Reaper of the Martial World
559 Final Stand 1
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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559 Final Stand 1

Elder Daiyu dragged his feet, hardly being capable of movement. But, for some reason, the fire in his eyes had been lit. He had felt that pressure once before. It was the pressure that started all of this! If it wasn't for that weapon, the Daiyu would never be in this situation because he would have been the one to marry the 25th White Mother!

"You… I kill you!" Elder Daiyu roared before falling into a fit of coughing up blood. The arteries and veined he had just closed seemed intent on bursting apart. If he didn't calm himself, he would lose control of his body.

He wasn't being even remotely rational at this point. Even Patriarch Ragnor was confused – but, he dismissed it immediately thinking that Elder Daiyu was just angry because he was so severely injured by a member of the younger generation. How could Patriarch Ragnor know anything about the legend of the Dragon King? To him, Dyon just had some amazing treasures.

To Elder Daiyu, though, they weren't struggling because of Dyon at all, because Dyon was gone the moment he took up the weapon. He wouldn't believe that Dyon grasped control of the Dragon King's weapon, nor would he listen to such an explanation.

How many thousands of dragons and qilins had once tried to conquer this weapon? All of them vastly more powerful than Dyon. Why would he accept such a thing?!

This was the first time Elder Daiyu lost himself in anger. This entire time, Dyon could tell that he was holding back and being apprehensive. His attacks weren't nearly as vicious and pointed as Patriarch Ragnors. But now? There was no sympathy in his actions.

During that time, just as King Acacia had said, there were three outstanding geniuses of the Daiyu who were competing for the chance to marry the 25th White Mother. And yet, there was only Elder Daiyu left.

That wasn't because of the passage of time. Nor was it because of the war. No. There was only him left because the Dragon King had killed the other two! Elder Daiyu's very own blood brothers!

Dyon writhed on the top of his celestial puppet, unable to grasp his bearings. His manifestations had shimmered out of existence, unable to maintain their forms. With them went his Imperial Asura's Eye. If it wasn't for Elder Daiyu being so heavily injured, Dyon wouldn't even have a way to see his movements.

"Black Jade Body: Stage 9!" Elder Daiyu had never once used an attack technique on Dyon. All of his movements had been for control and tiring him out. But, all he saw was red now.

The Black Jade body… A legacy technique exclusive to the Daiyu and one that Chenglei had previously used in his fight against Dyon. This was the very technique that required all of the concentration of one's yang to fuel not only their bodily constitution, but also their will comprehension.

That said, Chenglei's mastery of the technique was akin to an ant when compared to his grandfather.

Elder Daiyu had long since had his dao shattered, causing his cultivation to plummet in all aspects. If he hadn't diverted his obscenely domineering bodily cultivation into preserving his life force, he would have died centuries ago. This was why despite having formerly been a dao formation expert and a dragon, his body was so pitifully weak.

However, he no longer cared about such restrictions. Right in front of him was the man he hated more than the entity itself. A man he would give up everything to kill.

"I'll tear you limb from limb!" Elder Daiyu's body burst into larger and larger sizes. Domineering black scales erupted onto his body as the wound that housed the location of his lost arm began to furiously pump.

2 meters… 3 meters… 5 meters… 10 meters…. 20 meters!

Elder Daiyu's height surged into the skies. Massive bat-like wings burst from his back as his lost arm inexplicably grew back!

His veins bulged. His every step rocking the inner world. Heavy stomps continuously grew closer to Dyon and his puppet.

Patriarch Ragnor's eyes widened in shock. He couldn't believe that this was the very same man he had plotted and schemed with for hundreds of years. Not once had he seen him this angry, and not once had he seen him output this much power.

How long had Patriarch Ragnor spent looking down on Elder Daiyu? The amount of condescending comments he had barked out at the old man were too many to count. And yet, the man… No! beast in front of him was definitely capable of killing him with a single strike!

Dyon continued to scream out in agony. His vision was completely white. It was as though all of his senses were blanketed by static and noise that pierced through to his very soul. The consequences of using power you didn't have… was without a doubt dire…

Patriarch Ragnor couldn't help but take a step back. The searing rage coming from Elder Daiyu and his bloodshot eyes were enough to shake even a dao formation expert into feeling endless fear.

He couldn't understand why this form of Elder Daiyu gave him more pressure than his full beast form, but how could he? His understanding of beast legacies was lacking.

Just as Zaire had said, every beast had three paths to choose from. The human path. The beast path. And both!

The human path allowed better comprehension. The beast path allowed faster and effortless cultivation. And the combination of both gave you untold benefits should you have the talent to grasp it.

This was why the Black Jade technique was so fear inducing… It was a legacy capable of combining those two paths, making the road easier.

Quite simply put. The fusion of Elder Daiyu's beast and human form was the strongest form he had!

There was no doubt that the moment he stopped caring about preserving his own life… Was the moment he once again stepped into the realm of a dao formation expert!


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