Reaper of the Martial World
579 Treasure 3
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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579 Treasure 3

Within the Belmont Holy Land, Loki leisurely approached Dyon's corpse. He mused to himself about how he might have gone a bit too far considering the size of the crater before him.

Just before he started, Dyon had been on flat land, and all of his lightning strikes landed directly onto his body. That meant that whatever crater was formed was directly because of Dyon's body slamming into the ground and taking the brunt of the damage. It was almost like Loki had used Dyon like a drill-bit.

Seeing this, Loki was almost impressed. How could any living being survive such torment for such a long time? It wasn't as though he had asked for much, he just wanted Dyon to give up. Whether that be the fight in his eyes fading, or him pleading for mercy.

"Aiyah. With such a strong will, he would have made a great experimental subject. He wouldn't have been as fragile as all the other ones that died from a little poking."

Reaching the edge of the crater, Loki looked down at Dyon and sighed.

By now, Dyon's body was charred completely black. Aside from his face and neck that Loki has purposefully avoided to ensure he didn't die too soon, it could be said that it was a surprise if Dyon's body didn't fall to ash if you simply touched it.

A mist of red lay around him, some of which tainted the ground. One could imagine that this red was likely the blood the leaked from the cracks in Dyon's skin. Loki had almost forgotten that Dyon wasn't only dealing with the impact of the lightning strike, but also the blood boiling heat that was its after effect. Even though Loki hadn't used red lightning, the Ragnor's most destructive, it wouldn't have been surprising for Dyon's body to heat up to a few thousand degrees.

"Tsk, even I'm starting to feel bad now." Loki said to himself, hardly sounding sympathetic. At the start, he had held back from causing Dyon fatal damage, focusing on keeping him alive. But, as time turned to hours, the stubbornness in his eyes began to irritate Loki. At this point, Loki wouldn't be surprised if even Dyon's inner organs had turned black as well.

A moment later, Loki stood over top of Dyon.

He leisurely bent his knees as though he was going to sit on a throne, causing his once empty back to manifest exactly that. An instant later, Dyon's body raised up and onto a platform, making it convenient for Loki to access.

The entire process was seamless, and there was seemingly only a small stream of saint energy used the entire time. This was without a doubt the rare magic that so few could use. One couldn't help wonder, just what Loki's backstory was.

In the mortal realm, the stories of him being a trickster and a powerful warlock seemed to be true. But, was he really the son of a Frost Giant? The Ragnors didn't seem like the caring type Odin was portrayed as in the origin stories of Loki… After all, according to the mortal realm stories, Odin adopted Loki to teach him kindness and morality before raising him like his own son. Were the real world Ragnors so magnanimous? Only a fool would believe so.

Loki excitedly began to slip Dyon's spatial rings off. Many of them had been formerly concealed, but with Dyon's soul death, they were all laid bare for Loki's eyes.

Remembering the ridiculous amount of wealth this boy displayed at the world tournament moved even Loki. Just his energy stones alone were worth a few hundred thousand transcendent stones. That was more wealth than a lot of lower level dao formation experts. Of course Loki was interested!

"Tch." Loki looked disappointed though. As soon as he started going through Dyon's ring and didn't find a single energy stone, he could only lament the fact that Dyon had left them behind for his wives. What Loki didn't know was that before he arrived, Dyon had poured all of his energy stones into the demon sage's tower because that was the only way for it to defend against attacks above sainthood.

However, when Loki remembered how many treasures Dyon had, and how he could always go and take Dyon's wives for himself now, he calmed himself. Everything would be his in due time.

The next thing Loki looked for were Dyon's 33 heaven weapons. But, that was yet another disappointment for him.

Although Dyon made conquering these weapons look easy, the truth of the matter was that these weapons were exceedingly arrogant to their bones. Whereas Dyon never considered the fact that they might reject him for even a moment, the categorically and emphatically turned their nose up at Loki.

The veins on Loki's head were threatening to burst. Even if death this Dyon seemed to want to anger him to follow in death too!

The aurora steps showed no sign of movement and didn't even willingly leave the spatial ring until Loki destroyed the spatial ring itself. And then there was an ancient tome that was so tightly latched that it would open no matter what Loki did.

To make matters worse, Loki tried to then find The Seal, knowing very well that Dyon had it, but if even Dyon couldn't find The Seal when it was within his own body, despite his ridiculous senses, how could Loki find it when it didn't want to be found by an inferior owner?

At this point, Loki was losing his mind in anger. He was the one who always played tricks on others, not the other way around. How could he tolerate this?!

Loki lashed out in a rage, violently kicking away Dyon's body without remorse and sending himself tumbling away. If Loki didn't think the entity might still have a use for Dyon, he would have directly incinerated his body.

"Trash." Loki muttered under his breath.


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