Reaper of the Martial World
580 Treasure 4
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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580 Treasure 4

Loki looked toward Elder Daiyu's corpse, about to head in that direction. After all, if he remembered correctly, the Daiyu had a pseudo weapon of the 33 heavens that would likely be much more willing to be conquered. Plus, Elder Daiyu had the only means other than The Seal to open up the channel to the entity. However, before he got far, he heard the clanging of metal meeting tough rock.

When he looked over, he noticed in all his anger, he had forgotten the treasure that had caught his attention the most. Because Dyon's body had been charred black, and it had been held so tightly against his body, it almost blended in seamlessly. But, Loki's kick finally caused Dyon to drop it.

With a new light in his eyes, Loki laughed himself silly. To him, he felt that although he had never heard of this weapon being on the 33 heavens list, it was in no way inferior. In fact, it might even be superior.

Madly grinning, Loki walked over and picked up a 6-foot-long jet-black sword. He almost lost himself in happiness when he felt no resistance from the sword. In fact, the sword itself was almost begging to be bounded, giving off the vibes that it was disappointed with its previous owner.

"Aiyah. For you to have chosen such a weak master, I can understand how you feel. Come, show me your power." Loki coaxed the sword, gently stroking it as though he had achieved the greatest thing in his lifetime.

The jet-black sword immediately obliged, morphing itself into a black wrist band and happily allowing Loki to soul bind it.

In an instant, Loki was flooded with information of the sword's various possible forms. But, that hardly meant much to him. After all, unlike Dyon, he wasn't able to master any weapon on a whim. In fact, Loki rarely used weapons at all. That said, who wouldn't be attracted to armor like this? It was suffice to say that Loki was quite happy.

"Hm… I feel like you were much more powerful before, no?" Loki leaped up from the crater, leisurely walking toward Elder Daiyu's corpse.

Seemingly in response to Loki, a faint light started to shine from the wrist band, causing a seal to break. In an instant, the wrist band went from a normal metal to giving off the airs of a transcendent weapon. This, of course, made Loki delirious with joy.

"So you have seals? Show me how many more you can undo with my current power!" Loki said excitedly.

A second seal snapped, and Loki felt a massive drain on his soul. But he ignored it, happy with the feeling of a supreme level treasure!

This was the feeling that he had felt from Dyon at his peak. He wondered if this was truly the best the sword had to offer. It wouldn't be disappointing, not in the least, but Loki somehow thought there was more.

Just as Loki was thinking this, a third seal snapped. Loki felt his knees buckle as a wave of fatigue overwhelmed him. But when he felt the aura of the weapon, it was no less than that of a pseudo 33 heavens weapons.

A fourth seal snapped.

Loki fell to his knee, gripping his chest in pain. This strain, this was without a doubt the equivalent stamina drain to a true 33 heavens weapon.

"Alright. That's enough." Loki smiled, absolutely content with himself.

He tried to stand up, but that was when something completely out of his expectations occurred.

A fifth seal snapped.

Blood flew from Loki's mouth. He fell to both knees, wheezing and coughing. He didn't understand what was happening, what kind of weapon didn't listen to its master?

The truth was that there were plenty of weapons that housed malevolent souls that often ignored the whims of their master. However, the difference between them and this weapon was the fact that they weren't powerful enough to actually lead to the death of their master by any direct means. However… The Dragon King's Weapon could!

"Having fun?"

Just as Loki was feeling despair for the first time in his life, a voice that should by all right be erased from existence sounded off behind him.

A savage expression spread across Loki's features. Although he was drained, he still had enough to kill a hobble meridian formation expert!


A sixth seal snapped.

Loki felt his flesh nearly collapse inward. His skin hung so closely to his bones that he looked like nothing more than a skeleton.

Dyon weakly stumbled out of the crater. He didn't know how he found energy to climb out, but he had used every ounce of hatred he had for Loki for fuel him. Nothing would stop him from witnessing this man's death.

With all the power he could muster, Dyon kicked Loki's side, sending the 5 meter tall man falling toward his back and looking up listlessly.

"You… How…" Loki spoke weakly. However, it was at this point he began to feel an attack on his soul. The Dragon King was trying to take over his body!

Dyon looked down, having expected this. He wasn't so naïve as to believe that the Dragon King would be loyal to him without their soul bond. But, he let it happen for now, knowing he could stop it in time.

"It's simple really, I just used the soul power I devoured from you to seal my soul with The Seal. I'm simply smarter than you, nothing more, nothing less."

This answer irritated Loki to no end. Smarter than him? He was the smartest Ragnor in history! Who dared to say something like that to his face?! All of the other faith seeded heroes relied on their overwhelming talent. Only Loki used his head and wits to survive in a clan that placed power over everything!

"You knew… You knew about this weapon…" Loki croaked.

"Of course I did." Dyon stepped forward, crouching down with great difficulty and placing his hand on the black wrist band. In an instant, the Dragon King submitted without resistance. With Dyon's new found weapon's master will, it was even easier than before.

"I'll be taking my things back now, thanks." Dyon said nonchalantly. Although Loki felt a great relief with that soul sucking leech off of his wrist, there was no way he could recover in a short time. However, Dyon's next words sent him into a pit of despair.

"Give me the soul strength you took from him you stingy Dragon King. You didn't attack or defend against anything, so I know you have that power stored somewhere."

Hearing Dyon's order, the Dragon King could only oblige. In an instant, Dyon's soul began to slowly replenish itself. Although a damaged soul couldn't save a damaged soul, Dyon had something Zabia Jafari hadn't had. The ultimate soul replenishing technique: Devour!


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