Reaper of the Martial World
561 Final Stand 3
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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561 Final Stand 3

Dyon landed on the ground heavily. The pain was so much that he still couldn't see clearly, but knowing that he had lost the protection of his puppet, he could only force himself to focus. However… If such a thing was so easy, he wouldn't have been screaming in agony to begin with.

Seeing the puppet finally lose hold of its master, Elder Daiyu's large figure stalked over to the barely conscious Dyon.

"Elder Daiyu!" Patriarch Ragnor tried again. He didn't dare to get too close because he could clearly tell that Elder Daiyu had lost his rationality. If he tried to approach such a monster, he might be the one to die first!

"Stay your hand! If you do this, think of the consequences! Your Daiyu clan will never rise up again without his help. In fact, if you push him, he may very well destroy your lineage as you know it!" Patriarch Ragnor gritted his teeth.

He just wasn't listening! He was already standing over Dyon as though he was looking down at a dead man.

The veins on his enormous body continued to pump with such robust vitality that his mere presence caused the air around him to tremble. Even the flickers of flames that danced around his lips gave off an oppressive heat that seared Dyon's skin.

Ragged and shallow breaths escaped the thin opening of Dyon's mouth. He wanted nothing more than to take a deep breath, but every time he tried, the shattered mess that used to be his rib cage would scrape against his lungs.

He had thoughts of using the last slivers of his soul strength to try and heal himself, but that was nothing more than a pipe dream. Not only was the stamina he had left much too piss poor to even attempt such a thing, even if he had full stamina it would be exceedingly difficult now that his body had broken into sainthood. Unfortunately, such a powerful body was a double edged sword for Dyon right now.

"Do you know your crimes?" Elder Daiyu's voice was no longer calm, in fact it had dropped at least three octaves and was now deep and resounding. Every rumbling syllable he spoke caused his throat to light up, as though his words themselves were as scolding as molten lava.

Dyon coughed heavily, smirking through his pain. "Fuck off old man. As though you have any right to bitch and moan to me right now."

Elder Daiyu looked down at Dyon silently, his eyes burning with rage. In this form, his pupils looked no different than the yellow slits of a snake. In front of anyone else, it should have elicited fear beyond belief. And yet, Dyon practically spit in his face.

"Two of my brothers. Two men who were rising into their own. Killed by a senior who should have been overlooking their improvement. For what? So, you could imprint your name on history some more? So, you could trample those who couldn't protect themselves? So no one would forget the name of the Dragon King?" Elder Daiyu's questioning became more and more pointed.

The Dragon King had long since become a taboo for the Drago-Qilin lands. He was still a man known as the strongest in their history – completely uncontested – but, with his reputation and stories came an inescapable blemish. This was a man who was so enraptured and engrossed in his own self-fulfillment that he didn't care to dominate era after era of Drago-Qilin history.

Many of the greatest epochs were all led by him! He refused to allow any era to grow without his stamp on them. He cared not for anyone but himself!

"Years. Decades. Centuries. Millenia. More! Time and time again your name comes up in our history.

"Maybe if under different circumstances, I would have paid my respects to you. But you dared to kill my brothers! And with them went their futures! You shattered everything in the name of your own goals! And today you'll die by my hand!" Elder Daiyu's voice boomed with such force than Dyon's body sunk into the ground even further.

Suddenly, Dyon started laughing. His laugh was filled with such hatred… Such animosity… Such a killing intent that even Elder Daiyu's rage was cut through in an instant.

"To dare stand in front of me…" Blood seeped from Dyon's lips, "And talk about fairness… About people trampling over what they please… About your family dying?!"

Dyon's gaze pierced toward Elder Daiyu. Despite being the one being forcefully stamped into the ground, his eyes were so arrogant and lofty that it almost seemed as though he couldn't bear to lower himself to look at Elder Daiyu.

"You're angry? You feel despair? You want vengeance? You want to vent your anger? You hypocritical bitch!

"Your cries of passion mean nothing to me. Your hatred means even less. If I saw your brothers die right in front of me I wouldn't bat an eye, in fact, I might laugh.

"For the sake of your clan, you shackled mine. For the sake of your survival, you want to sacrifice the life of a boy. And now for the sake of your anger, you want to throw all of that away? So you can feel fulfilled? So you can feel better about yourself?"

Blazing white erupted from Dyon with his every word. His anger had reached such a fiendish level that he couldn't even believe what he was hearing anymore. He couldn't help but laugh – laugh at this martial world that only seemed to see things from their perspective.

His words seemed to pierce through to Elder Daiyu, but he couldn't be bothered to care. This Elder Daiyu had done too much. He wouldn't be forgiven. Not in this life. And not in the next.

Dyon knew fully well what he was about to do was nothing short of a death sentence. Although he was able to save Zabia from this fate, that was only because he had access to his own soul strength. But, if Dyon did this, it would be his own soul dissipating… How could one use a damaged soul to save a damaged soul?...

"I'm going to kill you." Dyon said as his aura erupted. The black band on his wrist immediately sprang to life, coating him in his black knight's armor.

His two pair of wings sprang from his back as he lifted into the air… But this time, the armor perfectly formed around them, turning his angelic feathers into black and shining metallic blades.

"I'm going to rip your arms out of their sockets. I'm going to tear your wings from your back.

"Every bit of despair the Dragon King once made you feel, I'm going to make you feel it again. And then I'll make sure that your entire clan is wiped from existence."

Elder Daiyu and Patriarch Ragnor felt an oppressive might wash over them in an instant.

Normally when someone burns their soul, they could jump as much as one entire cultivation level… A saint could become a celestial… or a celestial a dao expert…

However, Dyon's soul was no normal soul… He wasn't just burning his own talent… He was burning the talent of billions…

This was his final stand…

A culmination of power only made possible by all those who had died…


Almost forgot to mention that patrons finished up this arc about a week ago. So, you're interested, do check out my ******* page. Other than that, hope you're enjoying, have a nice day :)


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