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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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573 Hope? 3

Grand Elder Cormyth grit his teeth when he saw the failure of the Sigebryht. Maybe if Head Sigebryht was here, their coordination would be much better, but how could they call him back now? He was also in the midst of fighting all out with those celestials above!

They could only rely on the Aedre and Ingram to try their hand. Maybe, just maybe, they'd have a possibility for success. If either were able to weaken the creatures, the Sigebryht might then be able to step in again to fully seal them.

The Aedre family formed raging rivers in the air. The Sigebryht were forced to protect them from the onslaught of Ragnors who sought to stop their attempts. This caused the battle field to split into two, the chaotic mess occurring on the arena floor, and the battle for the skies.

In Ingram family sprung into action all at once. Their golden hair shone brightly as their halo manifestations bloomed into existence.

Blinding lights threatened to overtake the pillars of red light, causing them to shy away.

A flash of hope crossed the eyes of Ire Pakal and grand elder Cormyth. If the red crystals were afraid of purity, this would be helpful. The only problem was the light will wasn't the greatest source of purity… However, it was the best they had!

The blinding golden lights began to slowly merge with the raging rivers formed by the Aedre family, working together seamlessly to create waters of gold that washed over the battle field.

The red crystals shrunk away, almost shrieking in agitation at the new feeling of pain. They were continuously beat away from the waves, allowing the Pakals to hack them apart, dismembering their fellow dead clansmen to immobilize them.

Seeing this, the Sigebryht tried to seal the weakened will, but it seemed nearly impossible and they could only struggle in vein.

However, there was a ray of hope now. With the combined efforts of the Aedre and Ingram families, the battle field seemed to shift its momentum once again.

This sudden change couldn't help but be felt by the Ragnor clan higher ups. They had hoped that this war would end easily with the use of this tactic, but the control of the Elves exceeded their expectations.

That said… The red crystals were an artificial will. In fact, one might even go so far as to call it a living parasitic organism… There were very few things in the world that could adapt as quickly as it, and even fewer things that had the strength to.

It only took a moment for the effectiveness of the golden water to drastically diminish, and the truth of the matter was that this was just as bad for the Ragnors as it was for their enemies.

All this time, the Ragnors had made counter measures designed for the strand of will they were most familiar with. But, what if it evolved?...


Within the Belmont Holy Land, lightning continued to rain down on Dyon's body.

Loki seemed to purposefully weaken his attacks, laughing to himself lightly as though he was watching what amused him most.

"Aiyah. All you have to do is give up and I can stop torturing you. Think about it, dying peacefully. Sounds nice, doesn't it?

"I get it, you must be worried about your wives? I assure you I'm not interested in little girls – ah, who am I kidding, they're two little beauties. But, I can promise to treat them well. I learn from my past experiences. I once had a couple of cultivation incubators commit suicide on me. That's no good."

Every time a bolt of lightning hit Dyon, his body was lurch, charring his skin and nearly stopping his heart entirely. In fact, sometimes his heart really did stop…

Loki would watch as his body turned blue, choking and begging for air before he sent another bolt to restart Dyon's heart…

It was a vicious cycle of torture that made even Dyon wish he was really dead… But every time he nearly closed his eyes, his master's last words to him would ring in his ears, causing the fire in his eyes that was slowly dimming, to weakly flicker to life…

The flames of his life were akin to a small bonfire left out in a blizzard, and the only thing protecting it from the harsh winds was his body.

But even he didn't know how much longer he could last…


Near a dormant and forgotten gate, wild spatial fluctuations were oscillating. The air whined and groaned as it distorted and bent to the whims of two people much more powerful than it.

An instant later, a man and woman that could only be described as divine stepped out.

The man had sleek black hair that was combed back along with a well-kept and trimmed beard. His eyes shone a bright gold, and his handsome features were chiseled and gave off a stoic atmosphere.

The woman was a delicate beauty beyond words. There would be no doubt that had Dyon been there, he wouldn't have hesitated to acknowledge that she was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen…

Her skin was flawless and her legs were long and silky. Her curves were nothing short of perfection and her loose white robes could hardly hide her ample breasts and wide hips. Even her golden eyes gave off a sense of endless attraction and seduction very few could match.

These two were quite literally a match made in heaven and only the most powerful of experts through the cosmos could attain this level of perfection…

"Amell…" The woman spoke softly, with a voice so melodic that the air around her seemed to sing with pleasure.

A serious expression appeared on the face of the man as his brows furrowed. "Let's hope we're not too late."


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