Reaper of the Martial World
560 Final Stand 2
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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560 Final Stand 2

Elder Daiyu's oppressive aura seethed. He had a single goal: destruction.

Dyon's puppet had long since lost its connection to its master, but it could follow simple and logical commands. It understood that Dyon was its master and therefore understood it had the obligation to protect.

In one swift motion, the puppet picked Dyon off of its massive head and cradled him into a pocket between its hand and chest, facing the coming Elder Daiyu with a single sword in its free hand.

"Elder Daiyu, keep your head. If you kill him, there'll be no hope for either of us." Patriarch Ragnor's frown deepened. With all of his years of cultivation experience, how could he not sense the endless killing intent coming off of Elder Daiyu? He had no intention of subduing Dyon, he wanted his death!

However, Elder Daiyu either didn't hear Patriarch Ragnor's words, or he couldn't bother to care. The only reason Elder Daiyu was forced to follow the orders of the entity was because of the arrays within him right now. But, if he disregarded his life completely, what reason should he have to care about such a thing? He'd put everything on the line to kill this Dragon King for good now!

A roar filled with anger, remorse and unbridled hatred filled the air. This time, the lock down on space was so domineering that even the arrays within the dead kings valley puppet shook, nearly shattering in an instant.

This wasn't a rudimentary domain… It was a true domain!

Patriarch Ragnor could no longer move, let alone speak. His own cultivation threatened to collapse in on itself under Elder Daiyu's oppressive might. He could only imagine what the results would be if that aura was focused on himself as opposed to that puppet!

The slits of Elder Daiyu's eyes flashed as his clawed feet dug into the earth, propelling him forward with speed so fast that he seemed to teleport to Dyon's position in an instant.

The puppet could hardly react within the tempest of winds that violently whipped around it. Even the screams of Dyon's agonizing pain were drowned out by Elder Daiyu's sheer movement speed.

Thousands of tiny explosions set off with his every shift.

A once mighty sword became akin to a twig being carried around on the whim of a tornado. Elder Daiyu's claw like fists careened forward, meeting the puppet's weak attempts at defense with a clash that destroyed the land beneath their feet.

The sword flew from the puppet's hand as its massive body flew through the air hundreds of meters at a time, its armored arm trembling under the impact.

Even if Elder Daiyu was half as rational, he would have still been just as surprised as he was now. Despite the anger burning in his chest, his senses were pushed to the max. How could he not immediately notice that his strike – a strike only capable of being matched by dao formation experts – didn't result in the puppet crumbling to ashes?! In fact, even the sword had not a single dent on it! Just what was this puppet made out of?!

However, none of this stopped Elder Daiyu from flapping his massive fifteen-meter-long wings, following the flying puppet with speed just as domineering as before.

How could Elder Daiyu know just what puppets Dyon was using?

At their peak, this battle would have been nothing but a joke to them even if Dyon didn't take control of them. These were puppets designed by the Elves to protect their most sacred lands, how could they not be the best of the best? In fact, these puppets were specially crafted by the Celestial Deer Sect for their Elvin allies. And at their peak, they could fight peak dao formation experts without the control of a master!

With a puppet so powerful, the materials that made it up couldn't be underestimated in the least. To be able to withstand the amount of enigmatic energy it once held, the obsidian-like armor that coated the puppet and the sword were without a doubt some of the highest quality materials in the entire cosmos!

Elder Daiyu's scaled fists slammed into the puppet again. There was no suspense, without being able to properly accumulate its energy with any sort of efficiency, its battle prowess had fallen to the level of a saint despite its defenses remaining robust.

Its massive body skidded across the ground, drawing crater after crater in this once lush inner world. Elder Daiyu's roars of rage only intensified with every pass moment, unable to contain his emotions. He blindingly attacked again and again, looking to shatter the puppet completely!

Dyon's cries of agony rang out even from his protected pocket. With every earth-shattering blow Elder Daiyu landed, even though his puppet absorbed much of it, Dyon's bones still continuously shattered, amplifying the backlash he was already suffering.

His blood curdling screams even managed to resound atop of the chorus of loud explosions, somehow outwardly projected by his music will despite his broken stamina. His emotions were conveyed so deeply that even the universe acknowledged it to be at the level of a will despite not having the backing of his soul.

Elder Daiyu's every breath was so hot that flames flew from his lips as he stood over the puppet.

Small fissures began to spread across the one flawless armor. The arrays within the puppet were so damaged that it seemed as though the only action it could take was to continuously protect Dyon.

Elder Daiyu gripped the ankle of the puppet, wrapping his claw around it so tightly that the groaning of the material could be heard.

He lifted it upward, swinging downward with such ferocity that one could almost forget that the puppet should have weighed an astronomical amount… Until it slammed into the ground…

The puppets mechanisms completely shattered on impact, sending Dyon flying through the air like a boneless doll… His limbs were bent in such inhumane positions that one couldn't help but to avert their eyes.

His consciousness was barely holding on by a string… He knew that whatever hope he had would be gone if he allowed darkness to overcome his vision…


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