Reaper of the Martial World
557 Tapped Out 5
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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557 Tapped Out 5

'No… This is…' Elder Daiyu continued to tremble. His blood was boiling to the extent that he couldn't stand to stay in his beast form anymore. He had to grit his teeth to endure because without this form, he was far too susceptible to damage!

The reason why Matriarch Niveus died in a single strike, yet he hadn't, was precisely because he had a robust body provided by being a draconic blood.

One might begin to wonder just how the Dragon King swept over the cosmos after reviving himself again and again. After all, often time, those who took the bodies of would be weak compared to the peak most experts of the time.

Even if you said the Dragon King simply had superior comprehension, that wasn't enough of an explanation. Why? Because comprehension is one thing, but being able to utilize it is a completely separate matter. For example, even if you mastered an intent, if you reincarnated into the body of a foundation stage expert, you'd be asking to die if you used it. Only the body of an essence gatherer, or someone with a body comparably strong, can withstand the use of an intent.

This same logic applied for most things those of higher cultivation had access to.

The truth of the matter was found in the ability the Dragon King just released. The very same ability that Elder Daiyu had used to seize control of the surrounding space and disallow the use of opposing wills and arrays. A domain exclusive to the mighty dragon race. The Dragon Soul!

A Dragon Soul wasn't an actual soul. Instead, it was a domineering domain caused by projecting out their unparalleled bloodline, imposing a suppression on all things in their range. The only reason it was called a Dragon Soul was because it embodied the very essence of what it meant to be a dragon. Arrogance without bounds! A philosophy that sank into their very bones and proliferated throughout all of their legacies.

When the Dragon King overtook a body, he had no problems unleashing this power in its entirety because he would no longer be bound by the laws that made him a weapon. However, as he was a weapon now and he had purposefully not forged himself toward the legendary path, he could only output power based on what Dyon could handle.

It was clear that his supreme stage form was too much for Dyon considering how he collapsed after blocking that attack. Therefore, the Dragon King reverted to a transcendent level, placing his domain to the rudimentary level.

However, this was massively beneficial to Dyon! The laws within hundreds of meters of him suddenly became tens of times for difficult for his enemies to use. And the added bonus was a direct suppression toward Elder Daiyu for being of inferior bloodline potency!

Dyon chuckled bitterly, 'You could have done this earlier you know. Do you like seeing your master struggle?'

The Dragon King didn't respond. It was impossible for him to disobey Dyon's orders in his weapon form, but taking the initiative to help was something he didn't have to do because that required the sentience of his soul to come into play. He himself was still confused about why Dyon was able to wield him without resistance, however, words could not express how pissed off his main body was in the transcended plane. If the true Dragon King ever met Dyon, he'd incinerate him on the spot.

If Dyon knew this, he'd only be able to shake his head helplessly. Now he had three transcendents he needed to avoid. He had to make sure Kukan and Amethyst never found out he had their primordial yins, and he had to make sure the Dragon King never found him. Fantastic.

An arc of lightning careened toward Dyon. Evidently Patriarch Ragnor wanted to test out this aura of Dyon's.

In an instant, Dyon's arm guard grew into a scythe, giving him a pleasant surprise. He could maintain his armor and use a weapon at the same time!

Death qi graced his curved blade as he leaped backward, trying to parry the lightning off to the side.

But, that was when something astonishing happened… The lightning disintegrated on contact!

Before this, Dyon's death intent, despite being at the second level, could do nothing against Patriarch Ragnor's lightning will despite being the superior will. This was because Patriarch Ragnor's lightning was at the 7th intent level!

But this rudimentary domain… It made it fall to the 4th level! A supreme law could without a doubt make up for a 2-level difference if it was compared to a normal elemental intent.

Dyon's eyes widened with shock, 'A 3 stage drop?!' A flash of hope lit in Dyon's eyes. 'I can take out Elder Daiyu if my stamina can keep up!'

There was no doubt that the strain on Dyon's soul had increased even further. In fact, he felt like collapsing where he stood. But, whenever thoughts like that crossed his mind, a deep seeded hatred would take over and black flames would burn them to ashes.

These were the people who destroyed his home. These were the people who caused the death of his parents. These were the people trying to take him away from his friends… His wives… He wouldn't stand for it!

Dyon's eyes flashed as he sent the Aurora Steps flying toward Patriarch Ragnor's stunned figure. Without a shred of hesitation, he spurred his puppet forward. He had to take advantage of this rudimentary domain while he could.

Elder Daiyu's Dragon Soul could only last the time it took to finish a single roar. Dyon might have even less time than that!

This was life or death. If he couldn't take out at least one of them, there would be no hope.

However, Dyon knew his weakness. Despite having a puppet the level of a celestial expert, it couldn't use wills on the level of a celestial expert. After all, it was a puppet!

Usually, it was nigh impossible to use the puppet's full attack power and use wills powerful enough to make a difference in its attack strength. But, if Dyon didn't go all out now, it would all mean nothing!

Elder Daiyu's body trembled under the domain, still trying to control the flow of his blood. It was almost like he didn't notice Dyon careening toward him at speeds only possible for a stage 4 celestial.

The twin swords of Dyon's puppets roared to life. One was coated with a blazing white flame, emanating unmatched purity, wanting nothing more than to cleanse everything in its path. The other came coated with a corrosive black flame, dancing with death qi.

Patriarch Ragnor wanted to blast the aurora steps away, thinking it was yet another faint. And yet, he was wrong! When Dyon decided to do something, he would do so without reserve. He was really holding nothing back in this attack!

A blazing soul pressure descended from the skies, trampling on Patriarch Ragnor and causing him to scream out in pain as he felt his soul sheering apart.

The puppet's twin swords slammed together, causing light and dark to swirl around each other vigorously. A blazing tornado of domineering flames charged toward Elder Daiyu relentlessly.

Blood seeped from Dyon lips as all color drained from his face immediately.

"DEVOUR!" He roared.

An explosion of epic proportion bombarded the massive body of Elder Daiyu…

So large that it blanketed everything in an opaque white heat…


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