Reaper of the Martial World
563 Come Out 2
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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563 Come Out 2

In the deep reaches of space, King Acacia desperately carried his wife toward the only place he knew might save her. He hadn't hesitated to leave Ri behind because he had a full understanding of the protection she had. The demon sage's tower alone couldn't be scratched by a saint level being. And, with how many energy stones Dyon had at his disposal, she would easily be able to power defenses to stop celestials. In fact, if Dyon had any transcendent stones, even defending attacks from peak dao formation experts would be child's play.

He had no way of knowing that his daughter would dive head first into danger. Before he left, he sent message after message telling her that he would be back and not to do anything reckless… But, maybe if he took some time to see how lost he was with his wife's fragile frame in his arms, he would understand his daughter's feelings too…

"Mm…" Kawa groaned. Her body was bloodied beyond belief and with her control over her body, she could tell that her spine was broken in several places.

"Don't move, don't move." King Acacia grit his teeth, increasing his pace. He flashed forward hundreds of miles at a time, slicing through space and appearing to teleport with each step he took.

"Edrym… No…" Kawa protested. She could hardly open her eyes, but she could tell that her husband was getting farther and farther away from the battle. How could she allow their allies to lose such a strong supporter just because of her? This was about the life and death of more than one person.

"Don't speak, Kawa."

"You don't understand…" Kawa spoke through a fit of coughs. "If you leave them, there's no chance…"

A deep frown surfaced on King Acacia's features. He hadn't comprehended just how his wife had been defeated so quickly…

When they had fought Patriarch Cavositas, before his untimely demise due to being pushed too far, King Acacia had determined that his fighting prowess was no less than the peak of the celestial stage. However, even then he knew fully well that his wife could last more than a few bouts against him.

And yet, King Acacia had used no more than a few seconds to cool the atmosphere and stop the chain reaction that threatened to destroy the earth, but Kawa had been beaten in that time? It made no sense.

If King Acacia knew that Patriarch Ragnor claimed to be at the peak of the celestial stage as well, he would be even more confused!

"He's… He's not a celestial…" Kawa struggled to speak, trying to get her words out. But, her collapsed lungs were making even breathing difficult.

"Not a celestial?" Those words were like thunder in King Acacia's ears.

What did Kawa mean not a celestial? Could he already be a dao formation expert? That didn't make any sense!

In addition, if that was the case, why would he lie to Dyon about what his martial prowess was? Wouldn't it have been more impactful to say that he was a dao formation expert? Wouldn't that have made Dyon feel more despair?

Kawa tried to shake her head but failed miserably. The eruption of pain it sent down her spine made her regret her decision instantly.

"He's not .. a d- dao formation expert." Kawa choked out, "He's a –" A fit of coughs erupted from Kawa as blood flew from her mouth. "He's a saint!"

King Acacia nearly froze in the air.

A saint? What?

Didn't he manipulate celestial energy? Didn't he defeat Kawa? How could he just be a saint?

None of this made any sense. If he was a saint, why hadn't King Acacia, someone known for his sensory abilities, been able to see through it? Even more importantly, why was this something Kawa was so afraid of? She had clearly just said that if King Acacia left, there would be no chance… What was going on?!

King Acacia couldn't split his mind to think about it. He could only hope that Kawa found enough energy to explain, or that she became healed enough to do so.

Hours had passed since the war broke out, at least half a day, in reality. And although the pace at with a celestial could cross the universe was quick, Kawa couldn't protect herself from the dangers, so King Acacia had no choice but to divert some of his own power. This not only slowed him, but likely put more strain on Queen Acacia's injuries.

But soon, the hours of work paid off and King Acacia saw exactly what he needed approaching quickly: The Ice Belt.

With Kawa's Kitsune lineage, especially the fact she was the river Kitsune, her affinity for water type wills was nearly unparalleled. If she was a normal human with this type of affinity, it would hardly matter. But, remember that beasts are meant to be the physical representations of the will they represent for the sake of the balance of the universe. This meant that there was nothing in the universe more suited to healing Kawa than a bombardment of the strongest water type abyssal cores available to the universe!

Seeing where they were, Kawa could only smile weakly and bitterly. It was clear that her husband hadn't heeded her warning at all. Now, even if he hurried back on his own, it would take at least a few hours. They were hundreds of galaxies and countless solar systems away now much to her frustration.

Kawa wanted to use essence energy to communicate her words, but she was simply tapped out and only had enough energy to struggle to stay awake.

Within her, something sinister was spreading… A poison Dyon was all too familiar with… Except not only was this on an entirely other level… Kawa didn't have the strength to fight it…


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