Reaper of the Martial World
558 Tapped Out 6
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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558 Tapped Out 6

Even Dyon himself had yet to fully understand exactly what the flames that flickered in his manifestation meant. However, what he did know was that somehow… His white flames far surpassed his celestial will in terms of purity!

If it wasn't for these white flames, Dyon very well might be dead.

A couple months ago, when Ri had first placed the soul tome on his chest, effectively cleansing his soul of the Ipsum family crystalline will, his body was still in a very tough position. Maybe if he had had the supreme law version of celestial will, he would have been safe. But, at the time, it was obvious that that wasn't a possibility – in fact, Dyon still didn't know that such a thing was possible.

However, Dyon's saving grace was the fact that his soul had broken into saint levels that very day! Because of that, his manifestation had unlocked the image of a white flame.

At first, he wasn't sure what it was exactly. But, he got a sense that it just might help him. And in the end, he was right!

Over the course of that time, Dyon learned something else. Although his white and black flames were powerful on their own, they seemed to reach a next level of power when combined with wills that matched their affinity.

His white flames with his celestial will.

His black flames with his death will.

He became a perfect balance of yin and yang the very day his soul burst to the saint level. Because of that, he had even been able to combine wills with greater ease! During his fight with Saru, he seemed to be able to reach 3rd and 4th level fusions he had never reached before! Somehow, Dyon was able to replicate the effects of Evelyn's Eternity's Balance, without needing her primordial yin or having the constitution himself!

The path toward understanding one's manifestation was a long and arduous one. It's one of the main reason Unique Type Techniques were only used by the poor or absolute geniuses in the Elvin Kingdom. However, it seemed the more Dyon learned about his manifestation, the more in awe he became!

Without a prior reference, Dyon's flames were likely the first of their kind in the entire universe. Flames borne of the talents of billions of people…

Dyon called them…

Origin Flames!

Elder Daiyu's roars of agony filled the once tranquil inner world.

The combination of an ultimate cleanser matched with ultimate erosion can be imagined. Both wanted to erase, and both were backed by the powerful swing of a 4th stage celestial! Couple that with the fact that Elder Daiyu had been trembling under the Dragon King's rudimentary domain and the results could be imagined!

Pools of dense crimson showered the land as Elder Daiyu lost his ability to maintain his bestial form.

Under the blinding cacophonic booms, his large body disappeared in a wave of flames.

"AAAGGGHHH," Dyon grabbed his chest with one hand, grasping at his head with another. He felt as though his entire body was threatening to collapse on him.

His soul tore under the strain he put it under, causing the pressure that had been holding down Patriarch Ragnor to immediately dissipate. Even worse, it was no longer possible for Dyon to maintain the Dragon King weapon's armor form. Nor could he maintain the rudimentary domain anymore. Except for the puppet he had been forced to cut his connection from and the Aurora Steps that were currently flying back to his position, Dyon had nothing!

Without him controlling the puppet, it was a mere saint level puppet. And, without his soul stamina, the aurora steps were just a glorified shield…

Dyon couldn't believe the excruciating pain he was under. He was someone that had endured his entire body being broken down and reformed. He was someone who had spent 2 months having his organs eaten away at by an artificial will. And yet it was this pain that made him want to never have to feel again!

This was the first time Dyon had forcibly fused such high-level wills. Death qi was a supreme law! By every bit of logic, fusing it with something else should be completely impossible! In fact, many supreme laws are already the fusion of many wills. Void will, for example, fuses space with various destructive and darkness type wills. So, imagine what level a will would reach if you were fusing an already formed supreme law, with another will that was a mere inch away from becoming a supreme law!

The kind of strain on the soul that placed couldn't be questioned… And yet Dyon went and did this all while using a weapon of the 33 heavens and while controlling his celestial level puppet. How he was still conscious was a testament to his mental fortitude and the stress his soul could undergo. However, truth be told, had Dyon not added devour with the last bit of his strength to replenish his soul at least in part, him maintaining his consciousness might have been nothing more than a dream.

In the distance, Patriarch Ragnor lifted his head up to look at the scene before him. The deep shock was evident on his face, but when he saw Dyon writhing on the ground, he relaxed knowing that this was all coming to an end soon.

There was no doubt that Elder Daiyu was heavily injured by that last blow. However, Dyon clearly took a heavy blow too!

Dyon was in so much pain that he completely ignored the fact the bones in his left arm had been shattered previously, instead using it to grasp onto his own head so tightly that blood ran down from his nails. He didn't know where it hurt. It just felt like every fiber of his being was in pain!

Patriarch Ragnor stood, dusting the dirt from his knees. "To think a child would push me so far…"

His lips could only twitch as the dust settled around Elder Daiyu. The mighty black jade dragon… Had lost an entire arm! In fact, that wasn't enough to describe what had happened. If not for the vigorous life force of Dragons and their robust healing capabilities, Elder Daiyu would likely be finished. Not only was his arm gone, a large portion of his shoulder and rib cage were completely mangled.

However, after coughing up mouths full of blood, he slowly stood before forcefully sealing his veins and arteries to stop the bleeding.

In all this time, neither the stamina of Patriarch Ragnor nor Elder Daiyu had taken even the slightest bit of a hit. They could go on for days if need be.

But Dyon?... He was tapped out entirely…


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