Reaper of the Martial World
562 Come Out 1
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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562 Come Out 1

Ri held her hand to her chest, deeply frowning. Because of her soul bond Dyon, she could feel all of his emotions. She was clearer than anyone on the amount of agonizing pain that her husband was under right now, but she had forcefully pushed it down and ignored it so that she could focus on the task at hand.

However… Something was different now… Before, Dyon's pain was within her scope of understanding. But now?... It felt like his very soul was screaming…

Ri grit her teeth, her blue-silver eyes glistening with tears as a fierce aura leaked from her. Dyon was fighting with everything he had to survive, but the people responsible for his struggles were right in front of her.

Before, she had thoughts of subduing them and capturing them as prisoners. Now though… She wanted nothing more than to see them all die.

An army of demon generals was truly different, especially with Dyon's vice commanders leading the way.

Initially, the Daiyu had every thought of focusing their attacks of Ri, capturing her, and forcing the rest to surrender. However, there was a massive issue with their plans: the narrow path of the cave.

The entrance of the cave only allowed for 4 large bodies to cross shoulder to shoulder – being only about 3 or so meters across. As soon as the demon generals surrounding Ri noticed the focus of the Daiyu, they immediately retreated, anchoring themselves as the cave entrance. As a result, the Daiyu lost much of the advantage their superior numbers gave them.

At most, only two people side by side could attack comfortably. But, when those two people were facing two of the best saint demon generals Dyon had in his army, what chance did they have?

River and Ronica's beautiful and immaculate figures stood before Ri and the 8 other demon generals, facing the onslaught of Daiyu while somehow maintaining their elegance and gracefulness.

Both used twin delicate short swords, and they seemed to work together seamlessly.

Although the demon generals behind them were prepared to step in should their stamina give way, with how used the demon generals were to fighting campaigns for months on end, it almost seemed unnecessary.

Seeing the situation, Ri had half a mind to leave the demon generals and head into the cave with Lionel as their guide, but this was much too risky.

Having confirmed that Lionel was in fact a traitor as Dyon had guessed, allowing them to lead them through territory he saw as his own turf would be too idiotic.

The truth was that with Ri's soul bond to Dyon, she could find his general location. The problem was that the Belmont Holy Land was a maze filled with the highest forms of spatial energy.

The spatial energy itself meant nothing to Ri. No matter how high the quality of space will, how could it match her Void supreme law? Unlike most, the spatial fluctuations of the Belmont Holy Land were no more than a nuisance to Ri – one she could easily decipher if given enough time.

The real problem was the maze aspect. If Ri had to follow a straight line, finding Dyon would be easy. But, that was obviously impossible in a maze. Following Lionel into an unknown land like that was practically suicide.

And, that was not even to mention the most glaring problem with this approach…

If Lionel was capable of navigating the tunnels and finding positions of things within the Belmont Holy Land, why had the Daiyu needed Meiying or Jade at all? Couldn't they have just saved themselves the hassle by using Lionel? Had they done that, their plan might have unfolded seamlessly because Meiying would have never outed their plans.

Initially, when the Daiyu saw that two women were obstructing their path, being an attack force made up of a predominantly male lineup, there were plenty of raised eyebrows and lewd smiles – especially considering the beauty of River and Ronica. But, when their tough bodies started to sliced apart by domineering sword intent, and the bodies began to pile at the cave entrance, they couldn't help but shift in their assessment of these beauties.

The task of overwhelming the demon generals at the cave entrance only became more and more difficult as the bodies of the fallen began to obstruct their path. It became an added extra layer of defense of Ri and her protectors.

Even worse was the fact the Daiyu's decision to attack Ri first had placed them in a pincer-like situation. The 3000 demon generals, under the command of the vice commanders, were calm and collected. They fully understood that Ri was safe for the foreseeable future because of the communication arrays that had long since been implanted within them by Dyon. As such, they could focus on an organized attack of the scattered Daiyu and Niveus God Sect.

Although Evelyn had made it a point to only bring along higher essence gathering experts and saints, how could they hope to match up against the demon generals? If it wasn't for the sheer amount of Niveus God Sect members, coupled with the tens of thousands of Daiyu who attacked the Belmont Holy Land, this battle would have long since been over.

That said, underestimating the Daiyu would be foolhardy. This was a clan capable of wiping out an entire Royal God Clan. They also had access to some the bests legacies in the entire quadrants, and across quadrants in general. Couple this with their robust stamina and strong bodies – provided to them by their Black Jade Dragon bloodline – and they would be a difficult opponent to face.

Explosions and sounds of battle once again rained down on the Belmont Holy Land.

The pointed and methodical advance of the demon generals was met by an odd mixture of beauties and testosterone. However, it was clear that the Niveus and Daiyu were slowly organizing themselves.

With the absence of Elder Daiyu, the Daiyu were a bit slow. But, they had vice commanders of their own. Now that the element of surprise was slowly fading, this would be a tough battle.


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