Reaper of the Martial World
556 Tapped Out 4
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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556 Tapped Out 4

Under normal circumstances, Dyon could make use of even transcendent level weapons without much of a drain. However, this wasn't because transcendent weapons were easy to use. More accurately, it was because beings below the celestial stage couldn't use transcendent level weapons to their greatest degree.

There was no question that using a transcendent level weapon was better than using a grandmaster or lesser weapon. However, what was important to note was that this was mostly because of the quality of the weapon as opposed to anything else. For example, pouring a set amount of energy into a master weapon will always have better effects than pouring that same amount of energy into a common level weapon.

This was why using transcendent level weapons wasn't taxing – because you could always choose how much energy you used…. Usually.

The important point to note here was that this was only the case for attack category weapons. Essentially, any category of weapons where you take the initiative to do something with the treasure. The problem was that defensive treasures were completely different. Yes, a transcendent defensive treasure would be far better at defending than a grandmaster defensive treasure. However, the difference lied in how much impact they could withstand.

If a grandmaster level weapon took the full brunt force of a 4th stage celestial like Dyon just had, it would have shattered on contact because it simply can't withstand that level of damage. But, a supreme level treasure could! The problem was that to do so, it had to take energy away from Dyon in order to support itself!

Dyon's Dragon King weapon had shattered one of its seal on its own in order to climb to the supreme level and block the attack that threatened Dyon's arm. But, it only dared to take enough energy to block a percentage of the attack, causing the rest to shatter the bones in Dyon's arm. If it had taken enough to block the attack entirely, Dyon would have lost consciousness immediately!

Only the highest levels of defensive treasures, powered by the best of cores, could defend without the need for its user's energy. However, in Dyon's experience, the only thing he had come across capable of doing such a thing were his Aurora Steps.

There were two main paths to weapon smithing. One was the common path, and the other was a legendary path. Those with blacksmithing talent were as rare as those with array alchemy talent considering they were two professions built on the soul and the use of an aurora. And yet, even in that rare population, it was even rarer to find those with talent capable of following the legendary path.

The common path was a path all of Dyon's weapons followed – except for the 33 heavens weapons. It was a path that necessitated the user to use their own energy to make use of the weapon. The legendary path was one that could rely on the power of the heavens to power the weapon. The weapons of the 33 heavens followed a pseudo legendary path. Part of their functions relied on the user, while other parts relied on the heavens.

In modern times, forging legendary path treasures was very rare – and even when they occurred, they would be lower level treasures on the master or grandmaster level. However, there were many who found a means of imitating this path by making use of 'cores'. These cores would replace the heavens by providing energy that made it seem like the user didn't need to make use of their own energy. However, the requirements for this core increased exponentially with along with the quality of the weapon. Finding a core capable of powering the Dragon King's weapon would be more difficult than finding another weapon of the 33 heavens.

The truth was that there would be practically no better core to use than the Dragon King's faith seed. However, why would the Dragon King have followed that path of weapon construction? After all, in the past, he would have wanted his faith seed free so that he could take control of the minds of those who dared to use him as a weapon. And with the Dragon King no longer corporal in this world, the number of weapon smiths capable of modifying a weapon of a grade even Dyon couldn't measure might be 0!

It should be noted that creating a legendary path weapon would be as difficult as becoming a transcendent… Even if it was a mere practitioner level weapon.

The fact that the 33 most powerful weapons in the cosmos, were only of the pseudo legendary path should tell all.

With each ascending weapon level, from commoner, to practitioner, to master and so on, the level of skill needed to create a weapon that followed the legendary path continued to transcend to more and more impossible levels. It wouldn't be surprising if a weapon smith that had forged transcendent level weapons before to have a common level weapon of the legendary path be their most prized possession.

Dyon, of course, knew all of this. This was why he wasn't surprised when his arm shattered despite the domineering nature of his armor. Because of how amazing the Dragon King weapon was, it could negate much of the celestial level cultivation. But, Dyon would still have to withstand peak saint power with his own body!

That would be even more devastating for him if it was Patriarch Ragnor attacked him personally because his cultivation was far superior to his puppet…

'Just how many seals are there on you?' Dyon thought. He could feel that although the Dragon King had shattered a seal to become a supreme level weapon in that instant, he still had more seals to go…

'If I undid those seals now, you would directly pass out. However, I'll help you out a bit because that arrogant little lizard in the air has succeeded in angering me.' The ancient voice boomed in Dyon's mind as he slowly stood.

Suddenly, a formless pressure that caused Dyon's eyes to contract covered battle field.

Elder Daiyu's eyes widened as he trembled. His blood became chaotic. "Impossible!"

Even Patriarch Ragnor couldn't believe what he feeling right now. It was much weaker than it would be if a true celestial released it… But, this was a rudimentary domain!?


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