had the power to do so. As a result, he was in this odd in between where he was very conscious of himself slowly dying.

"I only wanted to here if the pathetic old man in front of me had any last words. The fact you still somehow think I'm the Dragon King is irrelevant to me. You've long since lost my respect, and I won't be sparing the Daiyu family. You can consider them gone along with your death." Dyon spoke calmly. To anyone watching, it was as though he didn't have the threat of Loki looming over his head. In fact, it was as though he was heavily injured at all even though few would even be able to be conscious under such harsh wounds.

Elder Daiyu didn't know what to say in response. Before, he had thought that the Dragon King was trying to lie to him. However, what reason did the Dragon King had to lie now? He was already dying and couldn't retaliate, by all rights if Dyon was the true Dragon King, he would be gloating right now.

However, how could Elder Daiyu be at ease knowing that he had not only died for nothing, his clan would too? He felt an endless regret, but there was nothing he could do… Even if Dyon did nothing, he would die a true death within a few days, and without him, the Daiyu were next to nothing even in this universe.

Plus, how could King Belmont allow traitors to live?

Even still, the anger that was boiling with Elder Daiyu had no room to vent, and Dyon wouldn't allow him to even if he did.

Had he cared when he took Dyon to be sacrificed? Did he think about those who cared for him? For those who would shed tears when he was gone?

From the very beginning, Elder Daiyu had done nothing but act selfishly. Even if the all began because of his anger at the loss of his brothers, had he chosen to accept the fact the Dragon King was cleansed and done away with, none of this would have happened.

"Where's Jade." Dyon suddenly asked, pausing before he devoured Elder Daiyu's soul. Although devour could read memories, it required extra control and soul strength Dyon simply could not divert right now. So, he thought he was at least try his luck although it was unlikely that Elder Daiyu would answer in his current state of anger.

A bitter laugh inadvertently escaped Elder Daiyu. He sounded aggrieved and wronged, never thinking he would die in such a pitiful manner, but he answered anyway, purely because he knew the truth of the matter would leave Dyon at a loss.

"Even if I wanted to tell you, it would be impossible. Part of the soul contract she forced Lei'er to sign included erasing the memories of what she asked for. Even I don't know what we gave to her, nor do I know where she went."

Dyon's brows furrowed. It seemed like he wouldn't be able to deal with all of his problems at once today. He didn't know why, but Jade was the enemy that made him feel the most uncomfortable.

What Dyon didn't know was that when next he met Jade, the word uncomfortable wouldn't be enough to describe it.


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