Reaper of the Martial World
565 Come Out 4
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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565 Come Out 4

Dyon's speed was blinding. By relying on his black knight's armor to protect his body, he could use his soul to freely power his speed to its peak levels.

It didn't take Dyon too long to notice that although his soul had been boosted in power output, the pressure it placed on Patriarch Ragnor wasn't vastly increased as he had hoped. A small portion of him clung to the idea that Patriarch Ragnor and Elder Daiyu's souls might directly collapse under the pressure the aurora steps put on them. But, clearly the aurora steps didn't acknowledge the hollow increase in his soul power.

But, that didn't matter. As long as he could stop Patriarch Ragnor from moving, that was enough!

Elder Daiyu watched helplessly as Dyon's figure blurred toward him.

A scythe filled with second intent level death qi whipped toward his robust scales.

There was no movement for Elder Daiyu. With the damage of his soul that the Celestial Deer Sect had caused, the aurora steps had an even greater effect on him than Patriarch Ragnor!

Thousand of weapon's hell arrays filled the skies, bombarding Elder Daiyu with endless death qi filled javelins. There was no hesitation or sympathy in Dyon's actions. He unleashed powerful attack after powerful attack. If he didn't do so, he wouldn't have any chance of winning.

Elder Daiyu was unable to react in the least. Countless cuts filled his robust scales, chipping them off under the endless flurry of attacks.

Soul strength was neglected because it was the most difficult discipline to apply into real power… And the truth of that was on full display…

Although Dyon's soul strength had been boosted to dao formation levels, allowing him to use his supreme law wills without reserve and allowing the use of the Dragon King's weapon to its fullest extent, his attack strength was still pitiful in the face of Elder Daiyu, even when he was unable to retaliate.

If it wasn't for the fact Dyon had access to a supreme law, he might not be able to injure Elder Daiyu in his current form at all!

7 seconds…

Patriarch Ragnor struggled to lift his head up. He had been worried about what was happening, but when he saw how Dyon's endless attacks were only causing flesh wounds, he couldn't help but laugh uproariously.

"Struggle! Go on!" Patriarch Ragnor could tell that this would last long for Dyon. Although he was upset by the fact that Dyon was burning his soul, which would cause trouble for their plans, it was better than him dying. The entity would likely punish them severely, but Patriarch Ragnor knew that he still needed them – so, his life was safe for now.

Dyon ignored Patriarch Ragnor's laughter. His attacks became faster and more pointed.

He tried mixing in all kinds of wills.

His black flames, his white flames. He even used his crystal will to amplify his attacks to their fullest extent.

Dyon wasn't willing to divert his soul power from powering his armor, to powering his scythe. If he did so, one swipe from Elder Daiyu would be able to end his life. But… Dyon knew he had to risk it… There just wasn't enough time left!

5 seconds…

The armor completely disappeared from Dyon's body just as he diverted all of his energy to the scythe in his hand, powering the Dragon King's weapon to total offense.

His scythe swung downward, coated with a powerful edge of 5th level fused sword and space will, accompanied by blazing black flames and endless death qi.

"AAAGGHHHH." Elder Daiyu roared as his arm went flying, accompanied by a chorus of blood that drained out of his 20-meter-tall figure.

Dyon's eyes widened.

The effectiveness of the Dragon King's weapon was astounding. Although Dyon immediately felt a massive drain on his soul, despite his burning state, he couldn't help but feel respect.

When properly fueled, the Dragon King's weapon was likely the greatest in existence! How many weapons could boast having been forged by the cultivation of a transcendent?!

Dyon rushed forward, a vicious glint in his eyes. His arms were tired, his soul was crying out in despair, and he was mentally fatigued beyond belief. But, all he saw was victory.

4 seconds…

A tempest of winds followed Dyon's swing as he poured everything he had into hacking at Elder Daiyu's neck, continuously pinning him down with endless weapon's hell arrays.

His weapon's hall pagoda appeared domineeringly in the air. Much like the aurora steps, it didn't acknowledge Dyon's superficial increase in power, and thus didn't produce supreme level weapons. But, it allowed Dyon to pump out near endless amount of grandmaster level weapons that were a mere breath away from becoming transcendent level weapons!

Explosions of epic proportions continuously raged across Elder Daiyu's massive figure, keeping him pinned down as Dyon swung toward his neck without remorse.

All of his anger, hatred and loathing were backed by this single strike.

His arrogance poured out from his very being. In his mind, there was nothing in this universe capable of stopping him. Nothing in the universe worthy of stopping his strike.

Even if all of the transcendents in existence wanted Elder Daiyu to live today, he wouldn't.

A mantra rang forth from Dyon's mind as he roared with all his might.

If God stood before him, he would slay God. If Buddha stepped before him, he would slay Buddha.

A new will bloomed into existence at that very moment. It was a will that universe had never gifted to anyone… And a will only Dyon would ever be worthy of wielding…

It had a simple name… But this simple name would resonate through out the whole of the cosmos in just a few hundred years…

At that moment, Dyon's sword and spear will disappeared from existence, being unworthy of coexisting with this will… A will that would become Dyon's second comprehended supreme law… The will of a Weapon's Master…

Dyon's scythe connected with the vein of Elder Daiyu's massive neck. There was a moment between the two of them that seemed to extend a split second into hours.

In that time, Dyon saw a flood of emotions spill from Elder Daiyu's eyes… But in the end, there was only regret and resignation…

Elder Daiyu's head flew from his shoulders, and with it went the life of a former mighty dao formation expert…

3 seconds…


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